Thursday, April 17, 2008

we're expecting!!!

baby robins on the lane...

john came in from mowing on saturday afternoon and said, "you're not going to believe this, but two robins built two nests just in the time it took me to mow the lawn..."
"really..." i said, "where???"
he told me both built nests at the top of two down-spouts, respectively, on the west side of the house.
this was a first:/ ALWAYS, we have had only one nest. and, the mama bird has built it in the same place under the awning on our front porch. every year since we've lived here we've gotten the opportunity to watch the mama robin nest, see the babies beaks sticking straight up waiting for their mama to feed them, see the babies grow, and then watch mama teach the babies to fly, etc...
this year, well, the the nests are up so high, i think all we are going to get to do is watch them learn to fly:(
above, are pictures of the nests and some SUNNY pictures of the lane in spring...

love and blessings,


E and T said...

Do you think it is too late for another nest to appear in the usual spot - front porch??

What a treat to usually see the whole process. We've never had birds nesting so close to our house.

How amazing that those birds worked so quickly, building a nest while John mowed the lawn - gee when they're on a mission it seems that nothing will stand in their way.

Hope you're having a good day.

dani said...

night actually, but, yes, it is good. i need to go to sleep but am wide awake:D it's so good to hear from you. i hadn't in a few days and feared you weren't feeling well!!! i hope you are as well as t and sav...

E and T said...

Hi Dani

I certainly did miss checking in on your blog. I am well, we've just had a few hectic days and my eyes decided that they couldn't stay open after about 8:30pm. I usually check out all of my favourite blogs around this time when Sav is asleep and everything is done, but the last few nights I have crashed pretty early (while sitting here at my computer, would you believe??!!)

Tabitha said...

I love your photos - it looks really beautiful where you live.

Hope that everything is good with you over in Kentucky, we are having a cold, grey, wet day here so far - hurry up Summer I am fed up of rain!!!!
Love and Hugs,
Tabitha X

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

Oh I'd love for the kids to be able to see all of that. We have them up too high and can only hear the baby birds. Craig hates them because he say's they are vermin and spread diseases but I'm out there each day giving the crows and magpies in our yard bread. They are my little wild pets.


dani said...

so happy all is well, e... i bet you are tired; bless your heart. you need to get some rest before your prince arrives!!!
tabitha, it has been beautiful the last couple of days. but, at 4:36 am we experienced a 5.2 earthquake whose epi-center was only about 50 miles from here. all is well, thank goodness!!! it was just so weird; we don't have them often and hardly ever of that magnitude...
thanks again for stopping by, emma-kate!!!