Saturday, April 26, 2008

i've been tagged by kristen @ memories and dreams...

Link the person, KRISTEN, who tagged you in your title.

("love and daisies" photo by kristen)

Mention the rules on your blog
Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
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my quirks...

1. i cannot stand to have stubble on my legs. thus, i shower, shampoo, and shave at least two times a day. i have since i was 12.
2. i get waaaaaaaaaaaaay overstimulated with more than one type of noise (eg tv, music, dishwasher, etc...) going on at one time.
3. i keep germ-x in the car because handling money(especially change) at drive-thrus totally grosses me out:/
4. i don't sleep in panties because they get twisted!!! ROTFL:DDD i can't help it; it's true...
5. it drives me crazy for someone to chew his/her food (smack) with their mouth open.
6. i don't like anyone in my personal space unless invited. it makes me very self-conscious for someone to get in my face and talk to me.

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(dani's disclaimer: this is not a chain letter; nothing bad will happen to you if you don't repost. nothing good will happen to you either, LOL!!!)

have fun girls!!!
d xx


Tabitha said...

Hi Dani,
Must have missed this post!!
I have no idea how you do that linking thing ~ where you click on the persons name and it takes you to their blog!!
Can you let me know how to do it and then I will happily take part ~ sounds fun!!
tabitha X

dani said...

hey, tabitha...
i don't know that it matters about the linking (the only thing i can figure is that it gives the reader an opportunity to visit sites she might would not otherwise.
so, i you want to do it that way you can. but... below are the instructions elise gave to kristen on how to do it. it is so much easier than the way i taught myself:

when you type a new post type it in the "compose" tab as opposed to the html tab.

here are the instructions elise gave to kristen:

1. In the context of the post I type the blog owner's name, or the title of their blog. Then I highlight the words that I want people to be able to click on to be directed to their blog site.
2. After highlighting the words I then use the format tool bar - where they have the symbol to make your writing bold, italics, text colour AND then the next one is the link symbol. Click on this link symbol and it should bring up a hyperlink information box.
3. In this box all you need to do is type out the URL address - the blog address. Alternatively, you can cut it (the blog address) from the blog you are referring to and paste it into this URL address box. Then press OK. Presto, it should be done (if I have explained it well enough!!)

i hope you don't mind, elise...

love and blessings,

E and T said...

Hi Dani

I'm also a bit of a germaphobe. I keep a hand sanitiser gel in my hand bag and use it regularly.

I have never even understood why people need to eat with their mouth open. I agree, no one wants to see all that masticated food!

Of course I don't mind you passing on the linking info my friend. I'm just glad that you could so.


dani said...

oh, good, elise!!! i have always linked manually. i didn't even know i could do it the way you described... of course, i have always typed my post on the html tab. you have taught me something new as well, and i thank you:D
as always, i hope all is well with you and yours!!!
love and hugs,
dani xx