Saturday, April 26, 2008

kourting katherine...

(jason and my domestic diva)

katherine has her boyfriend over every saturday night for a date (as i will not let her "go out" nor "car date" until she is 16, which is creeping up on me and making me wish all those years ago that i hadn't firmly committed to 16 being the magic number).


anyway, every saturday night jason comes over, i order them pizza (except for the one week they wanted mcdonalds???), i usually bake them cookies and they sit together in the parlor (aka the den, lol!!!) i also always have to remind kat to offer him something to drink, eat, etc...

tonight john went to the country for a fish fry at his sister's church. so, instead of ordering pizza, i told katherine just to bake the digiorno pizza we had in the freezer and the peanut butter, chocolate chip cookies i had in the fridge. "ok," she said. (katherine is not very domestic.)

at about 8:20 i went into the kitchen to fix myself a glass of tea. they were sitting on the couch watching a movie. "kat, did you bake the pizza?" i asked. she grinned her silly sideways grin and shook her head as jason shook his. "it's twenty minutes after eight," i said to her, "don't you think you should cook it since jason will be leaving at ten??? he's probably hungry."

"poor jason!!!" is all i have to say about that!!!

she got up from the couch, came into the kitchen, started pre-heating the oven, and resumed her position on the couch. i got the cookie dough, the cookie sheet, and the parchment paper out and prepared the cookies to be baked. i told her that she needed to bake the cookies on 350 for 15 minutes.

"hey, i think i'm going to make those first. will you reset the temperature on the oven for me, please?" she replied.

so, of course, i did.

about 30 minutes later, i went back into the kitchen to get another glass of tea... i looked over at the stove top to see the cookie sheet shy a whole row of cookies.

(the cookies are JUMBO... much bigger than they look.)

"have you already fixed your pizza?" i asked... jason and katherine shook their heads, "no" in unison (they are really getting good at that).

"why didn't you fix the pizza???" i inquired.

"because we ate the cookies instead!!!" my daughter replied.

("well, duh!!!" i thought to myself as i rolled my eyes at her, shook my head, and left the kitchen.)

when she ever gets married, i pity the poor guy...

love and blessings,


E and T said...

Don't worry Dani, there is hope for her and I can say that from experience. I am definately not much of a whizz in the kitchen. In fact, Troy prefers me to stay well away from our kitchen. He is the chef in our house and loves cooking. I look after other household chores, but we seem to have found a perfect balance.

Thanks for the tip, I think I'll tell Sav she can't go out on any dates till she's 18! How do you think that will go down?

kristen said...

Just wanted to say a big thank you for your support. It means so much. I think I just need to take some time and we will make the right decision. Hopefully I will go in the right direction after a few appointments that we have lined up for this week.
Unfortunately home schooling is not done around here.
Take care and thanks again

PS you've been tagged on my blog....

Robin said...

I love that you have those dating rules instilled for your daughter. An actual parent who provides structure for her child, Yay! Bravo Mom! Anyway, the pic you took of them is too cute.

When my oldest son started dating, it was a hard pill to swallow (he's 18 now). I don't think it'll be any easier with the younger two either. Eek!

Confession: I would eat chocolate chip cookies for dinner every day if I could! Yum!

dani said...

elise, 18... 21... 30... lol, i say aim high!!! but, i don't know how it will go down. hopefully for you sav will be an easy one; katherine has been. thank goodness.
as far as her cooking skills go, she is definitely going to have to find her a "troy" to compliment her other abilities. HA!!!
hey, kristen!!! you are so welcome. as i said i didn't want to over-step; i just thought if you could home school him for a couple of years you might be able to work out some of the cinks. and he may be able to catch up with those in his age group. it is too bad you don't have that option.
i will pray that the best option presents itself:D
yes, robin, katherine has many rules. most are just the over-protective type. she is my only child (that pretty much says it all i suppose). i don't think the rules have caused her to miss out on anything "good", though.
she never complains. so... so far so good!!!
as far as chocolate chip cookies for supper??? sounds pretty darn good to me, too, with a large glass of ice-cold milk, of course;b
love and blessings to you all!!!
dani xx

Tabitha said...

