Friday, April 11, 2008

the sun shines bright on my old kentucky home...

but, not today!!!

today is a very dreary day. but, the spring flowers are in bloom; and they are still beautiful even if the sun is not shining down upon them:D

(the lane)

i love my home!!! i especially love that john bought me the house where i grew up for our first anniversary (where we've lived for the 17 years, since), where most of the neighbors are still the same, and where the lawns are as GOD intended them... 'all naturalle' (aka full of weeds, LOL!!!)...
i know i don't share the popular thought that weeds are bad and should be eradicated.. but honestly, nature-wise, nothing excites me more than for all the lawns on our lane to be covered in violets (blue and pale), daffodils, trillium, wild geraniums, rue anemone, and, yes, even the dreaded DANDELIONS (which, btw, have always been katherine's favorite flower)!!! this almost always happens the first week of april rain or shine. and, let me just say... this year we've had a lot more rain than shine!!!
i enjoy my 'weeds' so much that if the chem-lawn man rang my door-bell and offered me free lawn treatment for the rest of my life... grooming included... i'd say, "thank you; but, no, thank you."
i know... i know... there is a resounding, "thank goodness she doesn't live next to me!!!" to that i say to each his/her own; beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!! and right now i think the lane is beautiful... clouds, weeds, et. al...

thank you, GOD, for a garden that doesn't need tending!!!

i love wild violets.
i love that katherine loves dandelions.
i love that even at 15 she loves, loves, loves to blow the dandelions.
i love that i don't have to worry that she is spreading weeds to our neighbor's yards, respectively, because they already have them, too:DDD


Tabitha said...

I totally agree with you, gardens look so much better with that 'natural' feel to them. Ours has its share of weeds, but I don't care - I would rather be spending time with the kids than weeding the garden - so its no contest really.
How wonderful that you are living in the house that you grew up in - and how romantic that your husband bought it for your anniversary - it looks truly lovely.

dani said...

thank you, tabitha!!! since i posted my blog this morning, we have received news of snow tomorrow night??? oh, well, at least i've gotten to enjoy my weeds for a few days:D

Tabitha said...

That is just typical, just when you think that all the bad weather has gone and spring might actually be here (to stay!!), back comes the snow (ha ha). We had great weather last week for our holiday, but knowing the British weather - it won't last. Hope your weeds are back on show soon - I think they are great X