Tuesday, July 22, 2008


it's as easy as 123...

miss ashley, over at raising allikaye, tagged me for a little abc game!

so, here i go:

A. Attached or single... attached to my boy:)
B. Best Friend... the d's
C. Cake or pie... pie!!! i can eat a whole one if no one is looking;b
D. Day of Choice... i love saturdays; i always have.
E. Essential items... clean pjs, clean sheets, a toothbrush/paste, a shower, and shower necessities!!!
F. Favorite color... pink and green (i am totally a preppy at heart:)
G. Gummi bears or worms... bears... worms are icky:S
H. Hometown... henderson, kentucky
I. Favorite Indulgence... donuts:b
J. January or July... july when the heat-index is not 109 degrees like it was yesterday:o
K. Kids... just kitty katherine (well and my sweet hannah too); do maggie and john count???
L. Life isn't complete without... my relationship with God, family, and maggie!!!
M. Marriage date... may 11, 1990:D
N. Number of Siblings... one brother, oj... now he's a funny one:D
O. Oranges or Apples... i hate comparing apples to oranges:S
P. Phobias... snakes, i loathe them!!! no, really!!!
Q. Quotes...
"My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness."
"if you think my hands are full, you should see my heart."
"i live on a one-way, dead-end street; i don't get out much..."
R. Reasons to smile... too many to name:D
S. Season of choice... fall, i love the cool down from the hot and humid mid-west summer.
T. Tag... katherine, hannah, and anyone else who would like to play along with me.
U. Unknown fact about me... i've been on a diet but have gained weight:( (see: c, i, v, w, and y:)
V. Vegetable... i cannot think of a vegetable that i do not like??? not one!!!
W. Worst habit... being on the computer too much:/
X. XRay or Ultrasound...definitely ultrasound; i don't dig a bunch of radiation!!!
Y. Your favorite food... donuts; i've never met one i didn't like!!!
Z. Zodiac Sign... gemini... sometimes i let my evil twin post for me!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

love and blessings,
dani xx


Lucy said...

Hi Dani,
Your entries are always a good read.
I to know the felling of going on a diet and still managing to gain weight. Somtimes I loose it but it keeps finding me.
Love this little insight into your thoughts.
Love and Hugs. (How is Katherine going?)

Amanda said...

Great answers! I too have never found a donut that i have not liked, i think thats why the stones creep up on me!!!
Have a nice day Dani!
Amanda xx

Jennifer H said...

I say blame the pie and donut thing on your evil twin!
What a fun post. I've haven't seen that one floating around in blogville yet.

Jan said...

Why did you have to mention donuts. I will have that on my mind all day and not give. Maybe.

Great tag and glad to know you better Dani.

dani said...

hi, miss lucy:)
thank you... yes, the pounds always seem to track me down too!!! but, today's a new day and there are no pies nor donuts in the house:S
katherine is doing much better; thank you for asking...

dani said...

hey, amanda, chocolate covered cream-filled are my favorite:b one would be sooooooooooooo good right now!!! but, i'm determined to be good:S
i hope you have had a nice day, too:D

dani said...

hey, jenn, it is soooooooooooooo my evil twin... ever heard of dani california??? lol!!!

dani said...

jan, i couldn't help the donut thing, HA!!! they are on my mind today and every day, unfortunately. i don't go to the bakery often, though:S if you cannot resist, you may blame the temptation on my evil twin. jenn's sure that's where my problem lies:b

SuzanSayz said...

Dani, good news! I am a gemini too! And sometimes I really do think there are two of me. I liked this survey.

dani said...

i liked it too, suz:) so, you have an evil twin, too??? lol!!!

Tabitha said...

That was just great Dani ~ I learn more about you as we go along!!
I love these little blog lists and I keep meaning to complete a few ~ but then I get carried away with other things tee hee!!
Hope you are well,
lots of love Tabitha XXXXXXXX

dani said...

i am having a good day, tabitha:) i hope you are, too!!! i think you are finding out that i am a total junk food junkie:b

Tabitha said...

Hi dani ~ I can't wait to see the photos of the finished room ~ you have done well getting it all done
love Tabitha XXXX

dani said...

tab, i am so happy to be finished with two 1/2 rooms (1/2 way finished with kat's bathroom).
next, i want to work on the kitchen. it isn't very big, but everything is painted and needs to BE scraped and painted:S

Robin said...

Now I know why we get along so well. I love gemini's (mom and brother) :-)

Oh chocolate donut with sprinkles, I command you to magically appear in my mouth void of calories but will all of your wonderfully sugary taste...

dani said...

chocolate with sprinkles, huh??? yum:b
all this talk of donuts is HARD on the old diet, robin:S

Kat said...

I did mine :D
but you know that, already

dani said...

yesssssss ma'am!!! i've read it:)

E and T said...

Hi Dani

This was a fun post to read and parts of it made me chuckle. Mmmmmmm, donuts, just the thought of them is making me my mouth water. Is there such a thing as post pregancy cravings???

I like pink and green as well. The strange thing is that before I had Savanna I was never really into pink, but since having her and dressing her mostly in pink, it has become a color that I really like. Sav's room is pink and green and these colours really appeal to me now.

Yahoo, the painting is complete, I look forward to seeing your handy work tomorrow.

I hope you are having a Beauty Full day my friend.

Lots of love and hugs

Tanya said...

Hi Dani, just loved your ABC's!! you gotta love the evil twin LOL!!! can't wait to see the photos now that the painting is finished!

Know that I love your blog, I love how you care so much for others, many you've never met, you touch the hearts of many, even though some posts are sad, most are happy & so much fun.... never feel guilty :)

Tanya xoxox

Weith Kick said...

Me too, cake over pie. Blueberry's my fav. Luckily my wife doesn't like pie so when we get one I get it all to myself.

Weith Kick said...

Dani! My own sister doesn't even know my and my mom's sign. We are not Geminis, we are Taurus's. Now I have to go over to her site and scold her.

Robin said...

Eek! How could I have forgotten my mom and bro are Taurus's not Geminis? Chalk it up to getting OLD!

dani said...

thank you, tanya!!! my "evil twin" in a MESS!!! lol...
i didn't get the room finished last night but it is close to being finished:)

dani said...

yum, keith, and tooooooooooo funny on robin and your and your mother's sign!!! bahahahaha!!!

dani said...

bahahahahahahaha!!! robin, you kill me; and you're not getting "old"!!!

Wendi said...

These posts are some of my favorite kind! :) Getting to know those silly little (and very important!) things about people help us really know who they are.
Seriously 109?? Wow! It was 97degrees here last week and I thought we would all melt into nothingness. :) A couple days ago the high was 77! It was the most pleasant day you could imagine!

dani said...

hi, wendi:)
yes, it was VERY hot here, but, i HAS cooled down a bit... but, you know, when it's hot it's just HOT!!! lol, when you feel like you're going to melt what are a few more degrees, right:b
i like doing these little surveys (if you will) occasionally and love reading others'.
i'm happy you enjoyed it:D