Sunday, March 16, 2008

"has anyone ever told you you look like ashley judd???"


yesterday, in an email, shannon randomly asked if anyone had ever told me that i resemble ashley judd. lol, the answer was "yes", however, it was 5 years, 30 lbs, and a short hair-cut ago!!!

this morning, i remembered a site link someone sent to me a long time ago involving a picture upload and face recognition. i thought i'd see who i resemble these days. so, i used the most recent picture i have of myself (from early last fall).

ashley's still there... bless her heart. she is aging MUCH better than i am. and a few others... try it if you like; it's kind of fun and interesting;D

anyway, i went on to tell shannon that for years mary ann mcclure (my mimi) insisted that i looked like shirley temple. i was a huge st fan when i was a little girl and still am!!! however, when she would tell me that, i always laughed because i thought she meant i looked like "little" shirley temple just because i had curly hair and a full face.

however, it was not until i was in college and a movie came on the tv entitled, the bachelor and the bobby-soxer, that i finally realized what mimi was talking about (resemblance-wise)!!! omgosh, as i told shannon, the resemblance was uncanny or so i thought!!! see for yourself:


(temple in the bachelor and the bobby-soxer)

yes, it was the hair and the full face (because i have both)... but, i immediately saw what she saw!!!

as i said, earlier, ashley has aged much better than i; but i do really hope that i age differently that shirley temple (black) has because i don't think i look any more like her as she did as a middle-aged woman than i did as a little girl with full face and curls...

i love random questions and thoughts.
i love being 30 lbs. lighter...
i love playing on the computer with cool programs.
i love my mimi and miss her so much since she has moved.
i love shirley temple.


Moonpie said...

Wow! You really look like her!!

dani said...

shirley??? as shannon said, "yep"... :D