Tuesday, February 19, 2008

katherine and "wool"


in an email a couple of weeks ago i asked dana about william's new girlfriend to which she replied she hadn't heard. (oops:/)

so, today i called her while waiting in purgatory (county high's parking lot) to pick katherine up from school. the first thing out of her mouth was that she "FINALLY" got out of will who his girlfriend is. "little becca", she said. little becca (awe;) now how sweet is that?

i replied to her, "you didn't tell him i was the one who told you, did you?" 

"oh, yeah, i told him i heard from miss dani... IN KENTUCKY!" 

i explained to her they even though he moved fourteen hours away, katherine still keeps tabs on "wool" (ha, that's how she's always pronounced his name) on a regular basis.  i explained i knew because katherine told me one day he was "single" on his myspace and the next day he was "in a relationship".


dana and i both laughed.

katherine has always mothered him; 
i suppose she always will:D !!!

funny story-
but true...  

i used to pick will up every morning for school, and every morning he would run to the van, jump in, and before buckling his seat-belt would blow into katherine's face. every morning she would hesitate for a moment then shout out what kind of cereal she believed he'd eaten for breakfast.  she was never wrong, lol!

 then, off to holy name we would go! 
i love "wool" as does katherine (we miss him, too). 
i love the relationship katherine and "wool" have always shared.
 i love the name, "little becca".
i loved the smell of cereal breath in my van.
i love, love, love laughing with dana!

love and God's blessings,
dani xxx


Moonpie said...

I Love that picture and our two babies!!!

purple11 said...

yeah, me too:D
"that's just too bad, wool!!!" hehehe...