Wednesday, February 6, 2008

ash wednesday...

katherine asked me last night what i was going to "give up" this year for lent. without thought i told her i didn't know if i was going to "give up" anything, but i was contemplating "doing something" instead. later, i decided i would start a Bible study, exercise, and start keeping a diary of my more healthy food intake.

so, this morning i opened the wi step box and started the program. also, i pulled my "a heart like His" Bible study out of the closet and started the study, and finally i began eating more healthfully and taking note of it.

additionally, i want this lenten season to be a very positive experience. so, i have also decided to blog each day and keep a list of the above as well as a list of that which i love and am thankful for in my life... things that are very random and not in any particular order.
God is my number one... not because He is supposed to be nor because He is the right answer...   God is my number one because He saved me from a life of despair in the fall of 1999. i don't use the term "saved" lightly. i mean He came into my life on a saturday afternoon while i was talking on the phone; and the feeling of having Him invade my body made me literally weak in the knees<<< actually weak all over my body and mind!!!

speaking of being saved, before i go any further, i have to credit dr. larry crick for still being alive today. long story short>>> i was having tia's when katherine was a baby. i took her in for her 2-year check up and asked dr. crick to help me. (i had asked 2 local dr.'s to refer me to vanderbilt because i knew something wasn't right with my health. neither chose to do so.) before i got home from katherine's appointment i already had a message from dr. crick's office saying that i had an appointment with dr. howard kirshner in two days at vandy. dr. howard kirshner was just any gp; he was the dean of the department of neurology at vanderbilt hospital!!! 
dr. crick was and is my savior here on earth! 
 i know there is a special place for him 
and his precious wife, cathy, in heaven...
i dearly love them both!

other things i love...
a devoted husband
a precious daughter
a floppy puppy
memories of my mosses...
to be continued...

love and God's blessings,
dani xxx


Moonpie said...

Dr. Crick does ROCK!!! And so does the best friend a person could ask for---(that would be you :) )

Shannon said...

I agree. When Riley had foot surgery Dr. Crick made sure we got the best Doctor the First time.

purple11 said...

can you tell the difference between dr. crick and dr. kirshner in the slide show, lol???