Friday, April 4, 2008

ava's rule...

(August 22, 2003-February 05, 2007)

Always lock your car doors, and store your keys out of kids' reach.
Verify your children know to NEVER go into the car unsupervised.
Actively seek out sheltered locations to park your car.

it's not just the safety engineer in me that prompted me to share AVA'S RULE. it's the mother, friend, and mainly individual who has found herself enamored with a child named
ava~~~the super-princess...


who on a very 'normal day' went looking for a bag of 'lollies' in her mother's parked car, was over-come by the heat, became too lethargic to react, was found barely breathing, and later 'flew' to heaven.

it is very important to her family that ava's rule be shared so that a tragedy such as hers be avoided. feel free to visit AVA'S MEMORIAL SITE and light a candle for this sweet, little angel...

love and blessings,

the photos above are the work of SHEYE ROSEMEYER PHOTOGRAPHY. sheye is ava's mum.


Shannon said...

I tried to get on to her blog yesterday and it kept shutting my server down.
What a tragic story. She is precious.

dani said...

very precious and taken too soon!!! try ava's mum sheye's site. she is an amazing mother, writer, and photographer... AMAZING!!!

Sheye Rosemeyer said...

Thankyou for sharing Ava's Rule Dani, I appreciate it so much.
Love Sheye

dani said...

you are so, very welcome, sheye. i just wish there were no story to share. just new pictures of the super princess.
love and prayers,
dani xx