Friday, July 11, 2008

the other palace...

(a collage from our first visit)
(click on image to enlarge:)

when i was blogging about the patron incident yesterday, memories of the "other palace" john and i have patronized several times came to mind.
"the other palace" is also known as
the aventuras spa palace.

our first trip there was the most amazing, romantic vacation we had ever enjoyed!!!

puerto aventuras is about 50 miles south of the cancun airport
and worth every minute of the commute:)

when we arrived, we were greeted with a glass of ice cold champagne
and i a bouquet of native flowers.
(i had no preconceived expectations about the trip nor the palace;
john and i just wanted to get away, and we did so on a total whim...)
i was so taken aback with our welcome...

once we got checked into our suite, we decided to go grab a bite to eat.
it was in the middle of the afternoon, thus we were the only ones in the mundaca, an open, ocean-front restaurant at the palace.
talk about royal treatment!!!

this is where we met oscar and alejandro!!!
they took great care of us,
and we became fast friends with them.
oscar was the straight-man and alejandro was the comedian.
we spent every morning and afternoon with these two
amazing gentlemen.

aventuras palace is located on a coral enclosed inlet.
the water is calm, cool, and clear... PERFECT!!!
and, did i say that we were greeted along side this inlet by a drink waiter
every 10-15 minutes taking drink orders???

the aventuras palace, now, has a golf course, a world renowned spa, and six restaurants. the spa was being built as was the golf course the first time we went. however, when we returned the first time, all these were completed...
i didn't think it could get any more amazing...
but, it did!!!

the morning we were to return home,
we enjoyed our last breakfast at our "paradise found".
oscar and alejandro were there to send us on our way.
they wanted to take our picture for us: we wanted to have one taken with them. when we told them that, they cried...
we both teared up as well...

we have had the privilege of getting to visit with oscar on our return visits. however, alejandro left the palace to run a disco tech in playa del carmen...
i would totally love to get to see him again as well as oscar!!!
gosh!!! i am soooooooooo ready to go back and play:b
love and blessings,
dani xx


SuzanSayz said...

I have never been to Mexico but you sure do a good hard sell. Now I simply MUST! It's funny because my baby girl and I just went and saw Sex and the City last night. (first time for me third for her) And the part when they are in Mexico and Charlette will eat nothing but pudding cups because she didn't trust the water or food just cracked me UP. Have you seen it? If you have YAAYY for you, and if not WHAT are you WAITING FOR????

dani said...

hi, suz:)
no, i haven't seen it, yet, but know that i must. i don't know about the other resorts but the palace uses its own water supply, which has been treated!!! plus, there is bottled water everywhere!!!
if you ever get the urge to go, you must!!! we have enjoyed ourselves so much every time... that we have never even left the palace compound!!! we aren't big site-seers though.

dani said...
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Jan said...

How fun Dani. I have never been to anything remotely exotic like that. It sounds so fun and exciting. Those 2 guys crack me up. What a couple of nice guys for you to hang out with.

My sister and her husband go down there a couple times a year. They simply love it. I can't think of a better place to go than a palace though.

Great pictures and a fun recap of adventures of Dani.

Kellan said...

I'm ready to go TOO - how fabulous!

Have a good weekend - Kellan

Jennifer H said...

Oh my the pics.
How fun and romantic!

We've been to Peurta Valartta.(sp?)
last year and are going to Cabo in May of 09. Can't wait! Of course a palace would be nice. But I doubt I'll get that much pampering

dani said...

hi, jan:)
our guy were so much fun: i wish we could have put them in our suitcases and brought them home with us...
if you ever have the opportunity, GO!!!

dani said...

do it, kellan:) and, i guarantee you a GREAT weekend!!!

dani said...

jenn, the pampering is very nice; john enjoys it very much as well!!! cabo sounds like a great time, too:b

linda said...

The palace sounds incredible! Hubby and I have been to Mexico a few times but your place sounds like a dream.

So fun, and sweet, that you became fast friends with your 2 waiters. Isn't life amazing sometimes!

dani said...

life is soooooooooo amazing, linda!!! and, i love meeting and befriending new people:)

Tabitha said...

That sounds like the most fantastic holiday Dani ~ and I would love to go ~ maybe oneday!!
love and hugs ~ Tabitha Xxxxx
PS~ Hope you are having a great weekendXXX

dani said...

it was tabitha, and if you come over one day... i will certainly go back!!! we would have an awesome time:D

Amanda said...

I have to go there!!!
Maybe thats the kind of holiday Richard and i could go on once the boys are grown up.
Have a great weekend Dani:)
Amanda xx

Tabitha said...

Dani ~ you have a deal ~ a girls holiday there would be excellent!!!
I just need to lose this last few stones ~ don't want to scare too many children when I strip off tee hee!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Amanda said...

No Tabitha, i think that it would be me that would scare the whole resort, children included!!!
Some things should never be seen in daylight :-/

dani said...

a girls holiday it is!!! after i lose my stones as well!!!