Saturday, July 26, 2008

does your computer make you hot???

(the culprit!!!)

i have been sure that i have been getting ready
to go through the change of life
ever since i was ill in may...
i kept having "hot-flash" type episodes!!!
i would be sitting here with my laptop,
and all the sudden i would break a sweat???
(which is very unusual for me...
as i am ALWAYS cold!!!)

anyway, my friend, r, had blogged from the library
several weeks ago that she thought
her computer had "bit it"!!!
when she finally was able to post again,
she said that her hard drive was fine.
the problem was that her mother board had overheated.
(in other words, the mother had cooked!!!)
she mentioned that she needed to purchase a chill pad
for her laptop.

well, i have had my chill pad for my last three laptops.
(i love it; it came from sharper image,
but for some reason they no longer carry them...)
i assumed that my computer was not putting off heat
given that i was using it...

(that is NOT how it works;)

a couple of days ago, i left my computer on,
open (i hardly ever leave it open while unattended),
and sitting on the chill pad on katherine's bed.
i left it long enough to start supper.
when i returned,
katherine's mattress was extremely warm
all around where my laptop was sitting.

i quickly discerned that it was NOT "hot flashes" i've been having;
it was my dang laptop putting out enough heat
to heat a small room!!!

(as i sit typing right now...
i have small beads of perspiration on my top lip.
it ONLY happens when i'm on my laptop for like 3 or 4 hours at a time.
i suppose it could be a sign
that i'm spending a wee bit too much time
on the ole laptop, huh???)

so, with that... i'm signing off to go wash my face and brush my teeth:D
have a great day!!!

love and blessings,
dani xx

ps here are a few more shots of my "sweet" chill pad...
if you ever find one, buy it!!!
you will be so happy you did:D


Jan said...

I have never heard of laptop hot flashes before. ;)

That is great that at least you took care of that problem. I don't have a lap top. So I wouldn't know.

I get hotflashes without that problem. That is really a cool chill pad. Love it. I will remember that.

Have a great day Dani.

SuzanSayz said...

Thank you for the informative post Dani. I don't use a laptop. My daughter Courtney has one though and I will have to point this out to her. Her room is already the hottest in the house. She gets the direct sun in the morning and the air conditioning vent is in her ceiling (how stupid of the builders) so most the cool air coming in stays right up there. She is always in there with the door closed when she is doing most anything but especially when on her laptop. I wonder how many of those chillers are available on e-bay. Hmmm, further research.

Hannah said...

If we had had one of these on the drive, maybe our "laptop" wouldn't be dying a very slow and painful death...
I do really like your chill pad, definitely compared to Katherine's! I'm using it right now, and it's falling all over me ;]


Anonymous said...

I love smart people who invent smart things.
Maybe you're just typing so dang fast that you're working up a sweat?

Amanda said...

You are too young for hot flushes Dani!! I'm glad you found the cause and the solution to these hot flushes :D hahaha!
Hope you have a good weekend and not too many flushes!!!
Amanda xx

Tabitha said...

Hi Dani ~ my laptop does get a bit hot at times ~ like you said ~ only if I sit here on it for a few hours!! I have never heard of those chill pads ~ they sound great ~ I will have to look on line and see where I can get one ~ as they are probably a wise investment!!
love and hugs XXXXX

Tanya said...

Dani, my laptop gets rather hot, but seeing as it's cold it's great it's keeping me nice & warm LOL!! I never heard of those chill pads! will have to check that out, but just not yet, I'll wait until it gets warmer!!

have a fab Sunday,

lots of love,
Tanya xxxx


how are you feeling btw?

Tanya said...

Dani, how do i get these awards onto my blog? i've tried but i'm technically challenged LOL!

Tanya xxx

Christy said...

My laptop gets really hot sometimes too. Except only my legs feel hot - not my entire body.

Weith Kick said...

Chill pad? Never heard of it. But I have heard that men shouldn't use a laptop on their lap because it could lead to a low sperm count. I don't know if that's true or not. I hope it's okay that I said sperm on your comments.

Lucy said...

