Wednesday, July 23, 2008

summer breeze...

(me, at grandmommie's
standing in front of my dad's,
new, mustard-yellow monte carlo...
looking "sexky", of course:)

today has been a beautiful day on the lane. after, several days of heat indexes above 100 degrees, i walked out with maggie and could actually breathe. we walked out to the middle of the front yard, and there was actually a cool'ish breeze...

it was amazing!!!

it immediately took me back in time:)

i was standing on my grandmommie's front porch listening to seals and crofts' song, "summer breeze", coming from the stereo streaming through the screened windows.

i was twirling around the wrought iron that surrounded the porch...

"can we play 'mother-may-i'???"

"ok, let's play '1-2-3 red light', now:)

"let's make clover necklaces and bracelets...
i'll make a bracelet you make a necklace, ok..."

"show me how to get the honey
from the honey suckle again, please..."

"where are my foster grants???
do i look like a movie star, now???
am i sexky???"
(lol, i've always been sooooooooooooo "sexky"!!!)

i wished i was as old as my aunts
who played and played and NEVER said, "no"!!!

(i was the only child on my dad's side of the family for seven years!!! he had a BIG catholic family. i had six aunts, uncles, a cousin, and a grandmommie that were "all mine" for all those years... i was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo blessed!!!)

i wanted to go out on their dates with them. i wanted to wear their wedge heels (i wanted them to fit). i wanted to talk to my boyfriend on the rotary phone with the
looooonnnnnnnnggggggggggg cord (for privacy).
i wanted to be as "big" as they were!!!

they did a very good job at making me think i was one of them!!! they put their earrings in (i wanted pierced ears like they had soooooooo badly, but mom made me wait until i was 12!!!) they would paint my earrings on with their eye-shadow!!!

i had an incredible childhood
that comes back to me often...
and every time i feel summer breeze...
you know it does blow through the jasmine in my mind:)

what was your childhood like???
oh, how i hope it was 1/2 as good as mine!!!
i love you, my dear friends:D

love and blessings,
dani xx

ps...well, this will come as no shock to those of you who know me... i didn't get the room finished last night:/ i ran out of steam for the floors:b

***********pps... if you want to read the sweetest post EVER, click here!!!


Tabitha said...

Dani ~ your childhood sounds wonderful ~ Mine was just fantastic ~ very happy, carefree and relaxed ~ how I long for those days!!!
love you ~ Tabitha XXX

Amanda said...

I had a good childhood too, and yours sounds like lots of fun! If only we could go back, even just for a few hours!
See you later sexky!
Amanda xx

SuzanSayz said...

Dani, I remember a lot of the same things you do. My best memories were when I was over on the east side of Washington visiting my two Grandmas. I loved it so much that as soon as I graduated I moved over here from Seattle and I have never looked back. My chldhood in some ways was more sad than happy. I was probably my mom's least favorite child. She had eight to choose from so I guess someone had to be last. She would find fault with almost everything I would do. I probably was a handful, because I had such a vivid imagination and I was extremely creative and even then I didn't really have much fondness for rules. Fortunatly my Dad's Mother, my Grandma Brinkerhoff loved me most for the same things that my Mom disliked me for. I was in heaven when I was at her house. It was the one of the few times in my childhood that I actually ever felt truly loved and wanted. But don't be sad for me. I have managed to rise above it, and I even have a pretty good relationship with my mom now, in fact because of all the things I do for her now I think that I am now one of her favorites. And the funny thing is that after years of banging my head against the wall to try and get her acceptance, now that I have it I really don't care what she thinks of me.
Gee, sorry to pore out my heart instead of leaving a happy comment. I guess I must feel real comfortable with you.
Good thoughts:D

Kellan said...

Hi Dani - This post took me back to many years ago when I too played those games in the neighborhood with my friends until my parents called me in for the night - good times.

Nice to see you - take care - Kellan

Tanya said...

I have many fond memories of my childhood, Dani your childhood sounds wonderful!! Ah, the happy, carefree days of being a kid, sometimes I really do long for those days... sometimes!

Never mind about the room D!! it'll get done!

