Friday, July 18, 2008

my take...

yesterday's post was a little different from most of my posts. but, i became intrigued with the meaning of come on eileen last week when i co-guest blogged with robin's brother over at party of five.

he brought up "come on eileen" and without meaning to... challenged me.

i didn't realize until commenting on his post that his problem with come on eileen was not really that he couldn't figure out the meaning of the lyrics so much as he couldn't understand much more than "johnnie ray" when listening to the song!!! it is true, that is about all that is understandable when listening without knowing the actual lyrics:b

those of you wondering who johnnie ray is, here you go:

most of the mono-toned johnnie ray hits are about crying...

my take on the song is basically a conglomeration of all your thoughts...

unless... jan is right and eileen is a drug!!!
could be...

(i mean sammy davis, jr.'s candy man was no candy man at all.
he was a drug dealer, for heaven's sake!!!)

the following is my comment to weith kick, robin's brother...

"come on eileen"???

the guy is totally trying to get lucky with eileen!!!

he's just throwing out some nostalgic stuff about johnnie ray

and their (his and eileen's) mamas and daddies.

and then he's building up their impending romantic encounter

by telling her that they are going to together rise above

their current set of circumstances!!!

anyway, that's my two cents, ha!!!


love and blessings,

dani xx


Amanda said...

Dani, I used to do some extra shifts in our local Nursing Home (for the frail elderly and dementia patients ) And that was the type of song that would be playing in the background. All the time. For the duration of my 12 hour shift!!!
Thanks for sharing your views on the meaning of the song.
It was a fun post!
Amanda xx

Tabitha said...

Great to hear your take on the song!!
It is funny how you can have heard a song a million times, and not even thought twice about what it means!!!
Hope you have a fabulous friday and a relaxing weekend!!
Love and hugs Tabitha XXXXX

Jennifer H said...

Somehow I missed your Thurs. post.

I love that song, and a long time ago googled the lyrics. I have it on CD and listen to it frequently.

Happy Weekend!

dani said...

johnnie ray is definitely nursing home music, amanda, LOL!!!

dani said...

i don't think before looking up the lyrics that i could have told you any of the words with the exception of "come on eileen", tabitha. but, i certainly listened to it and watched it A LOT on mtv back in the day:b

dani said...

i love it, too, jenn!!! katherine just rolled her eyes when i played it for her... i guess you just would have had to have been there... hah!!!

Little Sweethearts said...

All I ever understood except for Come on Eileen was probably 'dress' and 'tooraloora'!


Robin said...

Soo...The Candy Man isn't about actual candy? It's about drugs? My entire childhood perception has been altered irrevocobly.

Robin said...

Oh yeah, I told Keith to come check out your post! :-)

SuzanSayz said...

Isn't it funny how a song with almost incomprehensible lyrics can be so good, and everyone loves it but not one could recite so much as one complete line. And even funnier when we try to sing along with a song we do not know the lyrics to. The toolah, roohla's I knew. And also "we are far to young and clever. And of course the "poor old Johnny Rae" There might me a few more snippets that I had managed to decipher, but basically the song was a complete mystery to me. Thanks Dani, for a really good and thought-provoking post!!!
Oh and a bit of a PS, I loved the video too.

SuzanSayz said...

I guess another PS is in order. I couldn't help myself I just had to go watch the video one more time (so very accommodating of you to post it!) And the thought suddenly occurs, why on earth isn't Eileen wearing THAT DRESS????

dani said...

sorry about that, robin... sammy davis, jr. was no mr. rogers:(

dani said...
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dani said...

suz, i think it's really funny to read actual lyrics... the words i sang made no sense (i just chalked it up to what jan said, "drugs"???)!!! lol:D
and, i thought the very sam thing about the dress NOT being in the video??? go figure; it's one of the few words in the song that's actually audible!!!

dani said...

i'm with you, tania... sadly, even when i follow the lyrics, i cannot understand much of what they are singing, lol!!!

Weith Kick said...

Dani! Thanks for the Come On Eileen lesson! One of these days I'll google the lyrics to satisfy my curiosity.

LiteralDan said...

What I take away from this post and the last one is... that song being stuck in my head for the next week, minimum.

Could be a lot worse. At least it deserves to be catchy.