Saturday, March 8, 2008




the back story…

writing in retrospect puts a whole different spin on the last week. my previous blogs have been rather light and airy, a facade of sorts. I say “of sorts” because under the circumstances things have been good.
i think it is ok to say, now that we know that d is out of the woods (so to speak), that things for her, curt, and her friends have been kind of scary.

while waiting in the parking lot for kat to get out of school last friday, d called. she sounded a little harried in her introductory chit-chat. her tone turned to what i recognized as fear as she told me her dermatologist had told her he wanted her to be tested for dermatomyositis (a scary autoimmune disease)...
further, she was sitting in the parking lot of the lab where her doctor had sent her to draw blood for a battery of tests he’d ordered. being 14 hours away from a loved one in need is horrible. i felt absolutely helpless (not that i'm all that and a bag of chips, et. al.; but, i'm just sayin'...). so, i went home called john to see if he minded that i fly to d’s for the week.
the rest up until wednesday is well history (aforerecorded^^^).

ps... happy birthday, grandmommie, up to where you are!!!



i awoke friday morning. the first thing i did was call katherine to see what the weather was like... as i was worried about flying in to evansville later that night. at 10 am there was not much more than a dusting she said. yay!!! maybe the weather wasn't going to be as bad as originally thought.
i walked through the house; there sat dana in her boot camp attire (all nike'd up... she'd gone to work out five hours previously). she was on the phone with curt. when she hung up she proclaimed that we were going to meet curt and his harris peasants for lunch where the burritos "are bigger than your head"...
so, off to get a diet coke i went. upon my return dana informed me that her boot camp instructor had extended an invitation for me to join them earlier to which she replied that her friend, dani, was not exactly the boot camp type of person... rotflmao!!! d knows me well, huh??? that was the understatement of the year!!!
lunch was great yellow rice and black beans in a bowl... curt and his peasants were entertaining as well.
so, then it was time to get back to d's, check my flight, pack, shower, and leave:'( everything looked like it was a go. we waited for my little sweet-pea to get home from school, which he did right on time.
we arrived at the airport with an hour to spare. hugs and kisses... off i went. i got checked in and decided to have a drink before boarding, pulled up a bar stool, and ordered a spicy bloody mary (it sounded good (and healthy;)i hadn't had one since mexico last year, yum!!!) the bar maid asked what kind of vodka i preferred. honestly, i don't know the difference; so, i said, "absolute." she pulled out the bottle and informed me all she had was 100 proof was that ok???
"sure," i said, "what's the difference???"
"most of the time it's like 80 proof..." she replied.
i laughed and told her to just fill the shot glass 4/5's full...
she looked at me like... "huh???"
i was like, "never mind, just kidding."
she didn't get it. most people don't get me. that's not necessarily a bad thing...
the drink was good as was the flight to atlanta as was the flight to evansville. other than a few slick spots, the drive home was good too. i was soooooooooooooo tired, showered, and went to bed.
thank you, GOD, for getting me home safely!!!



my alarm went off at 7; i hit snooze but was awake when d came to the door a few minutes later drinking her barium cocktail out of a MARTINI GLASS!!! i cracked up... i guess it really is all about presentation.
i got dressed and off we went to melbourne imaging for d's c-scan. as we sat in the waiting room we basically just made small talk about american idol, coffee with d's friend jen after her tests, and the hairstyles on "saved by the bell" (which was on the tv in the waiting room)... i assured d that the tests were going to go well as the first part of her blood work had. her name was called, she handed me her purse, and back for the scan she went.
after just about 5 minutes, i looked up and saw curt walking through the door. he sat down next to me. i asked him if he knew that the guy that played screech went on to be a porn star. he asked if i'd seen the movie where the tall girl played a stripper. the next thing i knew screech came out to wrestle in mario lopez's wrestling uniform (which was just a little too big for him). curt pointed at the screen and said, "well, just look at him. after being emasculated for all those years on sbtb, it's no wonder the guy became a porn star!!!"
i looked back at the tv and with a kind of "darn the luck", sidewards smirk, nodded in agreement...
i then heard curt say, "oh!!!"
i turned around; and there stood d. she started laughing at us... loudly. we were both like "is everything ok???" (in unison)
she said, "yeah, the scan was clean!!!"
it was time to start celebrating.
first, coffee with jen (and bagels for the boys).
second, shopping.
third, wine at d's.
fourth, american idol, skewers, and more wine at d's.
at one point during ai, d asked me if ryan asked paula if she needed a catheter??? i told her i didn't know that i couldn't even feel my lips...
life is GOOD!!!



when d got home from work, she came in and said, "let's go to panera and get a salad." so, i got ready, and off we went. when we walked in she said she needed to make sure to get the boys some cinnamon crunch bagels. we stood in line, she ordered hers, i ordered mine, and we sat down and ate. the salad was good; the conversation/company was better. time flies by when you're having fun.
the boys got home from school.
sam saw our panera glasses and asked if we'd gone there. d said yes and that she'd meant to get him and will some bagels but had forgotten.
"awe!!!" sam said as he sat at the table doing his math homework.
as soon as he finished, he walked over to d, gave her a hug, and thanked her for thinking of will and him at panera.
"it would have even been better if you'd remembered our bagels," he continued.
have i said ,yet, that i love that kid???
wednesday is youth night; so, d and i dropped will off at church and went to the mall to go shopping. d and sam needed winter clothes as they were supposed to fly to new york on saturday for the national pizza show. i don't know if you've ever shopped for winter clothes in florida; but there's not exactly a lot from which to choose. but, we tried regardless, lol, and were basically successful. i don't think they will freeze;)
i love that d's scans were clear!!!
i love uneventful flights home.
i love that d had a martini glass out of which to drink her barium cocktail.
i love that d has a husband like curt because he's the best!!!
i love celebrating with best friends!!!
i love shopping with d.
i love that d was able to find warm clothes for sam and her.


Moonpie said...

Love the Zebra hind-end, D. Having you here was what I needed. Thank you, thank you, my sister.

dani said...

lmao, d... (no pun intended) it's not supposed to be a picture of his butt, per se.
he's looking over his shoulder at where he's been.
i say "he" because that's a definite;D