Tuesday, April 1, 2008

plato: "nothing more excellent or valuable than wine was ever granted by the gods to man."


plato had it almost right... "nothing more excellent or valuable than wine was ever granted by GOD to man." (dani)... you know, it was Jesus' first miracle... changing the water into wine at the wedding at cana so that the joy of the sacrament would continue...

one of the biggest secrets to living a long life seems to be drinking red wine. google it; it's really no secret at all.

however, the problem for me is i don't like the red stuff!!!
unfortunately, it’s kind of like the step video and step apparatus, the nike irons/big bertha, the pete sampras tennis racket, and the tandem bicycle i bought for my general well-being. my good intentions fall short.

so, my brother came over last night for dinner. i made lasagna, parmesan french bread, and a salad. I, thinking it was the perfect drink to go with the italian cuisine, offered him a glass of red wine (also, thinking that if i went to the trouble of uncorking it, i would drink some as well). he looked over at my baker's rack, which is also a wine rack.

"if you keep buying bottles of red wine, you're going to have a real collection going here..." he said. "no, i think i'll just have some pibb."

as i said earlier, my good intentions, more often than not, fall waaaaaaaaaaaaay short of my goal!!! and, after taking a look at the wine i've bought lately, i do have a collection that's... well, er... :? aging??? Anyway, if no one was interested in helping me drink the bottle, I was not going to open it. Instead, I grabbed a cancer-causing, diet coke out of the fridge:/

while i'm on the topic i'll list the benefits of red wine for those of you who dig it:

~french red wines deliver greater health benefits than red wines from other places in the world. (so much for the bottles of "oliver" i bought in the aisle of rite aid at the recommendation of a random gentleman who assured me it was good and as good for me as any other... "oliver", well, "oliver" is made in bloomington, indiana~~not france!!!)
~moderation is key... second problem is i don't drink often; but, when i do, i want my own bottle of wine (even though that's never been the case with red wine. btw, did i say i'd rather drink a bottle of robitussin cough syrup, which makes my gag reflex~~~ flex just typing it, than a wine glass 1/2 full of red wine at room temperature???). ok, moderation may not be THAT big a problem for me...
~the compounds found in red wine that are responsible for its healing powers are antioxidants. red wines contain several antioxidants beneficial to good health. different antioxidants have different functions, but the key feature of all these antioxidants appears to be one of protection and prevention of diseases such as cancer (which the 8 cans of diet coke i drink a day... have been known to Cause), hypertension, and cardiovascular problems.
~resveratrol a type of antioxidant also offers certain health benefits in the reduction of lung tissue inflammation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
~^^^barbara walters in her special, “live to be 150... can you do it???”, which airs tonight is going to touch on this miracle antioxidant, "resveratrol". (hopefully it will soon be released in pill form!!! and, i can let my red wine "collection" continue to age, lol!!!)

from plato to barbara walters... drink for thought!!! they probably did/do, respectively:D

i love the thought of being healthy.
i apparently love to prepare myself for the healthy goals i set for myself.
i have said it before, and i'll say it again, "i love wine:b" (so long as it's no more red than zinfandel):D


Shannon said...

AUGH....The red wine. To love or to hate. It depends on if you get a good bottle. Pete just had 6 bottles of Five Rivers Pinot Noir shipped to the house. We have two left. Out of the 4 bottles we shared only 2 were really good. Sometimes REd wines are good and sometimes they are not. I'd stay away from the Merlot and try something chilled and fruity and I'm not talking about Boones Farm Country. There are a lot of great tasting reds out there.

dani said...

i think this "oliver" that the gentleman reccommended is supposed to be sweet and fruity. it's called "soft red"... there is also a wine that dana bought while i was in florida called "menage a trois"... it is a mixture of "Zinfandel which adds a juicy character, Merlot mellows and Cabernet adds backbone."
since i've come home i have had several people tell me how good it is. i didn't try dana's because most reds taste very vinegary to me:?

dani said...

i have a bottle chilling, shannon. maybe that's the trick. i'm not fond of warm nor hot drinks. i even drink iced coffee in the middle of the winter...
ps... funny thing you mentioned boones farm. when i was in rite aid i laughed and made the comment that i knew i'd gone too far down the isle when i got to the boones farm and wild irish rose. that's when the guy asked me what i was looking for... hehe.