Tuesday, April 22, 2008

i'm skipping the c25k!!!

i'm going to train for a marathon instead!!!


because i want to be as fit as my friend shannon; and, i want a trophy like hers too!!!

GOd knows it will NEVER happen; it's just not in me!!!

what i'm really skipping the COUCH-TO-5K for is bridge lessons on thursdays. those that know me will totally understand... only, i really do have "shannon fitness envy"!!! REALLY!!!

my first bridge lesson is the day after tomorrow:D so, my friend maggie has given me all kinds of information to study as i've never played before in my life, and the group she is teaching has been playing for close to a year, now.


bridge and knitting... yes, i told you in my random things about me that "i am a very old soul". i wasn't kidding. before many died the average age of my best friends was probably 75. and i have many, many great friends my age and younger. i am an old person magnet. i love them, i love to listen to their stories, i love the feel of their soft hands, and i love, love, love the sparkle in their eyes when someone is paying them attention... so, i'm going to be in hog-heaven playing bridge on thursdays.

i may even write a book. (note to self: after you clean your house, start, write, and publish your book about gary, you need to start on your second book, the bridge of henderson county or thursdays with maggie.)

anyway, i guess i better get dinner started so that i can get back to studying my bridge basics (much more my speed than running, LITERALLY:b).

love and God's blessings,
dani xx

ps you will all be happy to know that i didn't go out and buy a new norwalk couch (though i want one and it would have been as good a reason as any...) for the c25k on a whim... as is my nature (eg. samprass racket (tennis lessons i whimped out on), bertha (the 6 1/2 holes i played), tandem (5 trips i took), etc...) ROTFLMAO!!!


Tabitha said...

Good luck with the bridge studying ~ I have never played bridge either!!
Am just off to bed, it is just past 11.30pm here and I can't keep my eyes open (am not good at typing with my eyes closed!!!).
Have a good evening.
Love and hugs,
Tabitha XX

kristen said...

well we can all dream to be that fit can't we.

E and T said...

Hi Dani

I have not had a chance yet to catch up on your recent post, but I just wanted to let you know that I have just awarded you with the "You Make My Day Award". Come see.

I will hopefully get a chance tomorrow to read your blog. Sav and I have both come down with a cold, so she's been very miserable and clingy today.

Hope all is well with you and your family.

Love from Elise

dani said...

tabitha, the best i can figure (after my crash course) is that it's a little like rook and a little like hearts but with bidding... boy are my three ladies i'm going to be playing with going to be in for a good laugh or, well... er, frustration!!! hopefully not the latter, lol!!!
yes, kristen we can; and i do!!! i'm just afraid i've been too out of shape for too long to ever be THAT fit again. shannon is truly a fitness guru... i'm green with envy!!!
elise, first of all i hope you and sav are feeling much better soon:D and secondly you are just a sweetheart for thinking of me. your blog was absolutely touching!!! thank you:D
love and hugs to you all!!! and have a wonderful day:)
~dani xx

Shannon said...

WEll...ummmm Thank you, but it's work and I'm afraid that it's almost a sickness.......
heading out now for a beautiful trail run. The sun is shining today with a high of 70. YAY

Tabitha said...

Hi Dani,
Thought I would just pop back and answer your question from my blog (regarding where I live!!!).
Aparently the village church is about 900 years old and the houses range from 170 years old to approx 300 years old, obviously there are newer ones, but I think that the ones in the pictures are older ones (my place is new ~ we are the first to live in it ~ it was built about 4 years ago ~ I'd love to live in one of the older ones ~ they have such character!!
Hope you are well,
Tabitha X

Robin said...

Hi Dani. Love your blog. Good luck with your bridge lessons. A fellow 'old person' magnet, yay! I love them as well ;-)

dani said...

shannon, it's HARD work (i know), and as far as sicknesses go... it's a good one as it keeps you fit and healthy. i really admire your perserverance and drive:D hope you had a great run... do you know it is supposed to be near 90 degrees tomorrow. UGH!!!
tabitha, old does have a lot of character. but there's much to be said for shiny, clean, and new, too!!! your area is gorgeous;D
so, glad you stopped by and posted. there IS a lot to be said for the elderly like wisdom, strength, kindness... they are so often over-looked. i'm so glad you have an appreciation as more should!!!
love and blessings,
d xx

E and T said...

Hi Dani

I have never played Bridge either, so I will be very interested to hear all about your lessons. What inspired you to decide to take lessons in this? Good on you for taking up a new pursuit.

I love listening to the stories the elderly have to tell. So often they have been through such adversity and have tales of courage, resilience and strength. They are often the most resourceful people I have met and pass on words of wisdom.

There is a saying that says something like: The best classroom is at the feet of an elderly person. The exact words escape me at the moment!

Have you ever read the book titled "Tuesdays with Morrie" by Mitch Albom?

Dani, I also wanted to thank you for your beautiful words you left on my blog. I was touched by your kindness and I am so grateful that I have "met" you.

dani said...

my dear friend, maggie, asked if i would come and take lessons. she was already teaching a foursome; and one of the ladies had to quit. it's hard for me to say, "no"; and, i'm actually interested in learning. so, i suppose it was a good fit for both of us;D
thank you again for my "award"!!!
love and hugs,
dani xx

dani said...
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rhonda said...

you MUST nix the diet cokes too!!! ONLY WATER for the next two weeks and then tell me how you are....
(if you haven't killed me yet :')