Saturday, April 12, 2008


the wine not the musical...

ok, so i've been in this dilemma about drinking red wine for good health, right??? i mentioned a few posts back that i had quite a collection "aging" because i was not really very fond of the red stuff.
shannon suggested that i try something sweet and chill it. well, i also mentioned that i bought a couple of bottles of "OLIVER" at the recommendation of a guy in rite aid... he said it was sweet, that his wife really liked it, and that it had all the antioxidants in it required to be labelled "good for me".
finally, i decided to try it. hence, i put it in the fridge to get it cold and invited my brother over for dinner and wine (as john is not a wine person)... after dinner we kicked back and were trying to decide what movie we were going to watch; and i asked oj if i could pour him a glass.
"sure," he replied.
so, i uncorked the bottle and poured us a glass. it smelled really good, very sweet... so far, so good.
i handed him his glass and walked over with mine to the couch. we took a drink at the same time. lol, i think we both had the same look on our faces, respectively. it was sooooooooooooooo sweet; it tasted like it was rotting my teeth!!! no, kidding... it tasted like liquid, welch's grape jelly: it didn't taste like vinegar, though. i thought i was going to hurl:C
then, i think i said something like, "maybe it would be better if we ate something really salty with it???" i took another drink as did oj as i thought maybe it had tasted so funky because i was expecting 'vinegar'. but, no, it tasted the same.
being the sister i am, i told oj we needed to "kill the glass" (the wine was not cheap...) thus, we did as we both held our noses!!! you'd think we were little kids;)


(oj through the bottom of my empty glass)

since i was on a mission; i went back into the kitchen and opened another bottle. i don't even know what label it was??? poured two glasses and took a drink of mine...
but, i drank that glass, too... thinking at some point i was going to "acquire the taste"... it didn't happen that night; but i did have a great time kickin' it with oj listening to a little nouvelle vague;D

i love trying some new things.
i love wine glasses; they are so pretty...
i love kickin' it with my brother.


Tabitha said...

How funny, I couldn't stop laughing. I hate it when you spend a bit more on a bottle of wine and then hate it, I would have finished the glass too!!
We tried a few different bottles of wine while we were away on holiday last week - (none of it was red - I prefer white or rose).
At least you had a good time wine tasting with your brother! I'd leave the red wine to age a bit more and go back to white!!!!
Hope you are well.
Tabitha X

dani said...

i am fine... just a dunce<:o
i left you two comments, thought the first didn't take, and sent you another... then i realized there was a note at the top of the page that said something to the effect of "waiting for approval..." (shakes head at self) and, i haven't had any wine since my brother was here, lol!!!

Tabitha said...

Are you sure you haven't been trying just a bit more of that sweet wine ha ha.
Don't worry I quite often have blogging disasters and leave the same message 20 times!!! I will get the hang of it oneday.
I have left you a reply over on my blog, was going to leave it here - but thought you might wonder what I was going on about.
Tabitha X

Moonpie said...

What are you doing taking advice from a guy at Rite Aide?? Was it Boone's Farm for crying out loud? LMAO--love,d

dani said...

no, i said in my earlier post that i got to the end of the aisle where the boone's farm and 'ripple' were located and commented aloud that i knew i'd gone too far when i reached bf!!! this nice guy asked me what i was looking for; i told him, "menage a trois." after looking at me funny, i said, "a sweet, red wine."
to which he replied to me i sould try "oliver". let's just say bf would have been just as good:C

E and T said...

Hi Dani

The way you wrote that made it all too easy to visualise and keep me laughing.

Like you, I think that I will one day find a wine that I actually do enjoy, it's just a matter of acquiring the taste. One can only acquire the taste if they give it a good go!! Can't say you didn't try.

dani said...

hey, e!!! we'll keep on trying the new, and, which ever one of us (you... post baby, of course;) finds a good one will let the other know!!! deal???

E and T said...

We have a deal Dani - as you said, post baby of course!

Surely between the two of us we can come up with a winner.