Monday, July 21, 2008

life happens...

if there is one thing that i have learned
since i started blogging,
it is that life happens while doing so...

there have been many times
that i have virtually travelled to places
far from my life on the lane.

i've read of pain and sorrow...

i have felt very, very guilty
to return "home" to my story
of maggie's frito-smelling-feet.

or other times...

i will have done my daily read
and will have said prayers along the way
for those who are actually suffering
from the aforementioned pain or sorrow,
only to see (on my tracker)
that those who are suffering have visited me
and have read my petty post
about the lyrics of some random song.

i feel guilty then, too.

does it happen to you???

today, i'm feeling a little guilty
admitting that we spent a rather uncomfortable night
without air conditioning,
(it's fixed now)
and i slept with one of these:

(a reusable ice-pack that came in our igloo cooler)

between katherine and me.
it worked...
we made it through the night
as did john and maggie with the fan on them!!!

but, i wonder if it's ok to post about something so trivial on the heels of our community having lost one of its youth two nights prior??? is it ok to write about something so insignificant when around the world there are mothers and fathers who have lost their children, respectively... who no longer have a child to share an ice pack with on a hot and humid night???

i don't know...

i just know that life goes on,
and i cannot take for granted one single moment.

if you are reading and are hurting,
know this...

i can empathize with a lot;
i can sympathize with the rest,
and i do...

and i hope while i can write
light, sweet, and sometimes humorous posts
you can smile or laugh with me or even at me...
i hope that i am able to take your mind off
that which is making you sad..
if only for a moment:)

love and blessings,
dani xx


Allikaye's Mama said...

You have such a sweet and kind heart!! I tagged you!

Little Sweethearts said...

Your post today makes me think of Sheye and Ava. Though she has been through so much, she still blogs about her everyday life and while doing so she affects the life of so many others. When she blogs about Ava my heart aches for her and the future that should have been. When she blogs about Ivy or the boys a smile appears on my face.

If Sheye hadn't done so, if there had been no Ava, then no Superprincess magic would have spread and we would never have found each other, nor would I have found any of my other bloggy friends. Perhaps the people come to your blog because they know they'll find a little distraction, something to smile about and to realise that life goes on.

Perhaps they may meet other people through your blog who can support them and help them carry the weight they have on their shoulders.

Don't feel guilty Dani. You may bring more comfort through blogging than you realise.


Tabitha said...

Dani ~ What a truly lovely post that was ~ and it definitly made me think!!
I remember when my Dad died ~ my whole life just stopped ~ yet the sun still rose and went down again and the world kept on spinning around me. That is just the way it is I suppose!!
I know that there have been many many times ~ since I first met you, that I have felt sadness, upset and grief even ~ and you have never failed to make me smile and feel better ~ through the fun, laughter and happiness in your blog!!
The world goes on ~ and I am sure that Katherines friend would not want it any other way.
My heart is with you all at the moment ~ and you are in my thoughts and prayers ~ loss is never easy ~ I have been there many times and the pain never truly goes away ~ it just gets easier to live with.
Love and hugs to you all ~ XXXXX

Amanda said...

Life does indeed go on. I see alot of misery at work at times, i feel bad, but on the same hand i go home, I appreciate my family more, but it isn't long before i start complaining about the petty things in life, like the house being untidy etc...
Life is short, so we have to live or life to the full.
Your blog brings me alot of joy and i look forward to reading about all the things that happen in your life. Including Maggie and your A/C!
Sending a big hug your way,
Amanda xxxx

Jan said...

You are wonderful Dani. I prayed for your friends and daughter last night. I hope all is well.

Robin said...

Don't ever feel bad Dani about your posts. They uplift us all. You can't change who you are (and none of us would want you to anyway!) so keep those wonderful posts coming!

SuzanSayz said...

Dani, this was such a sweet post. Bless you for feeling this way. But you know the beauty of life is just that. Things happen, sometimes horrible, sad, unexpected things, as what happened to Katherines friend, and consequently to Katherine and all of you. And sometimes incredibly happy and wonderous things happen. But it seems to me that whether it is a heartbreaking event or a joyous life affirming one, that the first thing we want to do is to share it with others. And that is the utter beauty of life. We have each other. Women always find ways to connect. And in our world that we live in now, there is so much disconnect even between families, that it is no surprise that we have created something so lovely as blogging. I never thought that I would know This really cool chick from Kentucky. I never expected to start up a friendship with someone all the way across the world in Austrailia. But I did. And you have too. we build our own communities and they nurture and support us. And it really brings peace and comfort knowing that we have this great Sisterhood of women that we can always lean on. Wow, sorry for the sermon. I just hope and pray that everyone affected in this young innocent girl's death can find comfort.

