Wednesday, March 26, 2008

wheweeee!!! what a morning...


(i know a guilty pleasure, whodathunkit???)

for some reason, i could not go to sleep last night. so, i slipped out of the bed (john and maggie never skipped a beat with their snoring, respectively). i thought all i needed was a glass of milk.
well, i drank my milk and was still wide awake. it was about 11:30. i turned on the tv, but nothing was on that i wanted to see. further, i really didn't feel like starting a new book. so, i grabbed the wii guitar and started playing guitar hero III.
i played for a really long time and figured it was probably 2 or 2:30... WRONG!!! it was 3:56 according to the microwave clock. i turned everything off and tiptoed back in to my bedroom and slid quietly into bed. with maggie and john still snoring in tandem, they were none the wiser.
however, since i'd given up my original space of 1/4 of my bed, both of my sleeping partners had spread out and left me only about 1/8 of the bed. really, i thought i was going to have to put my pillow on the night stand and beg, borrow, and plead for some covers;[

it was bad; it was REALLY bad...

finally, i guess i went to sleep, and john's alarm went off at 5:15. i recall him getting out of the bed and heading to the kitchen to make coffee. i guess i fell back to sleep because the next thing i heard was maggie whining at the edge of the bed.
normally, john takes her out to potty before he leaves for work. but, evidently he didn't this morning. hence, i got up threw on a sweatshirt and house shoes and out we went. maggie went straight out squatted and hurried back to the steps to get her treat.
my cat, mia, was sitting by the front door, which she always does when i go outside. she has gone out the door 2 times in 6 years and both times she stopped just as soon as she realized she was out of her comfort zone. not this morning, however, she decided to get under the wicker furniture. so, there i was (yes, it was still pitch outside) trying to get my hands on my black cat who was trying very hard to blend in with the darkness of the pre-dawn hour.
not to worry, i got her back in where she belonged. she must have known that i wasn't happy with her because i could not get her off me, which made for a very, very unhappy maggie who thinks i'm hers. what a zoo it is around here!!!
but, it has calmed down a bit. i got katherine to school and returned home. maggie is asleep on one side of the electric blanket. mia, unbeknownst to maggie, is curled up on the other, and i'm in the middle. it is, however, time for a long nap after only 1 1/2 hours sleep... i'm beat:b

i love wii gh III, and i'm getting pretty darn good at it, too!!!
i love all my darling animals... no, really i do:D
i love that i can take a nap.
thank you, God, that mia didn't run any farther than the front porch.


Moonpie said...

You are like a baby with her days and nights mixed up!! LOL--wii guitar.

dani said...

i am a baby... eat, sleep, bathe, potty, eat, sleep, play with john and katherine, eat, sleep... next verse same as the...