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katherine has a bio board due tomorrow for the novel, i never promised you a rose garden. bio-boards (poster boards decorated and labelled with information about a particular person, place, thing, book, etc...) have been a "new thing" for katherine and me this year. those of you who are younger may have a lot of experience with these; but the boards were definitely after my time in high school.

{random: however, i did read the novel my junior year. evidently, that was the first year (1986) these particular paperbacks were used. the first person's name on the library card in the back of the book is curt hamilton, and the date stamped beside his name is march 3, 1986. how funny is that???
i remember that curt sat in the back of my row (i was in the front); we were seated alphabetically. i was d, curt was h, and jan johnston (j) sat directly across from me in the front of the third row... of cathy crick's honors english III class.}

further, i helped katherine a little bit. she had to come up with and draw a picture of the main character, deborah blau (who was anything but...), and ten more illustrations of things that describe her:

1. she had an horrific surgery at the age of five in which a tumor on one of her ovaries was removed.
2. she was jewish and was mocked and made fun of from an early age.
3. deborah had extreme fear of and distrust for the medical community due to the surgery she'd endured.
4. at nine after having been mistreated at camp for being jewish and different, deborah created a pretend world, yr, of her own where she could go to escape her terrifying real world.
5. deborah's parents were very wealthy thus were able to provide their disturbed daughter with the best psychiatric care.
6. she was institutionalized and diagnosed with schizophrenia.
7. she practiced self-mutilation and attempted suicide.
8. she was very lonely in the hospital.
9. dr. fried, a female psychiatrist, was put on her case and was able to help deborah.
10. deborah began to heal, was able to get her g.e.d., and finally leave the hospital and live with her fears in the real world.

voila!!! bio-board #6, for the year... COMPLETE!!!


(bio-board with maisey getting in on the action!!!)

thank you, God, there are real places and doctors that can help those affected by mental illness!!!
i love doing projects with kat.
i love memories from high school.
i love that i had the opportunity to have mrs. crick as a teacher (1986 was the last year she taught at hchs).

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