Wednesday, July 2, 2008

the best...

you all are the best!!!

(a "sheye sun flare"... totally by accident, HA!!!)

when katherine and hannah got their blogs up and going on saturday, they were kind of at a loss about with whom they were going to blog... i wasn't sure either.

i don't know how many 15 year-old bloggers there are out there???

it didn't matter, though. many of you took them under your wings and have blogged with them...

thank you, thank you, thank you!!!



(savannah... e&t's first born, baby girl:)

i know many of you are keeping up with "project baby-watch"...
well, unless something has changed (ie labor), elise will go in at 7am (aussie time 4pm this afternoon kentucky time) to be induced. please keep her in your thoughts and prayers:)

she posted pictures of her family's last day as three if you'd like to go and wish her well...


many have asked how i am feeling???

you are the best!!! (have i already said that???)

i am feeling MUCH better. i was supposed to go monday for blood work and a doctor's appointment. however, the doctor's office called, and i will have to reschedule. it's a holiday week here in the us (july 4th)...

but, i AM better:)

thank you!!!


that's all for right now...

i hope you are all having a beauty-filled day!!!

love and GOD'S blessings,
dani xx


Tabitha said...

When I saw thw baby photo I was panicking that I had missed a post about Elise having mini (ha ha!!).
It is so great that we are all in different parts of the world and we are all waiting anxiously for one little boy to arrive ~ it is so exciting!!!
I am so glad that you are much better and feeling well.
Katherine and Hannah are great little 'bloggers' and I have really enjoyed reading both their blogs!!
love and hugs to you ~ Tabitha XXX

dani said...

ha!!! no... just new born sav... it is exciting and soooooooo NOT my story to tell. but, it's the last thing i think about when i go to sleep and the first i think about when i awake. that's crazy; i know:b i just can't help myself!!!
kat and han are having a really good time blogging. i think it's really good for them... writing is definitely a skill they will need for the next 8 years +++.
take care of your arm, t!!! i hope it is feeling better:)

Little Sweethearts said...

Just wanted to let you know (if you didn't already) that Elise is off to the hospital. I'm so curious what the name of Mini Boy Blue will be!


Tanya said...

It makes me so happy to hear you are feeling better D!
It has been fun reading Katherine & Hannah's blogs! Katherine left a comment on my blog yesterday, she is her mother's daughter, bless her beautiful heart! I can't wait to hear of Mini's arrival, it is so exciting as you said!

Have a beauty full evening,

Tanya xxx

p.s your girls are just gorgeous, love the sun flare :)

dani said...

thank you, tania:) i don't know what his name will be, but i am looking forward to the reveal!!!

dani said...

hi, tanya:) lol, i typed sunburst??? i meant sun flare... tee-hee, i changed it.
God love her, katherine is her mother's daughter!!! she and hannah are really enjoying blogging. thank you again:D

PhotoChick said...

I don't know how many 15-year-old bloggers there are out there either, but I'd say your girls are a couple of the best! I've been keeping up with them, and they're both doing an excellent job (might wanna let them know how awful I am about commenting though, so they don't think that I don't like them or what they're writing. I absolutely do! I'm just horrible about leaving comments :oP)

And I'm super glad that you're feeling well! Obviously well enough to take awesome pics a-la-Sheye (*sigh* if I had one photography wish, it would be that I could take pictures like that woman!)

Oh, I cannot WAIT to read about and see little Mini Boy Blue... Out of the loop without my computer, I'll be scampering off to my hubby's garage at all hours to check up on any new info about Mini. Would you just mind calling me whenever you find out anything? Haha! Kidding... kinda!

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods - much love to you & yours, take care and God Bless!


Jan said...

Glad your feeling better Dani. That is always good news.

My daughter blogs. She is 10 though. They might think that is way to young. But her site is

She would comment with them. She likes that part too.

Take care. Jan

dani said...

hey, amanda...
all is good on the lane:) that photo is NOT even close to one of sheye's, LOL!!! the sun flare that i originally called a "sun burst" as i said was a total accident, ha!
thank you for reading the girls' post. whether you comment or not they can at least see a traffic feed. i think they've done a pretty good job, too. i just want them to enjoy it:)
i hope you have a great holiday weekend!!!

dani said...

hi, jan:)
thank you; i will let them know. you are so sweet for thinking of them!!!

dani said...

ps amanda, i think in sheye's "sun flares" you can actually see the rays... and not just a light spot, ha!!!