Monday, April 21, 2008

love actually, shock, and aftershock...



katherine always has trouble going to sleep on sunday nights... probably because she stays up late on saturday night then sleeps in on sunday morning. last night was no different. at 10pm when she would normally be getting ready to go to bed and im for a while, she said she was wide awake and asked me if i wanted to watch a movie.

as i had mentioned in a blog several weeks ago, i'd bought six movies while on a shopping spree at best buy. well, four of those were a hugh grant box set, which included the movie, "love actually". the movie had been touted to me on several occasions; so, that's the one i put in for us to watch not realizing that it was rated 'r'. however, it didn't take long to figure out that it was given that the "f word" was used 6-8 times within the first five minutes of the movie (it only takes 2 for an 'r' rating).

hence, katherine, who is 15, looked at me with her right eyebrow arched and inquired about the rating...

oh, yeah, it's me... it was MY job to check out the rating; right???

therefore, i asked her if she wanted me to take it out and insert a different one.

"no, mom," she replied, "it's not like i've never heard the 'f word'!!!"
"ok," i said, "i was just wondering given the look on your face..."

it was less than five more minutes into the movie when one of the 10 sub-plots was introduced. an actress and actor were getting to know each other by filming... PORN???

ok, so, you'd think that at least one of those who'd touted the movie to me would have mentioned that this was NOT a movie to watch with katherine!!! just one???

"hmmmmmmmmm, this is awkward!!!" exclaimed katherine. and, it was!!!
"uh, YEAH!!!" i replied.

just when the characters had stopped cursing (for the most part), we were sitting here watching t and a!!! GREAT!!!

katherine looked back over at me with her eyebrow arched, still, "and, you said you didn't know if i should watch "juno"?!?!?
"kat, i didn't know; i'm turning if off, now" i conceded.
"no," she said, "it's no big deal."


(i subtly pressed fast forward... as the other 9 sub plots were basically benign, and for all practical purposes the cursing had come to a halt.)

katherine is at an age that sometimes i am at a total loss as to what to do... what choices to make. she's not a little girl anymore; yet there are things i just don't approve of her seeing. i had to hit ff a couple of more times, and everything turned out ok, i guess:/

"love actually"... well, it's not rated "r" for nothing!!! however, i will have to admit that it was good movie. but, it is NOT a wholesome, feel good movie to watch with katherine like "the holiday" (one of my all-time faves), to which it had been compared.

anyway, after the movie, i turned out the lights and was puting away the movie. our house started shaking again... ANOTHER EARTHQUAKE??? i walked to my bedroom door and asked john if he'd felt it.

"no," he sleepily replied.
"i think we just had another one," i said.

thus, kat wanted me to sleep with her. so, we went and got into her bed. i turned on her tv; sure enough, it was confirmed we'd had what they labeled another "aftershock", which measured a 4.5.


love and blessings,
dani (a normally conservative mother... NO, REALLY!!!)


Tabitha said...

Hi Dani,
It is very eventful over there with you, what with earthquakes and aftershocks ~ hope all the earth shaking ends soon!!

It is hard knowing what to let children watch, especially at 15.

I also love the Holiday and last night I watched the Wedding Date, which was good too!!

Take care,
Love to you and your family,
Tabitha X

D said...

Sorry, I had completely forgotten about the porn sub-plot - it was such a small sub-plot that it didn't make much of an impression on my memory. I'm glad you liked it - it was an o.k. movie, but I'm not really crazy about it. I liked the Colin Firth subplot & the William Hurt subplot and that was about it. I wonder if the British really think that our president acts like Billy Bob Thorton! Love you. D3rd

dani said...

i think i'm definitely ready for the earth to stop shaking, too!!! the usga has been attempting for years to prepare this part of our country for "the big one". lol, did i say i needed to put a survival kit together???
dani xx
hey, d (not the notorious one, ha)...
i wasn't referring to you in my post as you told me you were not a fan of the movie. my brother (the one who called here yesterday and told me katherine didn't need to see pg-13 "juno"), however, was one of several others who told me that if kat and i liked "the holiday" we'd love "love actually". hahaha... and we did; it was just a little awkward here and there.
d xx

PhotoChick said...

I am SO SO SO sorry I'm just now checking out your blog! I don't know how, but I just saw your comment last night (and you left it several days ago! Yikes! What's wrong with me?!) Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I'm now going to be one of your 'regulars' and hope it's ok that I add you to my blogroll. So where in KY are you located? I'm in Evansville IN - in the southwest corner, just across the river from KY. That's SO cool that you found me :o) Thanks so much for contacting me!

I felt the aftershock last night too - oh, was that first one ever scary! thte aftershocks I've felt still startled me, but nothing like that first one!

I've never seen Love Actually. But I'm sure we'll run into our fair share of 'awkward' movies all in due time - luckily I have about 14 years til my little girl's to that age!

Anyway, I hope all's well for you all. Much love to you, take care and God Bless.

*OK, I gotta get this off my chest! Ever since the 1st one hit on Friday, I've been singing in my head, "I feel the earth ~ move ~ under my feet; I feel the sky ~ tumbling down..." HA now I've probably given music cooties to someone out there - forgive me!

dani said...

ok, photochick now i've got that crazy song in my head:b lol!!! i live very close as in henderson...
pretty close, huh??? you are more than welcome to add me. and, drop by any time:D
dani xx

PhotoChick said...

Did you mean drop by your blog or your house, cause I can't seem to stalk down - er! find your house, and I've been driving all around town...

KIDDING!!! KIDDING!!! I promise. I haven't even left the house today, and I would NEVER stalk someone!

That's so stinkin cool that you live SO close though. Amazing how this internet world works, isn't it?

dani said...

stalker!!! haha... drop by either!!!
d xx

rhonda said...

you need to go to bed earlier!!

dani said...

i know, r!!! i'm just a night person; i always have been:D

E and T said...

Hi Dani
Why do movie makers think that the use of vulgar language is essential, or will somehow enhance the storyline?

Wow, two earthquakes in one week. Thankfully, everyone is OK and here's praying that no more are coming your way.

dani said...

who knows??? but it was bad on my part for not looking at the rating (that's why we have a rating system). thus, i cannot blame it on anyone but me:(
thanks for the prayers; they must be helping no shakin' went on here last night:D
dani xx

Kendra said...

I am right across that lovely ol' bridge from you! Small world.

I heard on the radio that we had a total of 15 aftershocks since last week. I hope I heard that right! I only felt one and that was Friday mid-morning.

My old son is obsessed with ratings on movies. It cracks my husband and I up.

dani said...

hi, kendra!!!
i find that the older i get the smaller the world gets. lol, everyone is a car-drive or a plane ride away; right!!!
i didn't realize it, but i had been to your site already and have it over in my favorites. i didn't realize you were in e'ville, though:D
as far as the earthquakes go... angie richards (tv 25)said we'd had like 23 as of this morning. i think it's crazy. my concern is that with all that shifting of the wabash, it might affect the new madrid fault... go figure...
come visit anythime!!!
~d xx