Friday, June 6, 2008

it's tanya's birthday!!!

in the usa!!!
(i'm running a little late because of the jet-lag from flying DOWN to snap a picture of her with her cake;)



love and God's blessings,
dani xx

(please feel free to stop in for a piece of guilt-free virtual cake and wish her a happy birthday, or you can click on her name above in green and go over to "where the heart is" and wish her one there:D, thank you all!!! she's a sweetie:)


Amanda said...

Thanks for the invite!
I will have a great time, but keep an eye on me incase i eat too much cake, watching my weight!!!
Love Amanda xx

dani said...

ha!!! amanda, are you in luck!!! the cake... it's virtual, fat/calorie free, and any flavor you want it to be:b further, tanya's a sweetie; i'm sure she'll share with you until you're full:D

Tabitha said...

That picture is great ~ Happy birthday Tanya!! I will pop over and say a belated happy birthday ~ I am very bad I forgot!!!
Thanks for my virtual invite too Dani ~ I am glad the cake is calorie free ~ make mine a big slice ha ha!!!
love and hugs ~ Tabitha XXX

Little Sweethearts said...

I'm always up for a slice of cake (especially the calorie free kind!!).

Happy Birthday Tanya!


Emma-Kate Castricum said...

Thanks for the invite Dani, your just the sweetest person, I'll have to pop over to Tanya and say HB for yesterday!


E and T said...

Hi Dani

A virtual surprise birthday party, what a wonderful idea. You are such a thoughtful friend and have done an awesome job.

I will pop over to Tanya's blog to wish her every happiness for her special day.

Dani, you make the world a better place and what an honour it is to know you.

Love and hugs

E said...

Thanks for the invite... Happy Happy Birthday Tanya... Hope you have a wonderful one.. you sure deserve it.. and yeah I love virtual fat free cake its the only kind I can eat.. haha that and virtural ice cream too.

Kellan said...

Happy Birthday Tanya - I hope it's wonderful!

And ... about my mother - you couldn't be more accurate in your perception of her - you are right-on - she's a hoot and as much a nut as my Little Billy!

Have a good day, Dani - see you soon - Kellan

dani said...

tabitha, thank you for stopping by for cake... and for the idea of a virtual party:D the only thing missing is mah goat, LOL!!!
tania, thank you, too, for tanya's birthday wishes!!! don't you just wish that we could eat all the cake we wanted... any flavor... and it be totally guilt free!!!
thank you, em... i'm sure she will greatly appreciate that:D
thank you, elise!!! you're so sweet. tabitha had one for me, so i thought i'd pay it forward:D
hi, elizabeth... it's nice to "meet" you!!! so, happy you stopped by for tanya. come back anytime you like if just to say, hi!!!
thank you, kellan:D i'd love to be a fly on the wall just taking in all your family dynamics... your mother and little billy totally crack me up!!!
i hope you had a wonderful day as well!!!
love and blessings to you all and of course the birthday girl, tanya!!!

Tanya said...

Ohh Dani!!! you are just gorgeous!!! bless you!! man you made me cry again (doing alot of that lately) how touched am I!!! & totally blessed thank you Dani, Amanda, Tabitha, Elise, Em, Elizabeth, Tania & Kellan for your beautiful birthday wishes you've made my birthday absolutely amazing!!! thank you, thank you!!
God bless your beautiful heart Dani!

Take care lots of love,
Tanya xxxx

dani said...

God bless you, too, tanya; and you are VERY welcome:D
peace, blessings, and love,