Saturday, July 19, 2008

doggone tired...

(maggie trying to keep her little eyes open
long enough to catch a little general hospital;)

well, d-day saw a whole truck load of treasures go to the dump!!!

in the process i have completely cleaned out a whole room in my house,


the room started out as an office for when i did contract work.
it was then turned into katherine's nursery.
lastly, it was a guest bedroom
and where the cats hung out most of the time.

right now, as i said, it is empty...

completely empty!!!

however, katherine has her dibs on it;
and, as soon as i finish painting it
(yes, "finish", as in i've already started on it:)
it is going to be a den.

the "kat den" to go with the
"kat cave" (a term of endearment katherine and her friends call her room).
the two rooms are separated by katherine's bathroom
(i guess we could refer to it as the "kat loo",lol...
which i am also going to paint.

i hope to have all three rooms finished by monday or tuesday.
the painting shouldn't take long;
but i also want to clean the hard wood really well
before moving furniture back into the "kat den".
and the tile in the "kat loo" could use a little elbow grease
as well!!!

i will tell you what...
this is by far the most i've done in a long time.

and, i'm tired!!!

doggone tired!!!

but, it is a good tired:D

love and blessings,
dani xx


Lucy said...

Hi Dani,
While I was watching that video my thoughts went to, "no, not the dog". You had mentioned that you had completely cleaned out whole room. You must have done a great job as you were pleased with your achievments. Good on you. Sounds like Katherine would like the kat den as well as the kat loo and the kat cave. Why not, growing girls need all the room they can acquire.
I am up late tonight as I have just figured out how to add a few features to my blog.

Jan said...

Cute dong for sure.

I am so proud of your accomplishment. YOU GO!!.. I am right there with you. I can't wait to keep going. I am sore today, that is how fast and furious I am making this time to get dejunked while the family is a way. You motivate me. Thanks.

Have fun and good luck with the wood floors. Yes we are Martha Stewart Divas, only nicer right.

SuzanSayz said...

Busy, busy, busy, that is you! I actually have a little home improvement project of my own going on right now. We have lived in our new house 3 years now and I have never really done anything with my bathroom. So I am doing it now. I would be more specific, but I imagine I will probably blog about it when I am all done, and, you know how positively WORDY I can be. so I will just say for now, GOOD FOR YOU DANI!!!!
Keep it up, you are inspiring me!

Hannah said...

Hopefully it won't be too hard of work. Painting is one of those things that I tend to have a love/hate relationship with... I can't wait to get it done because of the final outcome, but then I hate having to go and do it alone:/
If you need any help with it, you know where to fine me :D


Little Sweethearts said...

I hope there won't be any 'katfights' over this room :)


Tabitha said...

Oh Dani ~ Maggie is just the cutest pooch ever ~ she definitly looked a bit tired!!
The room make over sounds great and I cannot wait until you have finished and we can have a peek!!
I love the idea of the Kat cave, loo and den!!
Hope you get to relax a bit sometime this weekend.
love and hugs ~ Tabitha XXXX

Amanda said...

Maggie must have been busy helping, as she looks really tired too!! It's a hard life being Maggie:)
I bet it feels good now that the job is on it's way to being done.
Don't work too hard tomorrow!
Amanda xx

dani said...

miss lucy, if maggie goes to the dump, so do i!!! i came over and checked out your new features; they are AWESOME!!!
katherine should have a pretty good set-up once we are finished. i think she's just looking forward to getting back into her bed:)

dani said...

thank you, jan;) we think she's pretty cute, too (as if you cannot tell;)!!! i'm a little sore myself... muscle aches where i didn't know i had muscles, HA!!! and, yes, we are MUCH nicer versions of the original:b

dani said...

hi, suz:) i'm looking forward to seeing your "before" and "after" on your "loo"!!!
hope you're having a good saturday:D

dani said...

hey, hawnz:) i was asleep when you left... so, "see you later, hawnzy", lol!!! i'm getting ready to head back into the den as i am all coffeed up now:b

dani said...

hey, tania:) so far so good!!! no kat-fights here...
sweet dreams:D

dani said...

thank you, tab:) that little maggie pie is ALWAYS tired, lol:D i will take photos when i am finished. i cannot believe i didn't take any before, but i didn't think about it:S
hope your weekend is off to a good start!!!

dani said...

it does feel good, amanda:) hopefully a couple of more days, and it will be good-to-go!!!
sleep tight...

Anonymous said...

LOL...not only do you wake your husband up for a great post, but your poor cute puppy too!

So funny.

You're rockin' the house with all your projects lately. Great job!

Christy said...

Cleaning and painting? That sounds like way too much work for me. Good luck!

dani said...

how about maggie cutting her eye at me through her ear hair, jenn!!! i totally cracked up... and john totally agreed that blogging is hard on the sleepers around here:b
ps the housework is coming along:D

dani said...

christy, you wouldn't have to worry about it because you are so good at not hoarding. i'm going to be better!!!

caitlin said...

Wow. Cleaning out an entire room? That's tough work. I'm going to clean/paint mine in a few weeks and while I'm looking forward to the brand spanking new cleanliness of it all, I certainly don't want to actually DO the work.

Be sure to post pics of the final product!!

dani said...

a WHOLE room, caitlin!!! and, i emptied it all by myself (including breaking down the bed, matress, box springs, etc...
i will post when all is completed:D

Dana said...

What is going on up there???? I don't visit your blog for a few days and you are painting and cleaning out??? Lord, I thought you were talking about the basement at first!!! I can't wait to see the new paint! Go! Go! Go!!!!! love, d

Wendi said...

Welcome to the world of projecting. :) Well, I guess I shouldn't say it that way. You and my hubby are the ones doing all the projecting, I'm just the little old keeper of the kids, cleaner of the house, and maker of the meals... :) I actually did get up on the roof the other night - while a thunder storm was blowing in no less - and helped put tar paper on the roof. I know - I so rock! :)
Just got caught up on your posts. Trips into your head are always entertaining, humorous, and enlightening. :) Love my visits here. :)