Monday, June 23, 2008

HER bed tonight!!!

what's wrong with THIS picture???

(maggie @ 6am on monday morning...)

she's asleep...
and i'm NOT!!!

in november i started allowing maggie to sleep with us. i was sure she was cold in her kennel, and she LOVES our down comforter and electric blanket. well, it's summer now (officially on saturday), and it's NOT too cold any more.

but, she is still sleeping with us.

actually, i think it is more like...

we are sleeping with HER!!!
(her HALF of the bed, of course, is the middle:/)

at 2 am this morning, she decided she was thirsty. she rolled from her normal position (spread eagle on her back), stretched, and proceeded to walk OVER john's chest to jump from his side of the bed to the floor.

the next thing i heard was her lapping water. evidently, while lapping she got water up her nose because she then started snorting. maggie is a king charles spaniel (spaniels are not natural "snorters"). next??? she had a sneezing fit.

the "poor thing" never could get situated after that. i wish i had the pictures to show you, but i don't think john would have much appreciated the flash going off while he was trying to sleep, lmao.

though, i can give you the visual: i have taken the down comforter out of our denim duvet; the duvet is still rather heavy. so when maggie lies down between us, the duvet pins us in place. i mean, without awakening and deliberately moving ourselves, we stay in ONE place "pins us".

HA!!! i opened my eyes at one point to her very loud snoring, unable to move and "noticed" her back paw about an inch from my face... i really thought about picking the darling up right then and moving her to her kennel.

i just honestly hated to wake her.


that's what is what is wrong with the BIG picture!!!

anyway, when john got up to go to work, she awoke, sat up, and looked at me... at which point i looked back at her and kindly told her she was going to sleep in HER bed tonight!!!

she cocked her head to the side (totally understanding my every word),
and went under the bed to pout. while pouting, she fell asleep...
hence, the picture at the beginning of my blog:)

she WILL sleep in her bed tonight!!!
(so long as she doesn't cry...)

love and blessings,
dani xx


Shannon said...

I'll believe it when I read it!
Princess needs her sleep mommy!!!!!

dani said...

i don't know, shannon... last night was pretty bad. john, of course said, "uh-hah", too. we may have let her way over extend her welcome:/

Shannon said...

It's so funny how we treat our animals. I never thought I would love our dog as much as we do. I grew up with farm animals, and although we loved them, they were Never allowed in the house. Since having my own home...I only believe that if you have a dog or cat they should live with you. If not, why have them?
You know...the dog whisperer would say to never let your dog sleep with you. This put's the animal on the same level as you...The Alpha female. I agree, but Osa is way too big to get in our bed anyway.
Hey....Have a great day!

dani said...

shannon, don't laugh!!! maggie's number 1 friend on her myspace is "the dog whisperer"...
what does he say it does to her to let her sleep with us or is it what it does to us???

Anonymous said...

What cracks me up the most is YOU, not HER. I just laughed when you thought to get up out of bed, get the camera, and take some pics of her, but didn't want to wake your husband up!!! You are a blogger for sure my friend!!!
I admit it would be great, but good call on that one.
Love the story!

dani said...

lol, jenn, i guess i am guilty as charged:/ and you are probably right about NOT getting the picture being a good choice. john wouldn't have understood, HA!!!

Amanda said...

Thats so funny. Maggie knows what side of her bread is buttered!
But so hard not to spoil her, she is just so cute.
Good luck with the sleeping arrangements tonight!
Amanda xx

dani said...

i think i'm going to need the good luck, amanda:) according to shannon, i've broken one of the dog whisperer's cardinal rules ^^^!!! i just don't know what the repercussions are going to be:o HA!!! i guess i'm going to find out though...

Tabitha said...

Oh Dani ~ that is just so funny ~ I will be thinking of Maggie tonight, all snuggled up in her own little bed ~ and hopefully you and John getting a decent nights sleep ~ without any doggy interuptions!!!!
I love that she is your 'little baby' ~ I just wonder how she will be later when she realises what the new sleeping arrangements are!!
Can't wait for an update on this!!
love to you ~ Tabitha XXXXXXXXX

dani said...

tabitha, i will definitely let you know... i just hope that we (i really mean "I") have not created a monster puppy-dogger:/

Kellan said...

She does sound spoiled, but she is darling!

Take care - Kellan

Tanya said...

How could you not spoil her!!! Maggie is just so sweet!! but then again I don't have to sleep in the same bed as her lol. So we shall see what happens... odds are she'll be back in your bed for sure, she knows when she's on a good thing!!!

Have a lovely night,

Tanya xxxx

Little Sweethearts said...

Hi Dani,

It's Tuesday morning over here and I was just wondering where Maggie ended up sleeping?

PS: it's awfully quiet over at Elise's don't you think?

E and T said...

Hi Dani

You couldn't, you wouldn't.

I'll just have to check in tomorrow and see where Maggie spent the night.

She really is adorable.

Lots of love and hugs

Shannon said...

So...How was last night?

Kendra said...

She is so stinkin cute. How can you not spoil her??!! :)

Love the name Maggie. That is the name of my Princess. My husband didn't like the name at first so I decided that if I couldn't name my daughter Maggie I would buy a cute puppy to fit the name. :) Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing!!!!

dani said...

she is spoiled and darling(thank you), and she slept right next to her daddy-o as usual last night:)

dani said...

as i told kellan, she slept with john last night. i couldn't (didn't) follow through. how sad is that:I

dani said...

lol, tanya, if you were a betting person you would have won... you are right, maggie was an odd-on-favorite for resuming her normal spot in our bed, and she DID sleep with john last night:S

dani said...

i couldn't and i didn't...

^^^we're your ears burning... (an "old wives tale" that when one's being discussed one's ears tingle, HA!!!)

tania was wondering about you, and, voila!!! you showed up:D


dani said...

last night was dreamy, rotflmao!!! i will expound in today's post.

dani said...

thank you; but, it's her cuteness that gets to me. she knows just how to work me.

Purple Teacup said...

Dogs are such good practice for future children....