Monday, February 18, 2008

brain age squared debacle


part of my valentine consisted of a ds game, "brain age squared". so, last night i played it for the first time. it's a japanese game which is supposed to exercise different parts of my brain. then it gives me a brain age test. 

not being one to read instructions,
i started playing the game. i scored a brain age of 80 years old! i tried again and got it down to the ripe young age of 56 years old. i am a brain game junky- there's not much i like more than a book of logic problems, cryptoquip, or sudoku puzzles to pass my time. so, i couldn't figure out where i was going wrong.

actually, i could figure out where i was going wrong just not why. there was a part of the game where i played "rock, paper, scissors" (in reverse?). on one side of the ds there was a picture of a hand in the form of a rock, a piece of paper, or scissors. beneath the picture, it either read "win" or "lose". i could not figure out why i kept getting a big, red "X" over my answer? 

finally, i got out the trusty instructions. aha! i didn't know it was supposed to be an oral exam!
hence, if the picture showed a rock with the word "win" beneath it i was supposed to say aloud, "paper"; if the picture showed a rock with the word "lose" beneath it, i was supposed to say, "scissors"... and, so on... 

whew! my brain age is not prematurely aging!

 thank GOD, my mind is doing just fine;b 

i love having a sharp mind!
i love normally being able to figure out
things for myself...
even if it's figuring out i need 
to read instructions;)

love and God's blessings,
dani xxx

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