Thursday, July 10, 2008

al patron...

i did a guest blog post over at robin's party of five blog, today. so, i thought i'd just share it here as well...

as robin is lounging on a beach somewhere in mexico... i find myself remembering my last trip to mexico...

in september of 2006,
 john and i went to the moon palace
 with my cousin and her husband.

 we had an awesome time!!!
 (i've never been to mexico 
and NOT had an awesome time;)

(a moon palace visual)

(click to enlarge for better resolution:)

the third or fourth day we were there,
 we all went to breakfast
 and drank our way through it

 we then went out by the pool
 and started drinking margaritas.

the palace resorts are all all-inclusive,

ie. ALL you can eat and/or drink...

after, a couple of margaritas,
 my cousin and i decided
 to hit one of the swim-up-bars.

so, we jumped into the pool
 and swam up to the first bar.
 there we met several gents
 from scotland
 who were in cancun on holiday.

(patron silver)

after a little talk of politics,
 i announced that i was "treating"
 everyone to a shot of patron (tequila).

(lol, i've already said the palace
 was all-inclusive, right?)

after everyone had a big laugh,
 the bartender said he could
 do shots for us
 but not patron shots
 as they didn't carry that particular brand.
 hence, i went with cuervo silver...

after doing "shots with the scots",
 my cousin and i swam up to the second bar.
 at the second bar
 there was a group of couples
 from pennsylvania.
 this group was all into
 harley davidsons and cycling.

now, i don't know 
what brought up the subject,
 (i suppose nothing really had
 to have brought it up;)
 but my cousin and i proceeded
 to tell this bunch about
 our great aunt addie.
 the next thing i knew, 
i had told this whole bunch
 that my great aunt addie
 had ridden shot-gun
 with al PATRON (capone)
 back in the day...

my cousin started laughing
 at me as did the crowd,
 and she said,
 "guah, dani,
 how much have you had to drink?
 it's "pitino" not patron!!!"

then, i started laughing!!!

(rick pitino)

"how much have i had to drink?
how much have you had???
 'pitino' is rick's last name.
 you know,  the one who used
 to coach basketball at uk 
but coaches at louisville, now!"

(al capone)

"it's capone!!!" i continued,
 "al capone!!!"

needless to say,
 everyone got a big laugh at our expense... 
well, it was really not
 "at our expense"
 because we probably got the biggest laugh
 and have since several times over:D

(al capone's 1930 armored cadillac)

but, it is true...


love and God's blessings,

dani xxx


Amanda said...

Thanks for the laugh Dani! Shots with Scots ~ LOL!!!
I missed you.
I'm glad your bloodwork was looking ok.
Amanda xx

dani said...

i have missed you, too, amanda... i just needed to get some things done around here.
i hoped you would like "shots with the scots"!!! they were so funny:D

Amanda said...

Question is, were they handsome scots??? Or were they white as milk bottles( maybe a little red with sunburn ) with beer bellies!!!
he-he :D if that fits the description, maybe it was Richard you were talking too!!!
Sounds like a great holiday though.

Tabitha said...

That is a great story Dani ~ you have definitly cheered my day up!!

I am pleased that the blood work all came back ok ~ and I am glad you are back too ~ I missed you aswell ~ I sent a hug to you via Katherine ~ so hopefully you got it ha ha!!!
Love and hugs to you ~ Tab XXXXX

dani said...

amanda, i think they were tall, older, and had beer bellies, lol!!! but, they were a lot of fun:)

dani said...

hey, tabitha:)
yes i got it (the hug); and i have missed you, too... i am going to have to get caught up with my blog reading!!!

Jan said...

So glad to hear about your blood work being good Dani. Great news to us.

That is the most original thing I have heard in a long time. Your auntie must have been some kind of woman to get that ride. Oh my goodness. The stories she could tell.

Funny story with the shots and you swimming up to the bar. I can see it all now. I would have laughed too.

dani said...

thank you, jan:) "original..." now, that's a word for me and my antics, lol!!!
my great aunt passed away nearly 21 years ago:( she was sooooooooo much fun!!! i wish she were still here so that i could get the rest of the story; all i know is that it happened...

Kellan said...

What a fun story and that is a fabulous resort - WOW! I love Mexico too and will have to keep this resort in mind - WOW!

Take care - Kellan

SuzanSayz said...

Man, who would have thought what a dangerous, crazy, background you have! That is so cool about your Great Aunt, and how terrific for you that she had the good sense to live long enough for you to get to know her. Now, I have come in to your blog long after the opening credits, and I am wondering what your blood tests were for? I really hope you are okay. You are just so cute and you sound so fun, that if you don't mind terribly I will add you to my friends list.

dani said...

kellan, it is amazing. we have stayed at the aventuras palace as well... it is all adult and very romantic (about 45 miles south of cancun:). both are very, very nice!!!

dani said...

you are more than welcome to add me to your friends... i would be delighted;)
ps i had a pretty bad hemorrhage the end of may (i have to take blood thinners, and my blood was way too thin.)

The Adventures of Maverick & the Mrs. said...

So glad yout're back! I've missed your posts! This one had me in stitches! Girl, you are a nut! To answer your question, I'm thinking about doing the etsy thing. I've really had fun with this, and keep getting orders for more logbook covers, so that's exciting! I've got one in another squadron, so maybe they'll spread to others besides just ours. I hope that you bloodwork is flawless. :)

Cheri and Jesse said...

I want to go to Mexico with you next time!!! Sounds like a BLAST to me!!!

Hey, check out my blog......I've added yet another Dani to my life!!!

Glad that your bloodwork is looking better. Take care of yourself, Dani.


manager mom said...

It's hard NOT to have fun in Mexico. And I liked the festive musical accompaniment...

dani said...

thanks, christina:)
i AM a nut... lol, i don't even know about myself:b
that is awesome that your business is already doing so well!!! i'm so excited for you:D

dani said...

it is a blast, cheri:) sooooooooo much fun!!! and, thank you for your well wishes.
i checked out your baby dani; she is so sweet!!! tell your brother congratulations for me, please:D

dani said...

hi, jennifer:) you are right!!! so happy you stopped; come back any time...

Purple Teacup said...

Just think of there would have been goats there.

dani said...

HA!!! shannon, i would have never come home!!!