Friday, June 20, 2008

baby watch...

(looks like someone is nesting to me:)

well, elise is 9 days away from her due date!!! i am so excited for her as are many of you:D

i don't know about you all; but i have felt it a huge blessing for God to have allowed me to happen onto elise through her blog and to have been allowed to experience this pregnancy with her and her awesome family!!!
(dani's eyes are welling up with happy tears)...

(further, i feel it a HUGE blessing to have happened onto ALL of you!!! REALLY!!!)

we have seen elise go from this:

(elise at three months:)

to this:

(elise at her half way mark:)

and, finally, to this:

(elise, yesterday with 10 days to go:D)

dear, sweet, VERY PREGNANT elise is taking bets on when her mini boy blue will be born. if you'd like to place a "bet", here is her link:


i know she would love to hear from you as these last days tend to be veeeeeeeeeeeery long!!!

we all love you elise and are waiting with you<333

love and GOd's blessings, dani xx>


Amanda said...

I'm just of to e&t to place my bet. I'm feeling lucky as i just won 2 bottles of wine from the bottle stall at the kids school fun day!!
I better go!
See You Later Dani,
Amanda xx

dani said...

wine!!! from school??? i want katherine to go there!!!
her school sells Christmas wrap:/
ps you are luckeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Amanda said...

Well, i lied, it wasn't 'real' wine! It was a couple of bottles of bucks fizz! ( 4% booze )but hey, alcohol is alcohol!
We always have booze in a bottle stall! It says alot for the Scots!!
The christmas wrap could always be used to wrap the wine in...
A xx

dani said...

a, is bucks fizz like carbonated wine???

Tabitha said...

Dani ~ that is such a lovely post ~ I too feel really lucky to have found Elise ~ and I think I have you to thank for that, as I think it was through your blog I found E's blog!!!!
I have been over and placed my 'bet' ~ I am usually useless at things that involve guessing, at Dan and Laurens school they usually have a fete where one of the stall is 'guess the number of sweets in the jar' ~ I usually over estimate by about 300 ha ha!!!!
Typical me!!!!
Hope you are having a nice evening, and that you get to bed at a decent time tonight!!!!
love and hugs ~ Tabitha XXX

dani said...

tabitha, do they have fizzy wine at l's and d's school, too???
we americans are totally losing out on that one!!! HA!!!
you have a great night and birthday weekend!!!
i'll be thinking of you:D

Tabitha said...

Hi Dani ~ Yes, they have a bottle stall at the fete at Dan and Laurens school too (wine, fizzy wine and soft drink bottles too!!) and you buy a ticket and if it matches the ticket on the bottle ~ you win it ~ hurray!!!!
We won a bottle of diet coke last time ~ but I love it too, so that wasn't too bad!!
Hugs ~ tabitha XXX

dani said...


E and T said...

Oh Dani

I've already trained myself to sit and read your blog without any drinks - as I have often laughed myself silly while reading your blog and either nearly choked myself trying not to spit water everywhere, or just laughed so hard that I have indeed sprayed my drink everywhere. Now I will have to equip myself with a box of tissues as well. But, that's only because your beautiful posts bring on so many happy tears. I just wish I could give you a great big hug and thank you (in person) from the bottom of my heart. You are one special friend to me and I am so grateful that you are part of our lives.

Dani, you and everyone who are thinking about us are certainly making the days so much better. What a blessing it has been for Troy and I that so many beautiful, kind, caring and compassionate people have followed our journey. I find this amazing and we really are so touched by this.

Thank you doesn't seem like enough. I wish I could come up with something bettter to describe what this latest blog post of yours means to me. I am lost for words at the moment and just want you to know that I think it is such a beautiful thing for you to do.

It's now Saturday morning here and I am wondering if it will be my last weekend as a mum to only one. I am not very good at waiting and the suspense of when Mini is going to arrive is driving me a little batty. But, whenever he decides to do so, it will be the perfect time.

Lots and lots of love to you.

Tanya said...

Dani you are such are blessing to all of us!! This is a beautiful post & it confirms everything I said in my last post!!! I have also placed my "bet"! I'm so excited for Elise... & have just discovered that she is less than an hour away!!!! I'm truly thankful that we have discovered the beautiful friendships courtesy of the web!!! You know it's a funny thing to say but it kinda feels like we have always ben friends... just took someone's blog to bring us all together!!

Have a beautiful day, & know I'm so happy our paths have crossed, & I hope that one day we can share one of those hugs that send via our blogs!!

Lots of love,
Tanya xx

dani said...

you are right, elise; his arrival will be at the perfect time and hopefully the delivery will be perfect, too:)
ps... if you want, i'll be batty for you, and you can just enjoy yourself!!!

dani said...

you and elise are just an hour from one another, tanya??? that is incredible!!! if you meet up give and get an extra hug for me, please:)
ps one of these days i'm going to be a world traveller;D

Little Sweethearts said...

Oh Dani what a beautiful post. I've also read Elise's comment on this post and this all just makes my heart so happy!! How we can be here for eachother though we're miles and miles away.

I remember the first time I met Elise: she left me a comment after she found me on Sheye's blog and we've been bloggy friends ever since. It's so much fun watching her go through this pregnancy and that she shares all this fun stuff with us. It feels as if one of my sisters will be giving birth soon! Amazing how close you can feel to someone on the internet, someone you've never met.

And it's great to see this circle of friends around Elise, all whom are anxiously awaiting mini boy blue's arrival!

Your blog seems to bring us all together.


Amanda said...

Bucks Fizz = Fizzy wine with fresh orange juice. YUM !!!

Tabitha said...

Oh ......Bucks Fizz Yum Yum Yum!!!
I hate this diet ~ no chocolate and no alcohol ~ my life is over (ha ha !!).

Kellan said...

How exciting. She looks so big to me - it's only one baby? Good luck to your sweet friend.

Have a good weekend - Kellan

dani said...

that does sound yummy:b i love mimosas (oj and champagne)
... and that sounds quite similar.

dani said...

but, t, you're doing so well!!! i'm so proud of you:D

dani said...

hey, tania...
it has been so much fun keeping up with one another and your idea of snail mail is a GREAT one:D
our friendship has been one of life's AWESOME surprises!!! (a sisterhood of sorts;)
i think we can all lift up a big "thank you" to a BEAUTY FULL, little, SUPER-PRINCESS for bringing us all together...

dani said...

kellan there's only one "mini boy blue":D two would be pretty much fun, though!!!
elise is tiny; so that's ALL "blue"...
hope you're having a great time on the lake, today; don't get sun-burned;b

Mandi said...

Hi Dani,

It was such a shock to see a clothes line in your post - such an aussie thing. I had to go and check your profile because I was sure you lived in the US and I have never seen anyone else with a clothes line!!!!

I actually have one exactly like the one you posted!!

I was not a very big red wine drinker either but once you find one you like there is no going back!!

I am a sweet wine person, but there are a couple of reds that I really love - will find out the names and post them for you.

My other absoutely favorite drink is a champagne called Bella - its sweet. There have been alot of "flavoured" champagnes on the market but they only really changed the colour to pink and the flavour was always the same, this one tastes like champagne and berries - its really lovely.

Will get back to you when I find the names of those other lovely reds........take care......

dani said...

hi, mandi...
that is an aussie thing... those baby clothes are elise's for her "mini boy blue". however, both of my grandmothers had clothes lines.
i used to love to help peg the sheets with them:)
thank you for stopping by, and i'd love the names of the "red" you like; i love champagne (especially with orange juice and frozen strawberries):b