Monday, March 17, 2008

lucky in kentucky...


st. patrick's day marks three major events in my life...

march 17, 1990 - the day john and i officially got engaged... THE RING!!!

march 17, 1992 - the day katherine elizabeth was conceived... THE BABY!!!

march 17, 2000 - the day john and i renewed our wedding vows... 10 YEARS!!!

john just came in from work. when john walked into the room donning a green shirt. i inquired, "did you mean to wear a green shirt, today, or did it just happen that way?"

he replied, "what are you talking about?"

"it's st. patrick's day," i said.

"oh, yeah, it is isn't it..." (omgosh!!! where did i find him???)

"do you know the significance of the day?" i continued.

"hmmm... i can't even remember what i did yesterday??? (which is true unless he wants to remember what he did yesterday)" he added.

i reminded him of the "significance". (dani shakes head, rolls eyes, smirks...:/)

"O... yeah..." he replied.

it's a really good thing i love, love, love john as much as i do!!!

~i'm just sayin'...

i love my romantic devil.

i love, love, love my katherine.

i love my engagement ring.

i love memories of st. patrick's days gone by...


rhonda said...

i love your story about THE RING.. and more than anything........
i love your john!!! you should tell him that......

dani said...

r, i told him... he grinned:D