Wednesday, March 12, 2008

just "before"and "tuckered" no "after" this time...




i only have a "before" picture of maggie because after her hair-cut and shower she was just a little too wound up to get a picture taken. the whole purpose of taking the "before" picture was to show that after a good hair-cut maggie looks like she's lost at least 20% of her body weight.
hence, my thought was how awesome it would be if i could go get a hair-cut and a shower and look 30 lbs lighter:D
oh, well, maybe an "after" shot next time because it's not going to happen tonight given that, after, she ran off the wet like a craaaaaaaaaaaaazy puppy-dogger!!!
and, since, she's been curled up sound asleep on my electric blanket (on high).



i love giving maggs a cut and shower.
i love how snuggly she is after she winds down.
i love that she and i have an electric blanket to keep us warm.
thank you, God, we haven't gotten electricuted thus far!!!

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