Thursday, April 24, 2008

my puppy-dogger has ocd...

(registered: "sister mary magdelena": aka MAGGIE)

yesterday morning i loaded a very excited maggie into the jeep and took her to spend the day at the vet. when i walked into the lobby the receptionist asked what i needed them to do.

i proceeded, "she needs to be updated on her shots, her claws need to be trimmed, anal glands squeezed (i know, ICK!!!), and she has a spot on her eye that i want dr. nichols to check..."
"ok, we'll take care of that for you. what time will you be back to pick her up?" the receptionist asked.
"around 2:30, if that will be ok," i replied.
she nodded.

i looked down; maggie was still very excited to be there... WITH ME. i took her leash off so the technician could take her back to one of the kennels. after i unhooked her, she realized i was leaving her. if you've ever seen the look puss in boots gives in the shrek movies you will know the pitiful look she was giving me. animals really know how to do it to you:/

(yep, that was the look only in canine...)

anyway, i bent down, and she gave be a big, wet, sloppy kiss on the forehead. off she went looking back at me after every other step she took. i left dr. nichols' office with a very heavy heart. other than when i had her spayed, she's never spent a day away from home unless she was with us.
yes, she is spoiled:b

at 2:30 on the dot, i returned to get my little maggie-doodle!!!

after the technician handed her to me, she explained that my little darling was NOT kennel-boarding material. she told me that her breed, the king charles spaniel, is known for having obsessive compulsive disorder and that maggie definitely showed all signs. (i guess that's why she will only eat her food and drink her water if her food bowl is on the right and water bowl on the left, she will only jump up on the bed from the far side, refuses to walk in the grass if it is too high or wet, etc...)

bottom line... my baby hadn't drunk, eaten, nor pottied all day:[ i felt like a horrible mother. further, she smelled so bad she could hardly stand herself (no, REALLY, i can tell these things, ROTFL!!!) the good LORD knows i could hardly stand the smell either!!!

we left the clinic; and, i took my parched pup to mcdonalds and got her a water and me a diet coke (of course). she drank over half of her cup before coming up for a air poor thing!!!

as soon as we got home i went into my closet to change my clothes. she of course followed me. i looked back to see that she had gotten into my shower. she wanted a bath (true story). i knew she couldn't stand the smell of the kennel on her body; and i was right. needless to say, i gave her a bath and some peanut butter for a treat. finally, she was one happy camper. and my little happy camper hasn't been detached from me since i picked her up yesterday (except for when i took kat to school this morning).

ocd??? yep, i can believe that:D

love and blessings,


Tabitha said...

Oh dani ~ your little poochie is just sooooo cute!!! That little face could melt my heart.
I hope she is a bit happier now ~ she obviously loves you very very much ~
love and hugs to you (and maggie too).
Tabitha XX

dani said...

tabitha, she is pretty sweet; and yes, she melts my heart on a daily basis (and she's very aware she has that ability)!!! tee-hee...
she is extremely happy to be home, groomed, and to have had me all to herself, today:b
love and hugs from me... d xx
and a big, sloppy, puppy-dogger kiss from maggie!!!

PhotoChick said...

I think that is the funniest animal story I have EVER heard! I hope little miss OCD isn't scarred for life! Watch out - she may make you give her like 10 more baths before she's ok! Tell Maggie-Doodle that she has me as a friend in OCD ;o) I'm OCD about a few things myself.

Oh, and I'll go ahead and answer your 'birthing ball' question while I'm here! - It looks like one of those big 'ole exercise balls (I think I've also heard it called a yoga ball?) I seriously think they're the exact same things... Anyway it was supposed to help me 'progress' ... it did not! Next time I swear I'm pre-ordering that epidural!

Thanks for the laughs on poor Maggie's behalf! Hope you're having an absolutely lovely day! Much love and God Bless

dani said...

hey amanda...
that birthing ball thing was definitely a new one for me, lol!!!
but, i'm an old-timer, now:b
yes, maggie definitely has her moments. who would have ever thought that anything ocd would live in our house??? with us all being so laid back, she's pretty darn funny to live with and watch...
i hope you are having a lovely afternoon as well, though i think it's about to rain at least on this side of the bridge.
love and blessings,
dani xx

Allikaye's Mama said...

Oh! I hate taking my spoiled, Tre dog to the vet! The phrase "pupy dog eyes" is so true!! That made me laugh about the bath! :0)

dani said...

she knew she smelled like ick!!! it WAS so funny to see her just standing there in my shower. she went from "ick" to ginger and lime in less than 30 minutes and was a much happier baby:b
love and blessings,
d xx

E and T said...

Now that's one special dog.

I remember when I had to leave my dog, Chandler, at the vet for some minor surgery. Chandler also gave me that look, the one that makes you think: I can't leave him here, he won't survive without me. The one that makes you want to spoil them rotten when you get them home.

Needless to say, I drove home from the vet bluberring away, wondering how my little dog was coping. Of course when I picked him up, he was fine.

How am I ever going to be if Savanna gives me one of those looks??

Robin said...

That is hysterical, poor little thing! I'll be thinking of Maggie when I have to take Baxter and Daisy back to the vet next week for their teeth cleaning..They have to stay all day since they'll be anestisized. Yuck.

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

I know this is a sad thing about your poor doggy but I nearly wet my pants laughing. And as for the anal gland squeezing...too funny! My sister has the same thing done to her pooch.

Our poor dog hasnt had a bath for about 6 months. It's not that we don't love her, I'm just a bit lax in the upkeep!


Amanda said...

Aw, what a cute dog. When i was growning up my parents always had cocker spaniels. You can't be cross with them , they just look at you and your heart melts.:-)

Love Amanda x

(Came across your blog through Tabitha at twinkle twinkle, hope you don't mind me stopping by)

dani said...

maggie reminds me a lot of the cocker... she's just much smaller; and her hair has a different texture. she feels like velvet.
dani xx