Friday, February 29, 2008

a near breakdown in petsmart...


today has been so crazy. this afternoon i decided that i would fly to florida in the morning. john was like, "sure no biggie". well, after i made my reservations, john came home and mentioned that didn't i remember that he was going to have to be out of town wednesday through friday for work??? oh, ish!!! what about katherine and maggie??? katherine could stay with hannah the latter two nights of the week. but, maggie was another story!!!
so, i decided to take maggie with me, i called delta, made an 'in cabin reservation' for her, got the dimensions of the regulated pet carrier, and headed to petsmart with maggie in tow.
first, maggie is a huge baby and not a good rider; she wanted to curl up in my lap while i was driving. second, she has never been to petsmart but was oh so to happy to get to go. all 17lbs of her was dragging my butt all over the store.
finally, i found the airport regulated carriers; and she would not fit in any of them. i did stuff her in a soft-sided one and zipped her in just to see if she would calm down and fit. NOT!!! (i don't know if you've ever seen Christmas vacation where the crazy uncle brings the cat wrapped in a box and gives it to chevy chase to put under the tree. if you have, that's what the carrier looked like with maggie in it.) i don't know if she was trying to get out or chase her tail or what. but the carrier was flying from one side of the store aisle to the other!!!
i got her out; and, God love her, she was crazed. i, of course, had her on her leash, but, she jumped out of the carrier and was ready to rock and roll... meet and greet. she started choking on her collar, hacking, and the such.
accordingly, i went straight to the collar/harness aisle. petsmart had ONE medium harness. ONE!!! and, it wasn't the first one i picked up: it was the LAST!!! not because once i found it, i quit looking... but because i had looked through every other harness they had [all of which were large (way too big) or small (way too small)] before i found the only ONE they had. WORD!!!
so, there i sat in the middle of yet another aisle trying to figure how the thing went on her. she wasn't cooperating. she wanted to be the hostess with the mostest in the mostest busiest aisle in the joint. i finally got it on her, fastened her leash to it, grabbed a can of pb for her konga bonga, paid, and was well on my way home. thank you, GOD, for getting me out of that place!!!
i love maggie!!!
i love petsmart!!!
i love knowing that i never have to take maggie back to petsmart again!!!


rhonda said...

so. are ya going to florida or not???
that story WORE ME OUT!!!!!!

purple11 said...

i'm heading out in the morning. lol, wore you out??? i haven't quite gotten over it yet, myself!!!