Tuesday, July 1, 2008

beautiful boy...

the baby watch continues;)

we are ALL still anxiously awaiting the arrival of elise's and troy's beautiful baby boy...
she posted pictures after her doctor's appointment on monday.
they were amazing!!!

the last picture of her tummy was my favorite... i suppose it was the way the light was hitting it because i thought it looked like baby "blue" was poking a heel, elbow, or knee a little north/west of her belly button;)

i asked elise if there were a protrusion, but she said, no... but that she would love to get a picture where you can see bumps and lumps sticking out (a hand or a foot) and how beautiful that would be...

i had seen a photo like this...

it would be beautiful, wouldn't it...

however, nothing will be more beautiful than the image of elise holding her new-born baby boy!!! she is nearly two days past her due date and still patiently awaiting his entrance into this world. many are patiently, lovingly waiting with her. please, keep her in your thoughts and prayers as the days are long.

love and God's blessings,
dani xx

"beautiful boy"
haiku by dani

awaiting your boy
beautiful, beautiful boy
oh, so anxiously...


Tabitha said...

Oh Dani that is a lovely post ~ I too am waiting for the news that little boy blue has arrived ~ it is very exciting!!!
I love the photo of the babies foot sticking out ~ that is just beautiful!!
love and hugs to you ~ Tabitha XXX

(Thinking of Elise too ~ as the days go by!!)

Jennifer H said...

I love waiting with all of us together! i just dying to hear she's gone in to the hospital!

Love the FOOT pic. I have to say OUCH when I see it.

Little Sweethearts said...

I went over to Elise's blog earlier today to speak to the little boy in question. haha, thought "the direct approach" might work (well, it hasn't yet!).

I've seen the baby foot picture before. What a lucky shot!


SuzanSayz said...

This is what is so great with we women. We really are just one big sisterhood. Waiting past your due date for your baby to be born is just one of the things that a man will never know. I love when women are each others help, love and support system without really even trying.

dani said...
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E and T said...

Oh Dani

What a beautiful post about me. Thank you so much my dear friend, you make my world a better place and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. (You're making me all teary again!)

It's 8:30am on Wednesday here in Australia and I have woken up feeling so anxious today. I'm hoping that I will feel better soon. T and I are going to take Sav to the park for playgroup this morning, so that should take my mind off Mini for a while.

I am so thankful for all of our blogging friends who have really brightened each and every single day by leaving beautiful, supportive comments and putting a smile on my face. Without these special people I am sure I would be totally neurotic by now. I didn't think the waiting game would be this hard. I am still trying to enjoy these last stages of pregnancy as I know that I am blessed to be pregnant with our little boy.

What an amazing photo that is where you can see that gorgeous baby foot. That photo is priceless.

I really hope that it won't be too long now until I can do a post saying that we're off to the hospital.

Dani, thank you so much for being the gorgeous, caring and thoughtful soul that you are.

Lots of love and hugs to you my special friend.


dani said...

hey, girls...
if mini boy blue doesn't arrive soon elise is going to have to have another "pick the date", lol!!!
she definitely does have a sisterhood here, and,
so do we with her!!! i totally love that blogger is such a positive, supportive role in the friendships we have formed.
further, i feel so grateful to have happened onto it (you) by accident!!!
i hope you are all having a great day:)

you, t, and sav have fun playing today. i hope your "anxious" is a good anxious!!! mine is:)

Tanya said...

Beautiful post Dani... gorgeous photo!! I can not wait to hear that Minnie blue has arrived, it's just a little exciting!!
Women are amazing, so true what Suzan says!!
Maybe boy blue will arrive tomorrow ~ Roy's 50th birthday now that would be special!!!

Lots of love my beautiful friend :)

Tanya xoxo

Shannon said...

There's a new moon on July 3. Maybe that will be the day!

dani said...

is it a "new moon" in australia, tanya???

dani said...

that was probably a dumb question... it should be the same everywhere, s...

Mandi said...

Dani that was so beautiful, and brought back so many memories for me, my first daughter did exactly that - all the time, she would stick her little foot straight out and it became a habit that I would rub her heals when she did it. After she was born when she got upset I would just rub her heal and she would go to sleep.

Simply gorgeous!!!

dani said...

mandi, that is such a darling story:) did you ever get a photo???

Kellan said...

I love that picture! God bless her and her new baby - I hope all goes well and that baby comes soon and safely!

Take care - Kellan

dani said...

it is sounding like tomorrow is the day... one way or another:)

linda said...

I've seen the picture you posted before...of the baby's foot poking against mommy's tummy. It has got to be one of the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen. The type of picture that leaves you breathless!

Ok, I'm on pins and needles now too waiting to hear baby news and I don't even know Elise! I'll check back first thing in the morning for updates.

dani said...

hi, linda:)
elise just posted that if she hasn't gone into labor on her own by 7 am thursday morning (aussie time... i think that would be 2pm tommorrow for you) that her ob will induce her!!!
i really hope she goes into labor naturally, though. she was induced the first time, and it was pretty rough...