Tuesday, June 24, 2008

no "follow-through"...

i have always done really well with "follow-through"
in terms of parenting.

further, katherine has NEVER slept in our bed unless sick.

(but, this maggie is a different story all-together!!!)

maybe it's because i'm older...
or because "how maggie turns out" is not nearly as important...
i don't know???
but, my second "child" knows how to push my buttons and which buttons to push:/
alas, she pushes them!!!
and i let her...

after her lying under my bed the biggest part of yesterday...
and then coming to me bringing me her favorite toy of the week...
her monkey...
as a peace offering!!!

... i just couldn't bring myself to kennel her last night.
(so, i didn't:/)


katherine spent the night with her best friend.
so, after having no sleep the night prior i slept in kat's bed.
and, maggie slept in our bed with john.

you all were right!!!
(damn, i hate being wrong, HA!!!)

she resumed her spot right in the middle.
however, though i haven't talked to john yet today,
i think the three of us slept well last night.

i know I did:D

love and blessings,
dani xx


Tabitha said...

Tee hee hee!!
At least you all got a good nights sleep (well hopefully), and darling little Maggie got to keep her place in the bed!!
You are such a softie ~ I love it!
love and hugs ~ Tabitha XXXXX

dani said...

i definitely got a good night's sleep and most of the morning, tabitha:) i am a softie, but just look at that face...
dani xxxxx

Shannon said...

You are a big softie!!! Here's a secret...I would love to have Osa in bed with us....she craves my attention, but all 70 pounds of her is a bit much. I'm also a bit too rigid...and wish It weren't so, but it is what it is. I expect a full report on how John slept last night..please.
I hope princess Maggie slept well.

dani said...

shannon, john slept very well. so i suppose we may need a bigger bed or i need to start sleeping with katherine, HA!!!
ps... don't ever let osa start because i used to be very "rigid" myself:)

Tanya said...

LMAO!!!!! well at least everyone had a good nights sleep.. which sometimes is more important!!! D, you know you're a big softie don't you!! love it!!

Have a great day,

Tanya xxx

dani said...

i am, tanya!!! and, yes, i know it. when i got up after 10 am this morning, i was so well rested that i was just like... i over-reacted yesterday... all is good on the lane:D
and, it was!!! maggie had switched beds and was under the covers in katherines room with her head lying on my ankle.
she's just a GOd-send!!! what else can i say???
i hope you are having a good day!!!

E and T said...

Hi Miss Dani

Maggie is one lucky dog to have you as her "mum", but I also know that she looks after you, so she deserves to be spoilt.

How old is your beautiful Maggie?

Lots of love and hugs

dani said...

hi back miss elise:)
maggie is two. she was botn on 11/11/05. really i am pretty lucky to have her, she does look after my every move:D
she is a VERY important part of our family as silly as that sounds. john is even VERY taken with the baby he did NOT want me to buy. who would have ever thought???

The Adventures of Maverick & the Mrs. said...

Look at that face! I couldn't say no to it either! Those canine babies are the hardest to say no to! I wish you could've seen the shock on my parents' faces when I sold my house and moved Greta and myself back into their house until I moved out here! She was acting up (by acting up, I mean goosing my mom trying to make her play with her--she thinks my mom is a giant squeaky toy) and I had to put her in her kennel for a time-out. As soon as I grabbed her collar to take her back to her room, she dropped to the floor and was so darn cute, that I let it slide. She started acting up again, so I HAD to follow through. Same thing--dropped to floor with the most pitiful eyes ever. I told her I was the captain of this ship, and she already had her warning. She went dead weight and wouldn't follow me. Here's where my parents were in awe: I picked that 70 pound baby up and carried her to her kennel. Mom and dad were laughing hysterically because her tail was wagging and she was looking at them the whole time! That little weasel! To this day, she still likes for me to pick her up and pack her around. Good thing I'm strong, huh? :)

dani said...

if maggie falls asleep in katherine's bed and i have to carry her to bed, she puts her chin on my shoulder and sleeps en route to my room like a baby does...
she's our first dog, but i swear when she's not acting like the cats (they were here first and she gets a little confused), she's acting like she's a little person. it's crazy. that's probably why she's such a good fit with us:b

Little Sweethearts said...

I'm sure Maggie will love you even more now!! Not too sure whether John would be interested in making this a "permanent" arrangement though.


Amanda said...

I knew it!!! I had a feeling that was going to happen!!!
But what is the point of having her if you can't spoil her?!
Maggie is the boss of your house - and being so cute, she deserves to be too! I just love her :)
A xx

kristen said...

Hope you all sleep well tonight!!!

Kellan said...

It's like having another child, isn't it? These animals and their ways of pushing their ways into our lives and hearts. She's so cute!

Have a good day - Kellan

Anonymous said...

Wow. One small, cute dog sure did upset the sleeping arrangements last night!
I can call you 2 things now either "world's greatest mom" or "sucker!"
Either way, it's a great life for all of you!
Fun post Dani.

dani said...

lol, tania, john may be fine with the new arrangements:o katherine and i are sure that the man (WHO DIDN'T WANT A DOG) loves the dog the most and likes her better than he likes us!!!

dani said...

you were right, amanda:) and you are right about her being the boss of the house. according to shannon at hagen happenings, she's now the alpha female in the house:?
whatever that means, ha!!!

dani said...

kristen, we slept VERY well:)
thank you!!!

dani said...

kellan, john calls her the child "that will NEVER grow up" when he tries to defend his not originally wanting her stance!!!
but, like i said, he likes her best, and she totally digs him:S

dani said...

jenn, i am just a total "sucker" where my puppy-dogger is concerned:b further, she has turned our whole household into suckers:b go figure???

Purple Teacup said...

It's OK, really! I have had to put Annie in the laundry room around 2am for 4 night now because she wants to play, but I can't bear to do it beforehand.