Hi Dani,
I think with this problem of overheating (the laptop not you) you may need more iced teas to keep you going. What a wonderful Daughter Katherine is to help out and earn a bit of pocket mony along the way. Seriously though, it does not sound vary safe to run a loptop for too long.
Hope you had a great weekend.
Love and Hugs to you all.

E and T said...

Hi Dani

Who would have thought that a laptop could make you feel so hot. I have rarely used one and didn't know about this and I have never heard of the chill pads. What causes the heat to radiate from the laptop?

When I was reading about your disappearing iced tea glasses I was thinking you may need to invest in sippy cups. Sav has a heap and those things will survive at the hands of your beautiful Katherine. If they can survive Miss Savanna they can survive anything.

Lauren's gifts to you are amazing. I love that she took the time to create and hand craft gifts for you and Maggie. What a brilliant job she did on the suncatcher. This is such a beautiful pressie.

I was so excited to click onto your video of Maggie and hear your voice. What a treat.

Lots of love and hugs

dani said...

lol, jan!!! leave it to me to educate you on the subject:b if you ever get a laptop make sure you also get a chill pad, though because they really do over-heat:D
have a great day!!!

dani said...

HA!!! you are sooooooooooo welcome, suz;b
about the chill pads... they really do extend the life of laptops... i don't know about ebay; but, i bought katherine's from walmart online.
honestly, hers is not nearly as nice as mine (i just couldn't find another like mine); but it works. i bought 2 and took one to my friend dana!!!
i think i just thought that the pad was absorbing the heat. when in actuality, the pad only allows the heat to escape (hence causing my hot flash;).

dani said...

hawnz, i think it's because katherine is missing the top to one of her risers...

dani said...

jenn, katherine can type 135 wpm (without mistakes)!!! me... maybe 30, HA!!! i don't think it's that:b i hope your sunday is a great one!!!

dani said...

hi, amanda:)
i thought i was too young, too. but, i couldn't figure out any other good reason for having the "flushes"!!! i'm glad i figured it out as well. plus, it lets me know that i either need to set the ac to a lower temperature or give the laptop an occasional rest:b

dani said...

hey, tabitha:D
they are definitely a VERY wise investment!!! walmart online has them. they are just not like the one i use:( i haven't checked sharper image's site lately. but, truly this is the best one i've ever seen. ebay may, have them???
the reason i say they are such a wise investment is that do save your mother board in your laptop from frying:)

dani said...

hey, t:) i know it feels good on a cold day, but you might want to trade it in on an electric throw (lap-blanket) because if it gets too warm, it will cook your mother board or worse. the chill pads are a must:D
otherwise, stay warm and have a great monday, tanya!!!

dani said...

christy, i have found that i feel so hot because (i'm on waaaaaaaay too long at a time), and, with the chill pad, the heat escapes and rises right up to my face:S, HA!!!

dani said...

no problem, keith!!! i'm just glad you stopped by and commented. you may have just kept one of my readers from having to go the fertility doctor route:D
laptops really do put out a lot of heat, and chill pads are the best answer!!! i don't know why they are not advertised more (at all???).

dani said...

hi, miss lucy:)
i have had a pretty good weekend thus far, thank you:D katherine is trying, and i am drinking iced coffee between typing (out of one of my lone glasses, tee-hee)...
without a chill pad, you are right, it's not a good thing to use a laptop for an extended period of time!!! and with a pad, one just needs to be prepared with something cold to drink!!!
love to you sweet lady,

dani said...

hi, elise:)
every laptop i have had has had an exhaust fan located on the bottom... that is from where the heat comes. and, that is why a chill pad is so important. as i said, my friend r's over-heated and cooked her mother board. i would assume worse could happen???
sippie cups are an option. lol, many mommy bloggers have offer up that bit of advice. however, john may not care much for that idea, bahahahahahaaaa!!!
that would make for a great picture and blog idea, though:b
lauren's sun catcher is just darling!!! and, yes, she did an incredible job making it. i just love it:)
how about my voice on the maggie clip??? HAHA!!! that is what i sound like talking to babies and animals!!! darling, huh???
have a marvelous monday!!!