Tuesday, March 11, 2008

fox 7's randy moore...



(Dani Berrong, Randy Moore, and Dana Niemeier)

it was almost 7 and time for american idol; so, i turned the station to cable 8 (aka fox 7). i caught the last five minutes or so of the local news. randy moore is the anchor of fox 7. he is also the husband of ann moore (see blog link) who has been battling pancreatic cancer since late last spring and doing a great job of it with God at her side. she is a true inspiration.
when i saw randy's face, it reminded me of a conversation i'd had recently.
moreover, the conversation was about how, many times, the person actually going through an illness sees the unfairness for his/her loved ones rather than for himself/herself. the fear and challenge of witnessing the battle takes its toll, too. and, many times we forget to pray for those affected by the situation.
randy moore is in the picture above with me and d. the picture was taken in melbourne some nine or ten months before randy and ann began their battle against her cancer. the randy moore in the picture is not the randy moore i saw on the news tonight. ann needs prayers... so does randy. i guess today's blog is a special request that you add these two as well as those who love them to your list tonight. thank you, God, for prayers!!!
i love praying.
i love cancer battles that are won.
i love the picture i have of d, me, and randy at a much more carefree time in his life.

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rhonda said...

i love randy moore...and i think of he and ann often...
real often!!