Monday, June 16, 2008

regarding mini-boy blue and yesterday's contractions...

elise posted on her blog... CLICK HERE:D

love and blessings,
dani xx


E and T said...

Hi Dani

How blessed am I to have so many blogging buddies that are checking in on me and sending so many beautiful wishes. I've just read through all of the comments people had left about Mini Boy in your last post. So touching and appreciated from the bottom of our hearts.

I really appreciate your kind words Dani, they make such a big difference. I have a feeling today is going to be along day because we've had so little sleep and there is little opportunity to get a rest in with our little Savaroo. Anyway, just knowing that I have so many people thinking of me is wonderful and has really lifted my spirits.

I hope you are still taking it easy and looking after yourself.

Lots of love to you dear Dani. You are a beautiful, caring person and I value our friendship so much.

Lots of love

dani said...

you are so welcome, elise:) lots and lots of love to you, too.
God must really love me for HE let me happen on to a friend like you!!!
take care, and i hope you CAN get some rest...

meganxxx said...

Thanks for the update Dani! I was so excited to see that post there!

I hope you are having a lovely day-
Take care

Lucy said...

Hi Dani,
Thank you so much for stopping by to check if Elise, or rather Minnine Boy Blue is doing anything. We honestly thought last night was it. But as my mother would always say "the fruit will fall when it is ripe." It just fills my heart with joy to see the beautiful and heart felt comments that you leave for Elise, Troy and Savanna. They are trully a special family and we can't wait for it to all happen so we can relax in knowing that all is well.
Thank you for your kindness to my family.
Love and hugs from Lucy XXXXOOOO

Amanda said...

Thanks Dani!
I am looking at Elise blog a few times a day for any update. Anytime now, eh?
Amanda x

dani said...

your welcome, megan... HA!!! everyone's on baby watch:D

dani said...

hi back, miss lucy:)
i totally agree with your mum about the ripe fruit, HA!!!
it was so fun to watch the excitement mount for elise, troy, sav, and mini boy blue yesterday as each person stopped by and read elise's comment from the previous night.
everyone loves their sweet little family!!!
i'm so delighted you stopped by... thank you:D
love and hugs,
dani xx

dani said...

it certainly sounds like it, amanda:D i feel like i've got a sister who's pregnant... giddy!!!

Tabitha said...

Thanks for the message Dani ~ I got so excited thinking mini boy blue was making an appearance ~ but he os keeping us all waiting a bit longer ha ha!!!
love and hugs ~ Tabitha XXX

dani said...

you're welcome, tabitha... i thought he was on his way, too. it definitely won't be long. i know how long that home stretch seems, though... poor elise.