Wednesday, April 2, 2008

john is the center of our universe...


"dad, mom and i were wondering..." katherine started.
"no, there's no mom involved!" i interjected.
kat rephrased, "ok, dad, i was wondering... since we didn't go anywhere for spring break, can i get 'rock band' so, i'll have something to do this week?"
"rock band???" john looked at her a little confused (those who know him know the look, lol.) "what's 'rock band'?"
"it's a game for my ps2, and i wanted it since we're not spending money travelling for spring break..." she continued.

i sat there cracking up at how katherine knows how to work john. he is pretty easily worked contrary to his bark. i could nearly word for word recite the banter that commensed before it ever started... AND, i knew the outcome. much to john's chagrin, katherine did, too.

from john's, "what do you mean, 'since we didn't go anywhere for spring break???' i NEVER went anywhere for spring break when i was growing up..." to his, "well, you can get it, but you have to clean out your closet." there was really never a question as to how the story was going to unfold. john, the center of our universe, is as predictable as the sun!!!

we, who revolve around him are very blessed... very blessed, indeed. and, we are well aware of that. even maggie has his number. i was doing something in katherine's room the other night and could hear him talking to our sweet little MAGGIE...

"maggie, i'm tired. i've been at work all day. i don't feel like playing tonight."
i counted to myself, "1, 2..."
before i could even get to three i heard the 'kong hit the floor in the living room, "clunk!"
then it started again...
"maggie, i told you i don't want to play; go find katherine."
i just shook my head and laughed to myself...

after about 8 or 10 more clunks, i looked up to see john bent over picking up maggie's kong. i looked around him and maggie was sitting next to the chair he'd been in waiting for.... HIM??? to bring it back to her??? i thought i was going to wet myself!!!

"what are you doing???" i asked.
"well, i threw it, and i guess she couldn't see it in the dark..." he said.

i thought i'd seen and heard it all; but, this was a new one for me... my husband was fetching the toy for the dog!!! (don't get me wrong; i would have, too. i can't say 'no' to her big brown eyes either. but, JOHN???)

the next thing i heard was... "you are spoiled ass rotten, dog!!! i'm not getting it the next time..."
"right," i smiled to myself.

as far as i'm concerned, i guess i'm "spoiled ass rotten", too. he's told me that for years. i will admit we are all spoiled but only sometimes "rotten";D

i love john.
i love kat.
i love maggie.
i love predictibility (some may find it boring; but i find it very comforting. those who know me know, i'm all about comfort!!!)!!!
thank you GOD for all the blessings you continue to bestow!!!


Moonpie said...

That picture says it all. I am sure the same picture could have taken during this conversation! "Clean out your closet" I bet that's going to happen :)

dani said...

lol, she kinda sorta cleaned it out, and the 'rock band' is en route!!!