Saturday, July 12, 2008

let me just tell you...

yesterday and today and...
probably tomorrow...
have been/will be a little less than exciting
at my house!!!

the most thrilling thing i have done
is stare at katherine's ceiling
waiting for the dry wall to dry
so that i can paint it tomorrow
and then watch the paint dry...

tomorrow sounds like it's going to be...
just like yesterday and today:S

has yours been as exciting as mine???

love and blessings,
dani xx


Jan said...

It's pointless Saturday Dani. We have nothing to live for or worry about. Everything is on hold. The ceilings, everything. I am glad I have a kindred soul today.

Have fun doing nothing but waiting. Yeah..

linda said...

Oh yes it's been a lazy day. I took the dog to the groomer, went to a few stores, and now I've started ironing...just as fun as watching paint dry. I needed it though. I've been working too much.

Tanya said...

Hi gorgeous!!! have just caught up on your posts, sounds like you had an awesome time in Mexico, all inclusive sounds perfect!
Good news about your bloods!! Are you just painting Katherine's walls or doing a whole room makeover? love that gorgeous pink on the wall behind her bed!!
Glad you are back blogging, have missed you!!!!

Have a great Sunday :)

Tanya xoxo

SuzanSayz said...

My husband has every other Friday off. This was his Friday off so I pretty much am having my twice a month, three-day weekend. And what have I done with this three day weekend? Absolutely NOTHING. Oh well I did take my youngest son shopping around 5:00 PM today at Walmart to buy food and other neccesities. Exciting stuff, No? I guess We did it up so good last weekend that I had nothing left for this one.

dani said...

you too, jan??? lol, it's awful to be this bored, huh???

dani said...

linda, you know; i should have groomed maggie today. i just couldn't get in the mood to do it. and, it is a JOB!!! if you needed it, i am so happy you had a lazy day!!! i think i've just had waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many lately:b

dani said...

hey, tanya:) i'm so glad you are no longer computerless!!! what did we ever do before internet???
as far as katherines room goes...
we are just repainting her ceiling. i did her walls a couple of years ago... i handpainted all the detail around the middle (it took quite a while), so i'm hoping she will want to leave it as is for a bit:D
i have missed you, too!!!
love, dani

dani said...

after i posted, i actually went to the grocery store as well... we were out of everything.
suz, it's pretty bad when grocery shopping trumps as most exciting event of the weekend, lol!!!

E and T said...

Hello Dani

I have had a great time catching up on your blog. What a thrill I got when I saw your posts about us and baby Blake. I still can't believe that you and Amanda pulled an all-nighter the night he was born. I am sure the fact that you and so many others prayed for us meant that Blake's entrance into the world went so well. What a blessing for our family that so many kind and caring people have supported us and shared in our journey. It is so touching and appreciated more than you know.

Katherine's room looks lovely with the ornate decorative features on the wall. It sounds like this is the kind of weekend where you need a good book to pass away the hours.

I was so relieved to see that your blood work is looking better. Does that mean that you are feeling back to your normal self again??

Adventuras Palace sounds amazing and like the perfect spot for a honeymoon or a second honeymoon. I'll have to tell Troy all about it!!

Your 4th of July post was such a heartfelt post and you write it so well. It was a great read.

I love the post you did about the way we use words differently in our respective parts of the world. I remeber when Photochick did a post that mentioned bangs. I'd first heard this word on Oprah. Here in Australia we say "fringe" instead of bangs.

It's been wonderful to pop back in on you and see how you're going. I'm in the process of catching up with everyone's blogs, it's taking a little longer than I expected as I am exhausted by night time (this was when I used to spend the most time blogging). Anyway, I enjoy visiting everyone when I can at the moment.

Lots of love to you my friend

dani said...

hey, elise:)
i sent you an email!!!
when we say "fringe"...
it's the hair...
ps i really hope you are feeling MUCH better SOON!!!

Amanda said...

I hope you can handle all the excitement Dani!! Oh well, it will be worth it when Katherine's room is all finished. Is her whole room getting decorated? If you need any help Dani, i could send Ty and his team over to help ya!! he-he!
Take care my friend,
Amanda xx

Tabitha said...

Hi Dani ~ I have just nearly wet myself laughing when I read your reply to Elise ~ about a fringe ~ ha ha ha ~ A fringe here is what you must call 'bangs' over there ~ and you use fringe to describe some other hair tee hee (down there!!) ~ please god, if I ever visit the USA, don't let me EVER EVER go to the hairdressers and ask for my fringe cutting bahahahahah!!!!!! I couldn't cope with the embarassment!!
Katherines room looks fab ~ the colour that she has on the wall is the same pink as my bedroom curtains and blind ~ I love it!!
I am considering the livingroom make over ~ but want a bit of a rest first!!
My day has been uneventfull so far ~ just how I like it ha ha !!
love to you ~ Tabitha XXXXX

Tabitha said...

PS ~ I have tagged you over at my blog ~ come on over and take part!!
(if you want to!!!)

dani said...

amanda, the room is almost finished; so, you can send ty now:b

dani said...

tabitha, i'm afraid that if you asked for a trim on your fringe that an american hairdresser might get quite a laugh at your expense, LOL!!!
katherine hasn't decided what she wants to do with her walls, yet. i really hope she will decide to keep them as they are. if not, they will require quite a bit of sanding and preparation:? UGH!!!
have a good day:)

Christy said...

Painting is the worst. It always seems easy enough, but ends up taking way more time and energy than expected.

ann said...

I would be glad to get to the point of putting the paint on. Can't get past the cleaning up.

dani said...

hi, christy:)
painting can be pretty boring as well. however, you will be happy to know that the hubby painted it for me:D

dani said...

hi, ann:)
and, WELCOME!!! the cleaning is going to be a mess, and i am not looking forward to it at all!!! with drywall comes all the drywall dust that goes along with the sanding. but tomorrow's another day:b