Friday, March 21, 2008

it's been a GOoD friday...

the easter flowers along my driveway are budding and about to bloom. the weather is beautiful. and, i have had an awesome afternoon with katherine, hannah, and their "peasants" (barrett, jacob, and chase). my girls always crack me up calling the boys their peasants!!!
this afternoon, i took the jeep to the car-wash and ran back home to grab something before heading to school. and dawn had come by and left katherine a good friday/easter gift at my back door. we are totally blessed with great friends, and dawn is one of the greatest!!!
after getting what i needed from home, i headed to county to pick up the masses. everyone piled into the jeep, the radio volume went UP, and total chaos commenced; off to b-dubs we went. the restaurant was packed because of the ncaa tournament... that and i guess there were a lot of people off for the holiday.
after eating, the girls and their peasants wanted to go to best buy. an hour later we left. i didn't think i needed anything from best buy (and i didn't); but, i carried out a sack with 6 movies and an american idol bundle!!! go figure??? john is out of town for the weekend; so, i guess i figured i needed entertainment to fill the void:D
i headed back to henderson with all 5 intact and in tow. i took them to the dq for ice cream then dropped off the boys. kat, hannah, and i came home and jammied up (in flannels and hoodies, of course!!!)... LIFE IS GOOD!!!
thank you, God, for the easter flowers!!!
i love spring days like today.
i love dawn!!!
i love piling kids in the jeep for a play-date:D
i love entertainment.
i love getting jammied up for a girl party!!!


The Adventures of Maverick & the Mrs. said...

CRACK ME UP! I LOVE that Katherine and her girls call the guys their "peasants!" I'm going to have to steal that one and remind Patrick that he's my peasant when he gets here! He's trying to play the "Please? Won't you cut the grass/stain the deck/de-mossify every surface? For your war hero?" I laughed my butt off when he referred to himself as a "war hero!" That kid is crazy! Sounds like you guys had a fun slumber party! I'm going to have to check "Enchanted" out--I was informed that I had to watch it by a 4-year-old yesterday.

dani said...

lol, from "war hero" to "peasant"... now, that's a fall from grace!!!
the three boys (aka "the peasants") have been best friends with the girls since grade-school. the five are like brothers and sisters;)
i tell you what would have really cracked you up... barrett is like a head shorter than the other two. i looked over at chase as we were headed back to the jeep from bb, and about that time barrett jumped on chase's back (piggy-back). so, chase starts running across the parking lot with barrett popping him on the tush to go faster like a jockey would whack a horse!!! they are crazy funny:D:D:D