Tuesday, April 29, 2008

time has not only marched its troops across my face...

it has also waged several wars about my body:O
don't get me wrong i'd rather be getting older than the alternative; and i'm very grateful for the life God continues to bestow upon me every day. but, i look at pictures and think what a difference a couple of years make!!!
two years ago, i went into a convenient store to buy a lottery ticket and was carded (for being 18!!! for heaven's sake!!! i was 36 years old!!!). i didn't have a wrinkle on my face; and my hair was colored, so, no gray:D
i looked in the mirror, today, and thought, "what the heck?!?!?!????"; and that was just the face!!!
the body is a whole other story. for years (from the time i was 16 until i was 30 i wore a size 6 or smaller at times and a bra called a "barely b") except for when i was pregnant with katherine and gained... are you ready for this??? 76 pounds!!! yes, i hit every chinese and mexican buffet in the tri-state, bakery, and kat really, really liked reese's cups and milk for our midnight snack, lol!!! i even lost all that weight within about 6 months!!!
now, i don't even want to get in the shower with myself. no kidding, if i didn't think i'd slip and really hurt myself i'd take a shower in the dark like my other friend d (not the notorious one)!!!
now that's pretty sad isn't it???
but, i kid you not; my barely b's have turned into b-longs. i just cannot believe that they b-long to me!!! how did that happen??? i try not to let anyone see the gravitational pull by wearing the tightest sports bra i can pull over my head and put my arms through. but, that's only a facade. spanx and a sports bra v/s plastic surgery that's what my body age is all about at this point.
most days i think i'd like to have new boobs; but then i think, "what's the point??? i don't know what i'd do with them anyway." other days i think lipo suction might be helpful; but then i figure my other body fat will just shift around or i'll just generate more because my metab-0-lism is all about the "0" as in nil, nada, non-existent."
so, i guess i'll just let the aging process commence all naturalle...
but, i tell you, it won't be long (time wise, not bra size) before i go back into that same convenient store to buy another lottery ticket and the cashier offers to give me some kind of senior discount:C
the day that happens is the day i may reconsider that all naturalle business!!!
have and lovely day!!!
love and blessing,


Moonpie said...

At least one is keeping it's "chin" up!!!!!!! Ha!!!

dani said...
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dani said...

i wouldn't go that far... it's just not nearly as smashed:/ , lol!!!
d xx

Tabitha said...

Hi Dani,
I had to laugh at that post because I know exactly what you mean!!
One night I went to bed with this young perky body and then woke up the next morning (well sort of!!) and it had all gone South!!!

I try not to look in the mirror when I am going in the shower and that way I spare myself the pain (ha ha!!).
You have a lovely day ~ you look just fine to me!!!
Love and Hugs
Tabitha X

Trish in Texas said...

I hear that from friends a couple of years older than I am, which gets me a little worried. I can't believe it's true--40 is the new 30, right?
My favorite part of your post was the b-longs! Hilarious! After all these years of nursing babies, I'm right there with you!
Thanks for saying hi on my blog! (And for clarifying the "was" vs. "were" question!)

dani said...

hey, tabitha!!!
i NEVER look in the mirror between derobing and stepping into the shower, HA!!! i really wish i didn't have to get in there with myself:O
i really shouldn't post in the wee hours of the morning... i awoke this morning and thought, "did i really post that???"; "yep, i did!!!" tee-hee!!!
love and hugs back,
dani xx

dani said...

hi, trish,
i'm so glad you commented:D the only thing i can figure about 40 being the new 30 is that women today have more beauty options. and, women, today, of our generation, no longer go to the beauty shop every saturday morning to get "done up". (how's that for good grammar???) lol!!! best i can tell the gravitational pull is still the same...
have a lovely day,
dani xx

Tanya said...

Hi Dani!! thanks for stopping by my blog & your lovely comments!! I love this post... I hear you loud & clear!! I think you look fabulous! your smile is just gorgeous!! I avoid the mirror as much as possible LOL. I love your blog and hope you don't mind if I continue to visit!

dani said...

hi, tanya!!!
thank you for stopping by; you are welcome to any time:D i hope you are having a great day!!!
dani xx

PhotoChick said...

