Friday, June 6, 2008

little cotton rabbits...

late monday night my brother showed up at the door bearing a brightly striped gift bag and a birthday card. he had called me on his way here from work to tell me that he was bringing a gift to me and that i would never figure out what it was...

he was right; i wouldn't have!!! but, i loved, loved, loved what he brought to me:D

...a gift bag full of yarn and a "how to knit" kit (all-inclusive)!!!

you see, when i first started blogging, i happened onto little cotton rabbits and fell in love with the idea that i might one day be able to create something like these little treasures (especially since it is nearly impossible to purchase one)...

anyway, little cotton rabbits has this
site for free patterns, and i'm going to see if i can make one of these tiny rabbits first... (thank you so much for the pattern:)!!!

say a prayer for me. i'm going to need it:)
i figure tonight will be as good as any to start as john will be gone all night walking for the relay for life (he's so good:)!!!

love and blessings,
dani xx

***edited so that i could allow you to "hear and visualize" me... RollingOnTheFloorLaughingMyARSEOff... as i attempt to decipher these directions!!!



Tabitha said...

What a great present ~ we can knit together now ha ha!! My mum taught me when I was little ~ I haven't done any for a while!! I am looking forward to seeing your little rabbit!! I am sure you will be just fab at knitting.
Hope you have had a good week and that your weekend will be peaceful and relaxed.
Love and hugs ~ Tabitha XXX

Tabitha said...

Dani ~ those bunnies are just too cute!!! I love them!!
I quite liked the knitted cakes too ~ not many calories in them ha ha!!
Hugs Tabitha X

dani said...

omgosh, tabitha... do you have a webcam??? mine is around here somewhere!!! lol, do you think you could teach me via pc???

Tabitha said...

We did have a web cam, but it was useless and evenually broke!!
My Mum used to knit loads and she taught me when I was about 8 or 9, I am not great at it ~ but I think it is easier having someone show you how to do it ~ my mum used to pick up all the stitches when I dropped them and I was useless at casting on and off, so she used to do that too LOL!!!
Do you know anyone that can knit who is closer to you ~ then you can watch them and get them to help as you go along!!!
When we all eventually meet up ~ don't forget the knitting needles ha!!!
I saw your e mail address on Tanias blog, so will e mail you my address ~ for the snail mail!!!
Happy knitting!!
love ~ Tabitha XX

Shannon said...

I wish you well. I do not have the patience for knitting....or anything else of the such. My mother in law's passion is knitting. I'm sure she'd love to teach you. We bought her a web cam a few years back. She has knitted so many nice sweaters for the boys which I have put away for their children. I'm so random in my thoughts, but what a nice gift from your brother. Did he think of this himself?

Tanya said...

Dani they are so cute!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!! me personally I would go insane lol. Tayla has just started knitting.. my mum taught her.. so she tells me she's knitting a scarf, I have no doubt that she will!!! Have a great weekend...

Take care, love,
Tanya xxx

Tanya said...

BTW Dani keep an eye on your email!!!!!!

Love T xxx

E and T said...

Hi Dani

What a cool brother to give you such a fantastic pressie. I love it. You can do it Dani, I'm cheering for you all the way!

I can only imagine some of the hilarious things that may very well happen in the making of this Dani creation. I can imagine this because some of your stories are things that I think could so very easily have happened to me. I sometimes think you could delete the word Dani and insert Elise.

I wish you lots of luck with your bunny creations, they really are very sweet. Who knows, the inner knitter in you might just be lurking around and this project will reveal so much hidden talent that you didn't even know you had.

Love and hugs

dani said...

i think i DO need someone to SHOW me, tabitha:O i mean who the heck's going to pick up my dropped stitches when i don't even know what dropped stitches are??? hahahaha!!! this trying to knit is something else:D
ps... i got your email and replied to it:)

dani said...

i remember you talking about that a long time ago in one of our circle meetings, shannon... but i had forgotten. i have wanted to learn since then.
i think i got hooked on the idea after reading several of debbie macomber's books.
a woman recently opened a yarn and knitting store here on main street. it was so successful that she bought the "pool store" building on green st. and is preparing to reopen there.
it was a great gift from my brother!!! and he kind of thought of it himself... i mean i've been stating my desire for several years, now:D HA!!!
however, he did go to an actual sewing store and had them help him get what i needed to start!!!

dani said...

they are cute; aren't they, tanya!!! since your mom's teaching tayla does that mean she's already taught you??? are you hiding your talent???
i cannot wait to see tayla's scarf; i bet it will be awesome:D
i will watch for your email... i hope you're having a wonderful saturday afternoon!!!

dani said...

he is a cool brother, elise!!! and since he went to all the effort to get me started, i've got to give it a go:D
it's so hard reading the instructions, turning the pages etc... with yarn laced through my fingers while trying to hold on to knitting needles.
i think tabitha's right, i need to have someone SHOW me!!!
on the bright side, i haven't poked maggie's eye out or broken anything... YET. of course she's watching every knot... i mean stitch i make. so, she might ought to back away from the "knitter".
i will let you about all my hilarities (not a word) along the way!!! i hope you, sav, and t are having a fun afternoon:D

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

Oh Dani, does that mean it was your birthday if your brother came witha birthday card? If so Happy Birthday. I hope you had a really lovely time and would like to see some b'day snaps too.


dani said...

that is quite alright, em... but, honestly, there were no pictures allowed to be taken as i was still anemic and still looked anemic, ha!!!
love you,

Amanda said...

I remember knitting the basic pattern, nothing fancy, but i would drop stiches along the way and the thing i was knitting would get narrower and narrower!!!
Good Luck!
Amanda xx

Amanda said...

Excuse the bad spelling, got a bad eye tonight, conjunctivitis i think. Ment to write Stitch!

dani said...

hee-hee, amanda, i'm still deciphering what dropped stitches are???

Amanda said...

I can't explain exactly what a dropped stitch is, but all i know is that whatever i stated to knit got narrower as i went along!
Dropped stitch? = Lost stitch?
We should ask Tabitha if there is such a thing!

dani said...

lmao, amanda, there is definitely such a beast... IT'S IN MY BOOK!!!

PhotoChick said...

Aww! What a sweet present! So how is the knitting coming along? I did crocheting with my Mom years & years ago, but I've long since forgotten how. *Sigh* Maybe I should try to pick that back up. RIGHT - in my 'spare time'. That's what I call the time that I used to sleep! Kidding, kidding. I'm still up since Liv KEEPS waking up like every hour! I don't know what the deal is with her... Maybe teething again? Who knows... Anyway, be sure you let us see your creations!

Love ya!

dani said...

amanda, so far my creating has been futile, ha!!! a bunch of knotts. it's been really hard to read the diagrams. a new knitting store has opened up in town. i'm thinking it might be a good thing to go and let someone show me...
ps i will certainly let the world know as soon as i have a finished product!!!