Sunday, June 8, 2008


if i were invited to a champagne brunch...
if i were 25lbs lighter...
if i didn't still look anemic...
if i could actually walk in these shoes and carry my champagne flutes (one for each hand to keep my balance, of course, HA!!!) at the same time without showing off my lack of coordination...

(THIS... is what i would choose in which to arrive.)

if you were invited to the same brunch what would your look be???
you can click here if you'd like to "windows" shop for your own personal look at polyvore:D

love and blessings,
dani xx

ps. let me know if you create an ensemble as i'd love to come have a look-see...

here are the INSTRUCTIONS as the site is not very self explanitory:

after you register and finish creating your "set"...
left click on "publish" (left side of page)

name your set whatever eg "brunch"
left click save or done
left click on the "set" tab on the right side of the page (your set should be there)
left click on the image of your set
left click "view details"
a new page should pop up
on the right side of the page left click "embed this set"
copy the code for blog
you should be set (lol, no pun intended):D


Kellan said...

One of the reasons I love to go on cruises with my hubby is so we can dress up and go eat in the dining room every night and then go dancing after!!

Hope you are having a good weekend, Dani - see you soon - Kellan

Tabitha said...

Beautiful and elegant ~ that is exactly what you would look like in that outfit (and accesories!!).
I will definitly visit that site and have a go at an ensemble!!
Hope you are well and having a relaxing weekend!!
love and hugs to you ~ Tabitha XX

Tabitha said...

PS ~ Is the perfume in the picture Chanel chance? I love that perfume and bought a bottle yesterday!! XXXX

dani said...

i love to dress up, too, kellen:D i need to work on all those "if's" first though, HA!!!
i hope you are having a good weekend, too:)

dani said...

hey, miss tabitha...
yes, it's chance. i think it smells great, too:D enjoy it!!!
i hope you were finally able to relax as well... and EAT. did you ever find your chocolate:b, ha!!!???

Amanda said...

Thanks for the invite Dani!
I love your outfit. Very elegant.
I've got my outfit on and i'm ready to meet you, please come and see it!
Love Amanda xx

Tabitha said...

Hi Dani,
It does smell great ~ I treated myself (for a change!!) I didn't find any chocolate last night ~ the kids must have eaten it (I sure didn't!!!) ~ but I had some fruit and that did the trick!!
I did relax a bit today ~ but there is still so much to do!!
Have a great evening ~ love TabithaXXX

dani said...

i always say, "put off til tomorrow what you don't have to do today:D

Tabitha said...

Dani ~ I think you will have to go to the brunch without me ~ I went on the sight and chose a great outfit, shoes etc, but cannot for the life of me work out how to get it on the flipping blog (you know me and anything slightly technical!!).....never mind ~ will have to give it a go tomorrow!!
night night ~ hugs Tabitha XXX

Tanya said...

Dani beautiful dress & accessories!! gotta love Chanel!! girl you would look amazing, must go & check it out!

Hope you are taking things easy!!!
Enjoy your weekend!

Tanya xx

dani said...

as i said, tanya, if not for all those "if's" i'd love to get all dressed up:/
oh, well... i guess i'll start my diet again tomorrow with it being monday and all!!! i hope your monday has already started out well:)
ps i love chanel, too. was your birthday chanel, "chance"???

dani said...

tabitha, we'll wait until we fill amanda's new bentley/side car to go to the brunch:D we can all fit even if we have to make it next sunday morning, HA!!!
ps i'll post the instructions on the original post. the site isn't very explanitory. really it took me a bit:)

E and T said...

Ooooooohhhhhhhhh, a champagne brunch - lovely. I'll have to check out the site and see if they have any major maternity frocks that I could wear!!! I think it will be more fun to pick something to wear post Mini Boy Blue.

I love the elegant look that you've chosen Dani. Sophisitcated and very stylish.

Sav should wake up any minute now, so I will look at this site later tonight. I can't wait to browse through it and find my something to wear for a champagne brunch. I haven't been out to the shops for weeks (thanks to sore rib that insisits on letting me know it's still there, sore back and puffy feet). A virtual shopping trip is just what I need to get my hit of retail therapy. Ohh and I won't have to stop and find a loo every half hour!!

Now, here's hoping my technical brain can get itself into gear so that I can post this on my blog. Your instructions are great, so I'll follow them.

Thank you for the fun post Dani.

Love and hugs

Purple Teacup said...

I love the dress and shoes. Divine! I am going to do this now!

dani said...

elise, bless you!!! is your rib acting up again??? i was so hoping it had subsided for good...
when you feel like it you should definitely look for something post "blue"...
i told tabitha^^^ we'd put off the brunch til next weekend; ha!!! then i remembered the 25lbs i need to shed beforehand.
so, my weight loss and blue's birth/your recovery could possibly coincide (hehehe).
we'll definitely wait, as we are in NO hurry at all:D
ps. feel better; i will say another prayer...

dani said...

have fun, shannon... i hope my instructions will help:D

Tanya said...

Hi Dani... my birthday perfume was Chanel... Coco Mademoiselle!! simply divine!!! I love Chanel... Allure is another favourite! Today was pretty good... I stayed in my pj's all day!!! it was the perfect day for it as it was raining and a little chilly!!
I bet you look just gorgeous D... without gong on a diet! I'm the one who needs to start back on my diet!! as I sit here comfy on the couch, hubby beside me (he's watching soccer)... typing this post, drinking my tea & eating a huge block of peppermint chocolate.. doesn't get any better than this!! LOl. except for maybe having that Champagne Brunch with all my gorgeous friends!

Take care,

T xx

E and T said...

Hi Dani

I have just posted my chosen outfit on my blog. Boy, did I have fun shopping. It was great to sit here in my comfy clothes with my feet up and browse through all of the possibilities.

That pain I've been having in my ribs has never properly cleared up, it was good for a couple of days, just niggly. But I am finding anything can set it off. The other day I reached up to hug Troy and that set it off (can't a girl even give a hug!!). I can actually hear like a popping sound when the pain starts. Anyway, I just got over that and when I was trying to sleep one night, I pulled up the sheet and the same thing happened. Excruciating. Now that Mini is due in three weeks I am really worried about the delivery because of this. We see our doctor tomorrow so we will have lots of questions and hopefully some answers as to our options. Thank you for your prayers, we really appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness.


dani said...

dear tanya,
snuggling in pj's while eating chocolate and sipping tea... you're right it DOESN'T get any better than that:D what a moment in time to treasure!!!

dani said...

excruciating??? i feel so bad for you. i really hope your doctor can do something to aleviate some of your pain. i so want for you to be able to enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy!!!
love and prayers,
ps...i know you cannot take anti-inflammatories; but do cold compresses aid at all???

PhotoChick said...

Gaa! Incredibly addicting! What a cute idea, Dani. Where'd you get that idea, you clever lass, you? I love it - and if I ever get bored I'm totally doing it!

Love ya!

dani said...

we would love for you to join our champagne brunch, Ha!!! of course we are not having it until elise and the adventures of e and t has her baby boy who is due in 11 days:D i actually got the idea from jennifer at precious pink pumps... it's kind of like playing with paper dolls!!! ONLY, once you put your outfit together you can actually buy it from the store who sponsor polyvore...