Saturday, April 5, 2008

spring break has been... well, er... fruitful???

(the last time i saw katherine in real clothes... a week ago!!!)

this is the first spring break we have spent at home since katherine was a baby... it has been basically uneventful, as it has rained most of the week. katherine has been in her pajamas since 10:30pm last saturday night except for her nightly shower. lol, i have been out of mine for a few hours each day... but only for running errands.
however, those errands did not include a trip to pick up 'rock band'. none of the local stores have it; so, i had to order it. further, it has yet to arrive:( maybe next week, kat!!!
ghIII and both of our laptops have had very good workouts, though, and katherine has all new music and ring tones on her mp3 player. life is good:D
most students get the entire week off, away from school, and away from learning. not katherine... she learned something new this week!!!
after reading all my blog posts in her boredom, she felt the need to ask the question, "but, what are 'piss-ants'???" now, how funny is that!!! leave it to my gifted child... i told her to call miss dana, and ask her. but, kat said she needed instant gratification. far be it for me not to oblige. so, i told her. now she knows something new.
btw, i have decided to join rhonda in her COUCH-TO-5K exercise/diet mission. we start on monday. she said if anyone else wants to join to let her know, as we will check in once a week... i'm scared:o!!!


Tabitha said...

Hi Dani
Thanks for visiting my blog, It was really nice of you to say Hi.
I often visit Sheyes Blog and my heart aches for her and for Ava.
I have enjoyed reading your blog and will be visiting again (hope you don't mind!!).
Hope you have a lovely day too.
Warm wishes,
Tabitha X

dani said...

so glad you dropped by to say, 'hi':D my blogging world has been very small until recently. it's amazing 'who' and 'what' is out there and the beauty and spirit of it all!!!

Shannon said...

Good Luck to you on your weight loss and exercise program.
I have also enjoyed reading your blog Dani and look forward to it daily..sometimes twice daily.
Katherine is such a beautiful young girl. I can't get over how grown up she is.

dani said...
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Moonpie said...

Piss ants...After being around John all these years, that child doesn't know what a piss ant is? Good grief!

dani said...

she does now... lol!!!

Moonpie said...

Wait....Couch to 5K? Girl, you do it and I will fly up there to meet you at the finish line!! Yeah!!!!!!