Isn't K's post just beautiful, definitely a keeper!

Hope you have a relaxing, cool! night!

Tanya xxx


you are very sexky indeed!!

Christy said...

I remember playing at the neighborhood park for hours. Hunting in the grass for snails after a summer storm. Playing hide and seek with my cousins.

I long for those carefree days too.

Jan said...

Your childhood sounds wonderful. I loved being with the family, but beyond that it was very tough for me. I was the teased to death one.

It's okay. I savor some people that I still am in contact with. I have my horses that I loved and dogs and cats. I was raised on a farm, so we had lots of animals and chores all summer. I actually did like that. But school days. Ugg.

Sounds like you were in heaven.

dani said...

that is wonderful, tabitha!!! i wouldn't mind (at times) to go back for just a bit, myself:)

dani said...

that's me, sexky, let me tell you!!! bahahahahaha!!!
God love me... i don't have a sexky bone in my body:b

dani said...

i am so happy you feel comfortable, suz:)
isn't it funny how things like that happen... my mom was/is a work-aholic!!! but, God made sure i had what i needed, plus. it sounds like the same thing with you and your grandmother.
as far as working hard to succeed in life, relationships, etc... the older i get, the more i realize that success (at least for me) comes with knowing God and being very content. i do, and i am:) the rest seems to fall into place.

dani said...

kellan, i loved playing with my neighborhood friends too when i got a little older. we rode bikes, played kick-ball, played sardines, played football... played, played, played!!!
those days were a lot of fun, too:)

dani said...

tanya, kenneth's post was amazing!!! i wonder where tania was when she read it??? i wonder if she needs her "virtual bridesmaids" to help her pick out a wedding dress, lol???
she said she wanted to wear one of her very own when she renews her vows:)
ps as i told amanda... i don't have a sexky bone in my body!!! tee-hee!!!

dani said...

christy, i spent a lot of time when i was younger playing with my friends... unsupervised!!! and, it was totally ok...
nothing is THAT carefree anymore:(
it's sad; but i don't like for katherine to be outside alone at nearly 16... it would be fun to go back and take her with me:)

dani said...

jan, kids can be so mean!!!
i hope that your adult life has more than made up for a lack-luster childhood!!!
as i told, suz, there were aspects of my life that weren't perfect either, but things seemed to always even out over time:) i certainly hope that they have for you...

Anonymous said...

Mine probably was 1/2 as good as yours.
It sounds so romantically fun! What great memories you got to relive through the breeze.

Have an easy breezy day

dani said...
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dani said...

you have a breezy day today, as well, jenn!!! btw... were you 1/2 as sexky as i was, too??? HAHAHAHAHAAA!!!

Little Sweethearts said...

Hi there Miss Sexky!

I left you a comment at lunch, but I don't know what happened to it, since it's not here!! (I was just checking if you had replied).

Anyway, this is what I wrote (sort of).

There are tears in my eyes again after reading your pps. Yes, it is just the sweetest post ever! I was at work when I read it, got all teary-eyed and called him immediately. I put him in the spotlight on my blog today.

I have some good childhood memories (being able to go to the library, check out the maximum books allowed and do nothing but read all day long), but also some bad ones (doesn't everybody?). What my children are missing out on is being able to play out on the street, something I was able to do as a kid (if my nose wasn't stuck in some book!).

Love and hugs,

Kendra said...

Dani I must agree w/everyone else, your childhood sounds wonderful. What a great post idea. May have to try it sometime myself! :)
I also had a wonderful childhood, I was very blessed. It is so amazing to be able to watch my own kids grow up now. I wonder what there memories will be....

dani said...

hey, tania:)
i read your spotlight on your dear k... what a special guy you married!!! he was sooooooooooo sweet to propose (for the 2nd time) the way he did... FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE!!! my goodness it must have been a very precious moment when you received it:D
ps i, too, had some not-so-good childhood memories, but none of those came from being at either of my grandmothers' homes:)

dani said...

i'm so happy you had a blessed childhood, kendra:D and, i, also wonder what katherine will take with her??? i hope it is mostly good!!!