Hi Dani,
That is a great rule ~ think I will need to put that firmly in place for Lauren (I get the feeling she could be trouble when she is older ha ha!!!).
Tell Katherine to make the cooker her best friend, or she will end up like me ~ unable to bake a tea set lol!!!
It is great they get a 'date' each weekend ~ that is a great way to start.
Hope you are all well,
Love and hugs,
Tabitha XX

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

Oh Dani,

Kat sounds just like me, the only problem is I'm a 35 yr old wife and mother of 2!! When Craig is away doing night shift, Cooper my 7 yr old and I will often skip dinner, bake cookies and eat them instead. Although we normally eat most of the dough before we bake it anyway. I'm such a bad example of a mother, but....they are just the best night together!


Emma-Kate Castricum said...

Oh...One more thing, somehow I had overlooked your post on the playhouse or 'cubby' as we call them down here. I just love it. You know it was a toss up between our design and one with a roofline just like yours. we went with ours so Cooper could use the balcony as a 'fort'.

One day Kat (in a very long time!!!!) will give you grandchildren who will just adore coming to your house to play in it.


dani said...

as beautiful as your little lauren is, she is sure to have a line at your front door one day!!! i believe rules are a good thing, however, like i said, as 16 is only seven months away, i wished i'd aimed higher:O
i have a feeling katherine will be a "warmer upper" just like you, and that's fine by me: i do it myself quite often;b
i say, "let them eat cookies!!!"
i REALLY thought last night was pretty darn funny. but, i bet poor jason's belly was growling when his mother retrieved him LOL!!!
when john is away, katherine and i have been known to make and eat brownie batter for dinner and dessert. further, we are also big fans of cookie dough!!! as i said to tabitha above, i just thought it was hilarious that all she fed jason was cookies (poor growing boy!!!)HA!!!
your cubby is absolutely beautiful. you made a superb choice; i love the balcony.
and, yes, the reason we still have katherine's playhouse is that it has entertained all my friend children and will hopefully one day be a very fun place for my grandchildren to play... that is if katherine can snag her a husband that either loves to cook, likes cookies, or likes to dine at mcdonalds!!! ROTFL!!!
love and hugs,
dani xx

Leslie said...

just wanted to say...
thank you.

Tabitha said...

Just wanted to pop back over and say thank you so much for the lovely comment that you left on my blog. I do sometimes doubt my ability as a mother and what you said was just so nice.
You are a very special person and I am blessed to have met you ~
With love ans warmest wishes
Tabitha X

dani said...

you are very welcome, leslie...
like-wise, miss tabitha!!!
d xx

Amanda said...

Thanks for leaving a really nice comment on my blog. Glad i made you laugh!
Those cookies sound and look yummy.
I would have probably ate them 1st too! Then be too full to eat pizza.


Amanda x

dani said...

you're welcome, amanda... dr. seuss would have had great fun with your post yesterday;D
d xx

caitlin said...

I think it's great that she's setting the standards pretty low this early in the game. There is no need to be all domestic and crap. That's why they invented take-out!

dani said...
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dani said...

you are totally right, caitlin!!! (secretly that is what i was thinking to myself as i walked out of the kitchen)...
truly, he was lucky with kat that he even got a cookie:D
d xx

Little Sweethearts said...

Pizza or chocolate chip cookies?
Chocolate chip cookies or pizza?
What about chocolate topped pizza?!?

OK, maybe not;)

Maybe you can add a little "if" clause to your "dating at 16" rule: "You can date at 16, if you learn how to cook". Guess I'm not making friends with Katherine at the moment! I was just kidding Katherine :)


dani said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dani said...

tania, we actually have chocolate chip cookie pizzas here... i guess i could just "kill two birds with one stone" as the old adage suggests and buy them one of those, lol:D
i hope you had a beautiful weekend and that the rain holds off for the big birthday party!!!
love and hugs,
dani xx

Cheri and Jesse said...

Even though my daughter is only 20 months old, I think we'll go ahead and begin telling her that she can not date until she is 25!!! =)

dani said...

c and j... that is a very good idea. but, i will warn you; when she gets to be 19 1/2 you'll probably wish you'd set the date at 25 or 30:D thanks for stopping by my blog; come back anytime!!!
dani xx