Monday, March 10, 2008

spring forward, a bomb threat, and politics...

sunday and monday

the last couple of days have just kind of run together. that usually happens when i return home after being out of town. i'm usually very tired and thus sleep a lot... (random thought: it's always funny to me that first split second that i awake and am like, "ok, where am i???") my tiredness hasn't been helped either by the fact that we lost an hour due to daylight savings time. it's so early this year!!! but, i do like having the extra hour of light in the evening.
hence, it must have been that extra hour of light on sunday night that made me totally glitch as a parent. oj came over for dinner and brought the movie life as a house. i guess i thought it was earlier than it was when we started watching. regardless, it went off at midnight; katherine was still awake.
as the adage goes, "one thing leads to another"... kat and i didn't awake on time monday morning. tardiness was inevitable... so, i told her to take her time. a little after 8 kat received a text message from her bf telling her he had been put on a bus and was headed to kmart's parking lot. he said he thought there had been a fire or something. i turned on the local news... NOTHING.
however, jason soon texted her back and said there'd been a bomb threat phoned in to the school. a few minutes later my friend dawn called. she told me that she was listening to the local radio station and that henderson only had one k-9 unit and had called neighboring e'ville for help to sweep the school for a bomb and/or bombs. long story~~~short... there were no bombs, however, before that was established, many parents picked their kids up from the buses. it all turned into a real fiasco!!!
i just thank you, GOD, that no one was hurt!!!


(^^^looks more like a crest white strip commercial to me...^^^)

on a lighter note, i heard something very funny later on cnn. it was something that made me think i had totally misunderstood the lead-in to the story. basically what i thought i heard was that hillary clinton had made the comment that if obama would agree to run as her vice president there'd be no stopping them. HA!!! i heard right. and, obama's reply was equally as funny in saying that the candidate in second place had no business asking the candidate currently in first place to take a lesser role... that being said and not impressed by either, i don't care who the democratic candidate turns out to be.
i love an extra hour of sunlight.
i love dinner and a good movie (life as a house was excellent!!!).
i love preparedness.
i love being entertained by political nonsense.


Shannon said...

Do you ever think that maybe you were supposed to watch the movie and you were supposed to stay up late and that lead to being tardy. HMMMMM?

purple11 said...

absolutely, because if dawn had called me and i was unable to contact kat, i would have come unglued!!!