Monday, June 2, 2008

a "still driving 82"...

the "notorious d" called this morning singing "happy birthday" to the tune of some Christmas carol... ("happy holiday" is the one; i think... by bing crosby???;)

"so, do you feel 39???" d asked.
"nope, 82..." i responded.
"a 'still driving 82' or a 'wearing depends 82'???" she laughed.
"hmm... definitely a 'still driving 82'," i said.
"oh, well, GOOD!!!" she replied:D


(i do feel more than a year older than i did this time last year, though...)

"...while the merry bells keep ringing,
may your every wish come true.
happy holiday, happy holiday..."

love and God's blessings,
dani xx


Tabitha said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday ~ I just love the hats, Maggie just looks too cute, I am glad that she is still looking after you!!
Hope the rest of your day is just perfect!!
Sending birthday hugs and lots of love Tabitha XXX
(Hugs and kisses from Dan and Lauren tooXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)

Kellan said...

What a cute picture - you looks so happy! Happy Birthday, Dani - I hope it's a great day for you!

See you - Kellan

Little Sweethearts said...

Well how old could you really be if you wear a Sponge Bob Square Pants partyhat??? Keep that inner child alive and you'll only feel as old as you think you are.

A very happy birthday to you, Dani!!!

I must say that your other post scared me a bit. I'd been checking your blog last week but thought you might have gone on holiday or something (already thinking: hey, she didn't tell us?!). Then I read what really happened. That must have been quite a scare for you and your family. I'm so glad that you are alright and already feeling better.

PS: you don't look a day older than 29 :)

Cheri and Jesse said...

Wishing you a VERY Happy Birthday! I hope that you have a funfilled birthday.

And glad that you are feeling better. I was worried last week when there weren't posts. Since I've started reading your blog it's definitely not the norm for your posts to be so sporadic. (Me on the other hand.......I'm stuck in Wii land right now. Hoping to update soon!)

dani said...

thank you ALL!!!
i love the picture, too:D d took it last year while we were celebrating her youngest's, sam's, birthday. sam's birthday is tomorrow!!!
anyway, i submitted the photo for a pet photo contest, and it won!!!
dear tabitha... i think maggie is pretty special (obviously) myself!!!!
lots of hugs and kisses back to you, twinkle 1, and twinkle2!!!
thank you, kellan, the day the picture was taken was a happy day!!!
today has been a good day, too, one of rest for sure... i hope your day has been a great day as well:D
tania, i was 38 and totally having a good time catering to my precious little sam, HA!!!
~last week scared me too... especially after the fact... when i realized exactly how sick i was
~knuffels to you, tania. and, lol, i definitely feel closer to 82 than 29; but i'll take your 29 and keep it:)
wii land, huh??? cheri, one of these days i AM going to get to enjoy mine... soon i hope as i am feeling better just tired:) have fun!!!
thank you all again for the birthday wishes!!!

much love to you and yours<333
dani xxxxxx

Amanda said...

I just love your pooch in the spongebob hat. Thats so cute. Enjoy your 21st !
Love Amanda xx

Tanya said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Dani, Happy Birthday to you!!!! Sending birthday hugs & lots of love & a little ray of sunshine.. have a beautiful birthday!!!!

I love this photo D!!!! Maggie looks so cute... & you look so happy.. such a radiant smile!

Love & hugs

Tanya xx

p.s my little ray of sunshine wishes you a Happy Birthday too!! Tayla thinks it's pretty cool that our birthdays are so close & we're the same age lol. she's just too cute!!

Take care now!!!!!!!!!

Love T & T xoxo

dani said...

i couldn't believe she left it on, amanda!!! lmao, she was too worried about licking the icing from between her eyes to worry about her hat!!! she's such a happy baby:b
and, HA!!!, on the 21st. i'd hate to think i had those expectations (21 is the legal drinking age in the us) tonight:/ but, thank you!!!

dani said...
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dani said...

oh, tanya, i thought you were sending tayla over to play with me, katherine, and maggie!!! then i continued on and realized that the "ray of sunshine" you were sending in the body of your comment and the "ray of sunshine" (tayla) you referred to in your post script were two different rays... bummer!!!
maybe if i start saving my pennies, someday we can celebrate both our birthdays together on the 4th!!!
hugs to tayla!!!

Shannon said...


dani said...

merry merry, shannon!!! d is so funny;D
xoxoxoxoxo's back to ya!!!

E and T said...

Hi Dani

What a great birthday shot - so celebratory! I read in your comments that this was a photo from last years birthday.

I hope on this birthday, even though you had to rest and take it easy, that you were still able to enjoy the celebrations and festivities that came your way.

Lots of love and hugs

dani said...

hi, elise...
i did enjoy the day; it was a very restful one. so, there was not a lot of celebration nor festivities, which was totally ok as i'm not/wasn't quite up to it yet.
love and hugs to you all,

Purple Teacup said...

Happy belated birthday! What a cute picture!

dani said...

thank you, shannon:D my big ol' floppy puppy oozes cuteness. she is a blessing, indeed, that always makes me HAPPY:)

caitlin said...

LOL!! That's hysterical.

Happy Belated Birthday!! I'm always's just how I roll.

dani said...

that's ok,c... thank you!!! i'm uually belated too:D how about dana's quick depends quip!!! HA!!! there is never any delay in our play off each other...

PhotoChick said...

HAPPY (extremely belated) BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL GAL! I just love that wonderful snapshot of you. It really shows your fun, joyous spirit - and you look so cute! Especially with Maggie :o) Sorry it took me so danged long to with you a Happy B-day, but I sure hope it was awesome.

All my love,

dani said...

amanda, thank you:) it was a very good day. that snapshot (no make-up and all) is one of my very favorite pictures ever. maggie actually won a photo contest for that shot.
she's such a sweet puppy dog:b