Wednesday, April 9, 2008

america gives back...

after watching american idol's, "america gives back"... i was wondering if you know what your passion is in the life you've been given... is it giving money allotted out to various charities such as idol does; or is it more personal or specific than that??? is your passion your family, friends, a fine art, etc...??? or, is it giving to a specific cause like aids' relief in africa, the Christian children's fund, hurricane relief, or funding for books to help to eradicate illiteracy in kentucky, etc...???

(btw, not all of kentucky, usa is illiterate!!!)

i learned what my passion was about 8 years ago... it is learning more about and sharing GOD's word... i, also, strongly believe in HEIFER PROJECT INTERNATIONAL (giving gifts that keep on giving:)...

i love passion.
i love altruism.
i love, love, love learning and sharing the WORD.
i love literacy.


Moonpie said...

Hey , you spelled literacy wrong.
Kidding. You know I love Heifer Project International! Just saw a documentary on it last week. The gift that keeps on giving!

dani said...

you are sooooooooooooooo funny, d:b btw, i know i spelled it correctly because i used spell check!!! bahahahahahahahaaa:D
when did you get home from the keys???