Monday, April 14, 2008

very random things about me...

i was challenged to come up with 100 things about me... but, after i started i couldn't figure out how to enumerate my list; so, here you go... who's counting especially given the rather mundane nature of the list anyway:D??? 

  1. i was born on my dad's birthday. 
  2. i have always had incredible family and friends... 
  3. i have only ever lived in one state. 
  4. my dad used to stop on his way home from the race track (late at night) and buy hot cinnamon twists from the back door at the bakery and bring them home for us to eat, warm:b 
  5. when i was little we lived in a house on the ohio river. 
  6. once, my mom ran back into ^^^that house to get my ballet slippers, and, while she was in the house, i put the car in neutral and nearly ended up in the river. 
  7. i still have my first baby doll. 
  8. i had a rocking chair that played music when i rocked.
  9. my mom still has that chair. 
  10. my favorite tv show when i was little was "family affair". 
  11. one of my favorite things is Christmas lights. 
  12. barbies were always my favorite play things... 
  13. my ken was one worn out man by the time i out-grew them... 
  14. come to think of it, i never out grew them. my little brother, oj, tore all their heads, legs and arms off. he outgrew them for me!
  15. i played little league baseball (short-stop). 
  16. i played basketball (point guard). 
  17. another one of my favorite things is my electric blanket. 
  18. my first car was a datsun. 
  19. my favorite color is green. 
  20. i met and fell in love with my husband while doing my engineering internship at alcan aluminum. 
  21. we married 2 years later. 
  22. we had katherine 2 years after that. 
  23. i was 30 years old when i was 'born again'. 
  24. all of my pets' names begin with the letter, "m"... 
  25. the original four rooms of my house were used as a pre-civil war slave quarters. 
  26. my favorite ethnic food is mexican. 
  27. i can eat jalapenos out of the jar... and do occasionally. 
  28. i only have one child. 
  29. my husband and i have been married for 18 years. 
  30. my favorite place to travel is PUERTO AVENTURA, mexico. 
  31. i've never travelled outside north america... 
  32. because i don't like to be on a plane for more than 2 hours at a time. 
  33. my parents used to run a bed and breakfast in new hampshire. 
  34. my right U is bigger than my left u, lol... 
  35. i used to work for fema but not during the hurricane katrina debacle. 
  36. i shower, shampoo, and shave at least 2 times a day. 
  37. no, i'm not a germaphobe (unless i'm handling money). 
  38. although i have an engineering degree, i worked as a gourmet cook at a local coffee shoppe while katherine was young. (she went to work with me:) 
  39. september 11, 2001, changed my life forever. 
  40. i am a very old soul. 
  41. i love being tanned. 
  42. i love diet coke from mcdonalds (the burn)!!! 
  43. i love hoodies and flannel pj bottoms. 
  44. ^^^i could live in them and almost do:D 
  45. i am a soap opera junky. 
  46. i write soap opera "scoops and spoilers" as a hobby. 
  47. besides my house, my favorite places in the us are the village in gatlinburg, tennessee and the beach in destin, florida (off season for both). 
  48. my favorite perfume is 'design' by paul sebastian. 
  49. i am a ralph lauren 'polo' freak. 
  50. i love to sketch. 
  51. i eat too much. 
  52. i exercise too little. 
  53. i've gained weight since my size 2 wedding dress.
  54. i'd love to be able to healthily fit in in one more time.
  55. i drive a jeep commander, which only gets about 12 miles per gallon. 
  56. i'm a registered democrat, which means nothing. 
  57. when i'm not being a soap opera junky, i am a cnn junky.
  58. i love to entertain with my raclette. 
  59. i bought a tandem 8 years ago. 
  60. i've only ridden on it like 5 times. 
  61. i've gotten hurt riding it like 5 times:S (don't worry it was more funny than painful:) 
  62. i tutored nba star 'popeye' jones in biology at murray state university. 
  63. i had a great aunt who rode shot-gun with al capone from kentucky to chicago; impressed??? 
  64. my favorite dog breed is the king charles spaniel. 
  65. i dig funky alternative music. 
  66. i think 'kids' hope usa' is an amazing mentoring program. 
  67. i love down comforters, beds, and pillows. 
  68. when katherine was little 'sophie dess' was my favorite clothier for her. 
  69. i love smocking. 
  70. i wish i knew how to knit. 
  71. i want a chandelier like the ones in CAROUSELS CUPCAKERY
  72. i love having girl parties with katherine. 
  73. i own two trademarks, "get plastered" (body casting art) and "hemp huggers" (hip hugger jeans made from large percentage hemp). 
  74. i will be 39 soon. 
  75. i feel 70 some days, hehehe... 
  76. my favorite candy bar is snickers. 
  77. my favorite cookies are reese's surprise. 
  78. my favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate chip mint. 
  79. my favorite coffee is chock full of nuts. 
  80. i love when it's warm enough to open up our pool. 
  81. i love to float and listen to music. 
  82. my favorite actor is jack nicholson
  83. i know all the words to terms of endearment
  84. i dig power-washing. 
  85. katherine bought me a police scanner for mother's day last year... 
  86. technology amazes me. 
  87. i love to paint. 
  88. i really dig guitar hero. 
  89. i love photography. 
  90. i wish i were half as good a photographer as SHEYE ROSEMEYER
  91. i love virtual travel. 
  92. cotton is the fabric of my life even though i know it is bad for the environment. 
  93. i get excited when katherine comes out of school at the end of the day. 
  94. i get excited when john pulls into the drive way at the end of the day. 
  95. i love tulips; they are my favorite flower. 
  96. i love accents. 
  97. i love reading about new places. 
  98. i especially enjoy spending time with the elderly. 
  99. i love watching movies with hannah and katherine. 
  100. i love blogging.


Tabitha said...

Hi Dani,
That is brilliant, there are 100 things I know about you today, that I didn't know yesterday...I feel like I know 'the real you' now.
We have one thing in common on that list - I still have my first baby doll too (although she is looking a bit battered nowadays!!).
Warm wishes,
Tabitha X

Shannon said...

I'm a blog junkie. Thanks for my fix.

Moonpie said...

What i wouldn't give for a photo of you and me on that tandem bike!!!!! Or better yet, a video of us on S. Main St. trying to get it going!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dani said...
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dani said...

that tandamn deserves a blog of its very own!!!

E and T said...

Wow, what a great list for a someone, such as myself, who is new to your blog.

I loved it. You mentioned that you will be 39 soon, when is the big day?

I wish I could photograph like Sheye Rosemeyer as well- just stunning photography.

How beautiful that you and your husband have been married for eighteen years and you still get excited when he pulls into the driveway. Aint love grand!

I love tulips as well. They are my all time favourite flower.

Thank you for compiling such a ccomprehensive list about you. A great read.

dani said...

tabitha, my baby doll is in mint condition... because my mom never let me play with her;)
your welcome, e; i have a june birthday:D
and, shannon, i am quickly becoming a blog junky, too...