Saturday, June 21, 2008

ménage à trois...

the wine!!!

(i have found this to be a very nice, red wine:)

i had been searching for a red wine that i could find "drinkable" for some time... many of you may recall "the oliver incident"???
i really do think that wine, in moderation (most of the time;), is healthfully beneficial with its anti-oxidants and other medicinal properties.

anyway, the first time i'd ever heard of "ménage à trois" (the wine) was in march when i was in melbourne at the notorious d's house. however, i didn't try it because she had bought me a bottle of white zin (which is and will always be my favorite) to celebrate the fact that she was cancer-free,
which we are still celebrating:D

so, a few weeks ago, my brother came in with a bottle of it
that he'd found locally.
i had a taste and found it to be very good!!!

so, it's ménage à trois for me from now on...

try it you may like it:b

love and blessings,
dani xx


Amanda said...

Dani, i didn't realise that the notorious D has had cancer. But i'm glad she is in remission and that indeed is worth celebrating everyday.
I have not tried the wine that you have suggested, but i will have a look in the shops for it. My fav wine to drink is a Rose (blush). I think the name blush sounds nice! Blossom Hill and Paul Masson is what you will usually find in my fridge.
Not that i'm a wino! But a glass does ease the pain of the day away...

dani said...

hi, amanda...
d hasn't had cancer, but, back in the spring she had a scare. she does have the dermatomyositis (which is usually brought on by cancer).
i went down to go with her to have her tests run. all was clear...
the white zin that i drink is a blush as well. i just don't think it has the big antioxidents in it like the red does.
i'm no wino, either, ha!!! i like it well enough to be but i refrain:b

Amanda said...

I'm glad Dana is well. And continues to stay well.
I've sent you my details via email. Just drop me one back and let me know you got it ok.
Amanda x

Tabitha said...

Hi Dani ~ What a lovely photo of you ~ you certainly are a very classy lady!!!! I love the way you have your hair ~ I wish I had the patience to grow mine long!!! (But I don't ha ha!!).....I wasn't aware of d's scare ~ I am so glad that everything came back clear!
I like Rose or blush wine and I like red wine too ~ and white for that matter ~ goodness now I do sound like an old wino!!
I have never heard of the wine you mentioned ~ I will have a look for it over here (and when the diet has ended ~ may give it a try!!).
Make sure you are in bed nice and early tonight (young lady!!!) ~ listen to mother now and do as you are told!!! tee hee!!!
Take care ~ love and hugs ~ Tab XXX

dani said...

i have got to get OUT of this house before i go MAD, LOL!!!
i sent you an email, and, yes, i had your details all along:/
i think i'm getting maggie brain!!!

dani said...

i am going to bed tonight at 12:05 sharp... promise. i have one little thing to do first (so, come see me in the morning;)
i, too, have snail mail headed in your direction. but, it will be running a little snail-ly (like me)... heaven forbid i ever be hurried. tee-hee.
if you can find that label, try it i think you will like it. it is a blend of the three wines, hence the name...
my hair is not much longer than yours is tabitha. it is just all one length. i wear it pulled back in a short ponytail or a loop all the time though (not so glamorous, REALLY).
love and sweet birthday dreams,

Tanya said...

So glad d is well... it's definitely worth celebrating everyday!

As for me... I'm not really a wine drinker (Roy might disagree with me on that lol.) but I don't mind the odd glass of white wine... it usually leads to quite a few in the right company anyway lol. I haven't found a red that I can drink... maybe we have that one here in Oz, will have to check it out!

Girl you are so gorgeous... pure elegance! I love it!

Take care gorgeous one!!

Tanya xxx

dani said...

tanya, d's not having cancer is DEFINITELY worth celebrating!!! but she's got a real up-hill battle ahead of her with the dermatomyositis... please keep her in your thoughts and prayers:)
i've always been like you with the wine. i will go months without having had any then will go out and have too much. i have just read so many articles lately on the true health benefits of a glass of red a day. however, i have hardly ever been able to drink the red without holding my nose, lol:b
that elegance was a fun night at my cousin's wedding reception last summer. i love getting dressed up but don't do it very often. (thank you,t; you are always so complimentary...) now THAT was one of those binge wine nights... one post couldn't contain the antics of that evening!!!

kristen said...

I need a Dani angel to help. ANy ideas on my little issue with my blog.
I would love you intelligent input, Miss stylish.........

Please visit my blog to see my issue.
Well it's probably one of many!!!

On my way to stop my Elise's and see if there family has grown over the weekend.
Chat soon

dani said...

lol, kristen, when i first got there i thought you needed help with your dishes!!!
ps let me know:D

E and T said...

Hi Dani

I am still yet to find a wine that I really like. T and I rarely have a drink and if we do, Troy likes to make up cocktails. Even though we rarely drink we have a fully stocked bar, how funny is that. It's mostly full of spirits, although there are a couple of bottles of wine in there. When people come over Troy always likes to offer people one of his cocktails.

Once I'm done with breastfeeding, I will have to try out your recommendation. Geee, I better write it down because it could be a long time before I will be hitting any wine.

I will be keeping Dana in my prayers.

Lots of love and hugs

kristen said...

Ohh those damn dishes.....

No thanks anyway Dani.
It hasn't worked but I will keep trying.

kristen said...

sorry Dani

another update.
I have worked out that the double spacing occurs when I cut my writting to paste above the photos.
If I leave it as it is photos first (which shits me) then writing it isn't as bad.
It's somehow stuck in bold writing but better than it was.

Just annoying as I like the photos after the heading and writing. But anyway it's done.
Thanks again for your help.

dani said...

thank you, thank you, thank you for keeping d in your prayers!!! she will so very much appreciate it, too, elise:)
she left this weekend for her nephew's wedding but sent me an email thursday before she went saying she was supposed to be packing but wanted to know if you had had "blue" yet... she's a really awesome friend:D

dani said...

that's ok kristen:)... it shouldn't matter where you put your pictures. however, when i was trying to do t's birthday post on the "compose" tab i kept having problems with it. maybe blogger is having problems today.
i ended up having to do the whole post in the html tab???

Purple Teacup said...

I have had that wine and I loved it. I am typically a Cab girl.....

dani said...

shannon, i have just had a taste. but, i did like it. i'm going to try it again soon:)