Thursday, April 10, 2008

a brag blog...


i don't do this very often; though, i could given that i only have one child. however, i know parents can be TOO proud... ugh!!!
but, i had to share my pride, today:D katherine received the honor of being chosen a student of the month; and it is a great achievement given that there are currently 2,200+ students at the high school she attends. john and i are both very proud of her. she is a very sweet, intelligent (john tells her THAT comes from his genes, LOL!!!), kind-hearted, beautiful soul.
i recently received a status call from one of her teachers who referred to her as "precious". she certainly is precious to us!!!
we love you kitty-kat!!!
thank you, GOD, for sending her to us... we are very blessed!!!


Shannon said...

Awesome. I can only bet that this blog entry will embarrass her to death. To Katherine....Congrats! have bragg'n rights!

Leslie said...

thank you for sharing your love and thoughts on my blog today. i am so grateful whenever someone takes the time to let me know that they have read my blog and then takes the time to share their thoughts. thank you again and again.
-leslie *

E and T said...

What an achievement. That is fantastic. Congratulations Katherine! Congratulations to you Dani and your husband for raising a daughter with values that make her such a worthy recipient of this.