Sunday, March 23, 2008

easters gone by...


easter memories 

my first easter memory is 
of me coming through the front door at my mamaw's and papaw's house, my mamaw telling me the easter bunny had been there and had left me something in their back yard, then running through the kitchen to the back door of their house and seeing a big, stuffed easter duck peaking out from behind an oak tree in their back yard. 

it was in that very back yard, where i remember years of my aunt and uncle, mary ann and steve, hiding easter eggs for me and my cousin, neel. they hid them over and over again until the brightly colored eggs were mushy. 

at home, the easter bunny always brought me my easter loot in the same big easter basket; it was naturally light brown with a little pink and green woven around the outside of the base and along the large looped handle. upon the bright green, plastic, easter grass lining the bottom of the basket usually sat a large, plush, floppy-eared bunny and lay copious amounts of reese's eggs, peeps, a rather large, hollow, chocolate rabbit with a candy eye, and malted milk, speckled robin eggs. 

when i got older, i remember a year, the long eared one bought me a box of chocolates in the shape of an egg and a lionel richie album
(now that was tight;). 

my senior year in high school marked my last visit by the easter bunny.  last by not least, he totally outdid himself. he brought me a a lanz, navy, linen dress with a pristine, white collar... just like the one i had fallen in love with at the fashion tree
(my favorite little boutique).

even though the easter bunny stopped visiting me, i continued to receive surprises. the first year john and i were married, he surprised me with the most beautiful, flavia snow globe. inside the globe was a little wagon holding floppy-eared rabbit. it played the dance of the sugar plum fairies. i LOVED it and still do.  it's one of my favorite things ever!

then came easters with katherine... her hand-painted easter basket always filled with her favorite candies, all the failed attempts to get her picture made with the easter bunny at the mall
(lol, she's still deathly afraid of the easter bunny), all dyed eggs, all the pretty dresses with hair bows to match, 
all the chocolate messes...


all those easters past
leading up to today...

although my katherine is now a freshman in high school, the rabbit continued to deliver. this morning katherine elizabeth awoke to her basket filled with candy and dvd's she wanted.  today our family was happy, healthy, and together.

today was good!
i hope yours was, too.

thank you, God, for giving us two easters to celebrate... the resurrection of your Son and the one with the easter bunny, both of which bring us great joy:D

love and God's blessings,
dani xxx


Shannon said...

Thank goodness for memories b/c I did not have the greatest Easter. Don't get me wrong...we spent time with family and it was good. The problem was that we weren't home in Henderson at our church with our church family. Instead we were in Sparta WS at a very Lutheran church were I didn't know a soul. I almost felt guilty for sitting there in the worship service because it was so different, almost what I think a catholic service might be like. Anyway..I had my own little service privately in my head with Jesus.
Anyway, I'm not saying this to be a downer, but I wanted to say it without saying it on my blog. I don't want some family members to see it.
Again...Thank Goodness for memories because it can get you through in rough times.

dani said...

ours was obviously unmentionable... it was worth a whole sentence in my blog...
i called dana yesterday and asked how her easter was. she said rather flatly, "it was good... we did this and this and this, yada, yada, yada..." the conversation continued.
after a little venting on her part, i said, "so, what you really meant to say was that your weekend sucked, right???" lol!!!
she said through laughter, "it really did!!!"
all to say that good memories are always a good thing on which to bank!!!
i'll tell you what, though, shannon. the best part of easter this year for me was reading matt's blog and remembering my own salvation. that's what it's all about anyway:D

Shannon said...

I AGREE! Dana's blog also makes it "feel" real along with my belief.

I hate to say this, but it's so true for me..and I have always always believed, but with my mind. After being baptized I now feel it with my mind and my heart. Watching the Passion of the Christ made me feel my Lords pain and see what he did for me.

Wow...we (I) sound like a bunch of freaks.......but I don't care!