Anonymous said...

God using King Soloman wrote in Ecclesiastes: there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven:

A time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to kill and a time to heal, a time tear down and a time to build, a time to WEEP and a time to LAUGH, a time to mourn and a time to dance, a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them, a time to embrace and a time to refrain, a time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away, a time to tear and a time to mend, a time to be silent and a time to speak, a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace.

Love you!
Anonymous d

Kendra said...

You said what I have been feeling lately. You are such a wonderful lady. I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for such a great post.

PhotoChick said...


Your wonderful posts are the kind that make all of us smile. Everyone needs a blog like yours to read. If we've had the most embarrassing thing EVER happen, we know you'll understand (and laugh with/at us); if we've had a great day, we have a friend to share in the joys. If we've had a bad day, you're there to make it all better; when someone's world seems to stop with sadness, we know you'll be right there to get things spinning again.

Everyone will have "good" days & "bad". And just because your crummy day may not be nearly as bad as the day someone else had, that doesn't mean that you didn't have a yucky day! And it's important to blog/write/talk about these days as well as every day.

If you stopped writing about bad days unless they were REALLY terrible, you'd eventually end up going to the extreme on the other side as well. Not writing about the good days unless they were fairy-tale-magical, happily-ever-after-wonderfully perfect days.

Think back to when you were a young woman graduating high school. Wasn't that the best time of your life?!!! How awful would it be to think, "Well, there are hundreds of thousands of other kids graduating... And there are so many that are smarter than me... Others who have come through so much more than I have to get here... Eh, I guess it's not that big'a deal."

Think further back to your first time to drive a car... your first sleepover... your first best friend... your first show-n-tell...

How awful would it be to think that all these things are vastly unimportant in the great scheme of things? They ARE important! Even if it's to just one person for but a moment in time.

That's why it's so important to blog/write/talk about everything! You never know when something completely insignificant can turn into something HUGE later in life. (Like finding out that you actually met your future husband at some point in your very young adult years... something like that)

Don't ever feel guilty about your wonderful posts. People come to your blog & get a lot of joy, happiness, and laughter (even tears from laughter!) from your site.

Dani, I LOVE the way & what you write. The laughs, joys, insight, & forgotten memories I get from you & your daughter's blogs are priceless. It's so wonderful to read someone who's (literally) so close to home for me.

I live vicariously though blogs that I love. Perhaps that's wrong to do, but it's true! When I read of Maggie's frito-feet, I can almost smell them (and giggle at the thought of smelling your puppy's feet!)... But I do understand why you feel the way you do.

Remember that first & foremost, this blog is for you and your family. Even if no one else were to ever read it again, it will be a treasure to you, your daughter, & even future generations. The fact that so many others love your blog is just icing on the cake!

Just one last thing, then I'll stop yammering on & on. Don't EVER stop blogging about your life's happenings!!

Take care & God Bless.

My Love Always,

ps - I'm sorry your AC broke, but I'm SO glad it's fixed now!!! Especially with the scorcher we had today... Whew-WE!

pps - I had this huuuge long, perfect comment ALL written... when my computer went & upchucked - yeah, I lost it all! Grrr...! So I tried to the best of my ability to remember it exactly as I had written it before. I'll be back if I remember something I forgot though! Haha! Love ya!

dani said...
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dani said...
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dani said...

thank you all, again:D

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am up watching Monk - what are you doing awake?
Anonymous d

E and T said...

Hi Dani

What a reflective post. You are such a compassionate and empathetic person and that shines through all of the time.

Through blogging we can support each other through good times and bad times.

Dani, you have no reason to feel guilty. You document your thoughts, about your life, your world. You provide so many of us with joy and happiness through your daily posts.

You leave heartfelt comments for people, send emails and let people know that you are thinking of them and praying for them. You genuinely care about others and this is evident through your actions. You are always there to support other people, make their day brighter and send love their way. You ar a truly Beauty Full person.

Lots of love

Lucy said...

Dani, I was introduced to the land of bloging through Shey's. Elise told me about her suffering and we had heard of the tragedy through the news on T.V and newspaper. It is true that her sad blogs do make me cry and words are totally inadiquate to soothe her broken heart. But the insperation that I take from her is that she still tries to blog the everyday occurances in her life. She is truly a very special lady. I am grateful to her that I have also found all you wonderful people to share my ordanary but gratefull life with you. So Dani, please continue with all your wonderfull and funny thoughts. We can still be mindfull of other's suffering and keep them in our prays.
Love and extra Hugs for Katherine.

Purple Teacup said...

This is why I read your blog. You are a kindred spirit.