Love this post! Keep forgetting to let you know, though - oops! I REALLY need to get better about commenting when I love what someone writes. Which I regularly do with you, by the way! I still have one of your entries bookmarked in my Bloglines (the one where you had all the 'about you are' in it - it's too cute, and I really hope to play along when I someday get some free time that I need something to do)
I'm so glad that you found me, Dani - it's such a small BIG world! You make me laugh, smile, and in general just happy. You're the kind of blog I'm addicted to!
Aaanyway! Back to how much I love this post - my 'ladies' aren't exactly where they were before I had Livia... Except they're D-longs - YIKES! So, if I don't watch it (ie - wear a GOOD bra at all times!) the running joke will be "So, what's between Amanda's boobs? - Her bellybutton!" Gotta love what mother nature does when you are a mother!
Again, GREAT post! Much love to you, Dani! Take care and God Bless!

dani said...

amanda, good luck on keeping your LADIES perky, lol:D
thank you for your sweet words; your blog is also one of my favorites... and you are so right it IS a small world especially (as i said before) when you "meet" someone who lives less than 20 miles away via a mutual friend in australia!!! actually two... you and kendra;)
God bless you, too, amanda,

E and T said...

Now that I have wiped the tears from my face from laughing so much I am ready to leave a comment. I am not laughing at you, I am laughing with you, because I can relate. I've asked myself: when and how did those wrinkles get there? Where was I when this happened?!?!? How can they just sneak up on you?

At least you have an excellent sense of humour about the whole thing. That's gotta take a good ten years off hasn't it?

I dread to think what kind of bra I'll be wearing after having our second baby. It will have to be some kind of miracle performing one - one that has some sort of industrial strength support.

I think you look fabulous.


E and T said...

Hi Dani, just me again. You asked about Carousel Cupcakes and I wanted to let you know about it.

I found out about this place through Sheye Rosemeyers blog. Some of her relatives opened this shop. She had included some photos of this place on her blog and mentioned that they would be selling Ava cupcakes. Of course I had to have an Ava cupcake and check this place out.

Mum, my sister, Sav and I went along. I had told the lady there how we found out about the shop. We got talking and she asked if she could take a photo of Savanna.

They have all sorts of scrumptious cupcakes and you have obviously seen the decor on their website - just gorgeous.

It's a beautiful place to visit. The staff are so friendly, the cupcakes are divine and checking out all of the decor certainly keeps you busy.


Anonymous said...

LOL!!! My "ladies" feel after breast feeding for 2 years! So, I have resolved myself to that. But last night I wrote shorts to bed and my legs were so dry I found a bottle of lotion and started rubbing the lotion on my legs and noticed that lovely fat wrinkle over my knee - YUCK!! When did that happen - then I notice that my thighs are now sagging - the gravational pull in Henderson but be greater than any other locations!!! Again, another reason I shower in the dark!!!!

Love you!
the other D

dani said...

elise, aging is pretty funny; isn't it. it's better to laugh than cry about it anyway, HA!!! good luck with that post-natal bra business. i'm a sports bra girl from now on... as i said it offers a good facade;D
as far as the cupcakery question, i had looked at that site a dozen times wondering from where the chandeliers came or if they had made them themselves. anyway on saturday, i started actually reading the blog and looking at the other pictures. and, there was "our" (don't you love that i claim her, too??? tell her she has a long-lost american aunt, lol.)little sav eating a pink, ava cupcake.
so, i was just wondering if carousels was as good/unique as it seemed in their blog. thanks for the info;) i wish i could wiggle my nose and come visit as we could do cupcakes for lunch:b

Amanda said...

Aww, go easy on yourself.
I'm overweight and have been on a diet since i was 21- thats 10 yrs now!
And my boobs are like spaniel's ears.
Remember theres always someone worse than yourself- i just haven't seen that person who is worse than me! he-he!

dani said...

hey, other d!!!
i agree; the gravitational pull in henderson must be much greater than any place else. i know from for sure it's greater than on the moon, LOL!!!
do you think if we moved to the moon we'd be perky; or that all the fat and those wrinkles would just go north and we'd all just look really funny???
the other other d

dani said...

i've got you there, my diet is 22 years old now and counting. HAHA!!! i was just whining and feeling sorry for myself.
bodies... UGH!!! that's all i've got to say;b
d xx